Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last Blog of 2008

Gosh, time does passed quickly. Christmas was like 6 days ago and now we are approaching the new year in a few hours time.

2008 was a quite a good year for me. I was introduced to blog and as matter of fact now, I'm so called an experienced blogger. Blogging does improved my English vocabulary and just to pour out my thoughts and feelings of what I'm gone and going through life. It had left me a few friends, which they had shared their thoughts and gave me encouragement.

I became an aunt too, missed my niece. The last time I saw her when she was 2 weeks old. Boy, it does make me feel old and mature to be an aunt.

I met my boyfriend. Little did I know that we think alike, our desires were same and we had so much things in common. And he knew my best friend's brother way back in high school. Talk about weired or fated!

During times of adversity, I gained a closer relationship with Him. He was the one who held my head and hand when I was in storm's of life. I clinged on to His promises and lived by it. We begin to understand each other more each day.

Well, let's not look backwards but what is ahead. Good memories we keep but bad ones we diminish. Let's take on good strife for the new coming year!

P/S Happy New Year 2009 everyone! Don't drink and drive. But if you are not sober, take a cab home instead.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is There Sanctity of Marriage anymore?

One of the thing I feared most is being married. I know it sounds corny, but.....

I always dream about a happy marriage, a good and loving wife to my husband and a good mother to my children. Together, we will grow old still loving each other. Gone were the days when couples stayed together throughout the marriage.

I've been hearing true life stories of marriages being broken up. Even 2 of my cousins their marriages were dissolved. Infidelity top most of the break up, follow by financial, communication problems and eventually lots of disagreement. The worst is when the break up involves children. It's like one day the love between husband and wife just died. Most times, I wonder in the beginning of the relationship, was there so much pretence until when there is realization, then is it too late?

I know that marriage is the most hard work of a relationship. My parents was married for 35 years and still going. There were many loving arguments between them.

I definitely would like to get married to my boyfriend someday, but after knowing and hearing these break ups, I lost faith.

At the moment, I'm not ready for marriage. I need to reassure myself first.

P/S Happily married couples out there, I need lots of encouragement on this. Will appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Couldn't wait for Christmas

Yeeahhh, yipee, it's another 10 days to Christmas. All I want for Christmas is not my two front teeth..... It's another year for festivities with lots of eating, giving and receiving presents. As for me, this year I was given a free gift. It's a whole body slimming treatment worth RM320.00. Couldn't not wait to use it. I'm going to enjoy be pampered and messaged by the slimming experts.

Christmas is not the only time to celebrate with Christmas tree, food and gifts. It's indeed a joyous time of great celebration for Christians. It's the time when Jesus Christ was prophesied to be born of Virgin Mary two thousand years ago. He came to forgive our sins and reconciled mankind relationship with God.

I believed that Christmas has became too commercialised. They have lost it's true meaning of Christmas. Without Jesus Christ be born two thousand years ago, I don't think we will celebrate Christmas today.

P/s While you are celebrating Christmas this 25th, just do remember it's Jesus wonderful birthday. Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Good, Sad & Tragic

During the long weekend, was a good, sad and tragic. It was good; I went for a shopping spree from Friday to Saturday. Bought a couple of blouses and a dress for RM230.00. Had a sumptious dinner with my sis coupled with chesse cake from Secret Receipe. Total dinner costs was RM63.00. What the hell?! Enjoyed the fruit of my labourlah! The next day, I woke up early to wash and wax my car. And thanks to the hard work of washing and waxing, I was sweating, no need for any extra exercise. I had my chance to enjoy a solid one hour conversation with my boyfriend in the morning wee hours.

It was sad that my dear friend, who's from Europe left on Monday back to his hometown. Might not see him again. Miss him much, tough.

It was tragic when fourteen bungalows in Bukit Antarabangsa were buried in landslide which claimed 5 lives. It could have been avoided if the area was condone off not to build anymore housing projects. The area was only 1.5km away from the Highland Towers tragedy which struck 15 years ago.

P/s An overview of the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide tragedy

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Count Your Blessings

I really want to thank the Lord of all His blessings that He has given.

A steady job that rewarded me with an increment and a one month bonus, a 10 year old car which I can travel as far to Ipoh, three meals I will have everyday, my parents that are able to travel to see their children once in a blue moon even though they're in their sixties, an apartment to stay, close friends to have their shoulders to cry on, my boyfriend who's willing to be there for me even though he's thousand miles away, my sister who has been part of my life ever since birth and most importantly I'm debt free except for credit card payments.

Sometimes, in life we want more than we have. It's okay to have all these wants, but do stop for a while, what about the things you have now? We sometimes forget to count our little blessings.

Take for an example; as times are bad now, what will happen if you lose your job one day? I know it's going to be tough to lose your main income. What will you do then? Doing other things of which is not your main core just to get your income going?

I have a friend who is thankful of getting a simple three meals a day even though she stays in an luxury apartment. She's not stingy but she's just only appreciating and counting her blessings.

As the worst is yet to come for the economy, I'm living my life prudently and count the little blessings that I have, not in terms of monies only but also in love and relationship.

P/s Be contend. Just count the blessings that you have.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks for the Blogs

I started blogging since April this year, introduced by my godbrother, Eugene. I'm not your everyday blogger, only posted a blog once a week. So you can see that, until right now, my total blog only reached 34. I blog based on my feelings, things that happened and I'm going through. You know, it's kind like my personal diary for everyone to see.

Blogging is fun especially, when I'm linked to different websites of blogger. From Christian blog to blogs that talked about technical stuff, health, food, environmental, everyday stuff and even sex.

My knowledge have increased since I've been learning and capturing these kind of facts.

My feelings are open whenever I blog much to the chagrin that my blog will be read by millions.

Blogging have made me close to certain people.

Cas, you are always looking so sweet in your photos. I loved your quirkiness. Hope to meet you in person one day.

Eugene, you always been my guardian angel on earth. You are so true to your feelings towards the things that happened. Thanks for your comments and advice.

Claire, your blog remains me my hometown, Ipoh, especially the food.

Abraham, your blog really inspires me whenever my spirit is down. Always looking forward to read whenever my soul is thirsty.

I will keep on blogging as long as it takes. It doesn't matter if only a handful of people read. I will blog to keep in touch of my feelings.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My 35th B'day

In 3 days time, I will celebrate my 35th birthday. I have no qualms about revealing my age of which some ladies out there would not dare to reveal theirs.

Hmm.. 35, what I want this year? A better body? A face lift? More money? A better lifestyle?

Thank God that I was created a curvaceous body (couldn't ask for more), an oily face that I don't have a single age line and because of the Loreal cream I've been using, I've enough cash to survive by, all I do is work, eat, watch TV and sleep which leaves me less stress.

What could I ask for more?

Until now, I don't know how to celebrate my b'day. I might go for a lavish dinner with my sister. I got use to celebrate alone all these years. After all, I will be on leave on this day, just don't want to let my colleagues know, except to some of my close friends. Maybe it's because as I grow older, I tend to stay away from friends.

I have just one wish, is to celebrate with my boyfriend. Sob, sob he's not here, in overseas.

I do hope as this year I will be more wise, mature, loving and don't spend unnecessarily.

P/s A call or a note from you guys just would make my day. Or maybe, a choclate cheese cake will do. I do hope my bf will call, as I have told him last week.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I've been Eugene's customer and a good friend for a number of years now. I've been supporting his co strongly even though there are times when other competitors resorted to give cheaper prices.

I felt really bad that Sat 8/11/08, knowing that he's gonna lose me as one of his customers after receiving 15 boxes of stationery ordered and arranged from my hq.

As he has mentioned in his blog(http://bold-talk.blogspot.com/), Blogging makes me happy, despite...; he's going to lose me as one of his big customer. Times are bad now and I truly want to support him in terms of business. But, sometimes, there are things that are beyond my control.

My boss is trying to resolve by letting my hq knows about the inconvenience of getting supplies from KL which they would not support after sales esp, the printer toners and the 30% price different comparatively.

P/S Eugene, I sincerely do hope that in next months to come, the business will be yours again.
Will pray for you on this. Believed in the power of prayer!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

These 3 Words

These 3 words I Love You is not easy to utter it out. I could say it only to certain people. I have been saying these words for the last 8 months, each time ending my conversation with my boyfriend. Of course, he will say it too, depend who ends the conversation. Sometimes I wonder, do we really mean it when we say I love you?

My mom often tell me she loves me, but it's hard for me to reply the same way. I know she really means it.

Being Asian upbringing, I think it's normal for us (this is intended for Asian only) to reciprocate our love. Maybe we are thought to be less expressive in our words but more in our actions. Reassurance of words will motivate one's soul.

It's true; Saying without acting is baseless. What is love? How do we act on it when we say I love you? Part of concept of love involve feelings, which are true. But I would like to share another part of it.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered. It keeps no record of wrongs. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

I hope that our concept of loving and whenever we say I Love You, we will love the person wholly and totally.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hot and Spicy

I was having a plate of mee goreng toyam yesterday at Tesco Penang. It was really spicy, it definitely perk up my senses. To top up with it, I ordered a hot teh tarik. After drinking, the combination of teh tarik mixed with the spiciness in my mouth, I've got this feeling of euphoria.

I've just slowly sipped the teh tarik, enjoying the sweetness and the smell of rich tea. And just watching the world goes by, just couldn't care less.

P/S Hey, you don't need a cup of Starbucks coffee or Coffee Bean to get this feeling. After all, the teh tarik only costs RM1.20!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Feeling The Pinch!

I was lamenting with my friend last Sat on prices of essential items. Truly enough, most of the prices had gone up even though petrol price went down by RM0.15 per litre recently. It doesn't help much though for consumers like you and me.

Like for example, a large Natural marjerin costs RM9.5o each much compared with RM6.50 two years back. It just went up by 30%! I wonder, whether, the price would go up to RM10.

My friend, she usually takes the same brand of 2 in 1 pack coffee, the price was same but the suppliers downsized the packaging. Even, nowadays, you can hardly buy economic rice for the price of RM3.oo. It's not economy anymore!

Today, I went to the bank and draw another RM1K to last me just another 2 weeks. I was wondering, what happened to the last RM1K I drew on the 3rd Oct? After deducting, my insurance, bills and credit card payments, there should be enough. It shows that our monies value have became small, I'm already feeling the pinch.

Even though the government declares that we are not facing any financial crisis and recension, I could not agree more.

I think it's a ten years bad economy karma!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Stay faithful.....

I did mentioned in my blog, on relationship dated 19 Sept, I would stayed faithful to my boyfriend. I'm glad that I did. The older guy that I mentioned in my 19 Sept blog, appeared again after missing for a month.

It's really hard to maintain and be faithful to a long distance relationship with my bf. I'm trying my best. I mean, I could have say yes to this older guy, but in my heart there's only place for my boyfriend.

I really miss my bf. Each waking hours (when I'm not working), I will be thinking of him. Counting the days I will meet him. Sometimes, I just wish, he's by my side at all times. Well, i guess that sometimes in life, you just can't have everything.....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

19 Hours Stretch

My boss and her marketing team worked 19 hours in a stretch yesterday till 5am. I know it's definately crazy. Yeah, it was a crucial time as my company needs to prepare it's business plan 08/09. Actually, most of the different departments had submitted the reports in Sept 09 to my headquarters.

During Sept 09, when her department is supposed to submit the reports, she was away due to the demise of her father in law, resulting a 2 weeks delay.

I pitied my colleagues. Today, when I see them, their faces were ashen and dead tired. After all, they only sleep an hour or so. Imagining stretching your mentally and physically for 19 hours!

My boss should compensated them by giving them a half day leave, which she did not!

P/S Hey, we are only mere human, we have limits. Even machine will be overloaded if they worked overtime.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Relationship-Can u or can't u live w/o it?

Relationship - Can u or can't u live without it? Right now, I'm so called caught in a love triangle. I have not met my boyfriend yet, actually we met online. And now, someone is after my heart of which I don't know whether I should return. This guy is much much older than me.

I thought that it wouldn't happen to me, this love triangle. This second guy is very persistent no matter how hard I decline him. I could have liked this guy, but I've just have this stigma back in my mind, he's much older and there won't be any future. I'm saving my Asian face and not to let down my parents about this issue, you know how Asian thinks?!

Actually, he has been away for the last week, and I was like missing him for a few days. But eventually my feelings faded as time passes.

As for my boyfriend, things have been a little bit slow between us. Can't blame the situation, we are living thousand of miles apart, and both of us are working people. The only time we can talk is on Sundays. Yeah, we do miss each other, just wish that we are 24/7 there for each other but we are keeping vigil till the day we meet.

Sometimes, I feel that I want to be alone; not to be involved in relationship. But I fear of being alone.

It's strange and funny how one perceived relationship. Clearly, people are more demanding and take advantages of each other when they are near, but when you are far away, at least there will be more appreciative.

One thing I can say is right now, I'm going to be faithful to my boyfriend, (am I a fool, hope not, maybe a fool in love!) because I believed it pays.

P/s My boyfriend is coming over in Feb 09. I just can't wait to meet him.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Peak Season

Currently, I'm experienced my peak season now. Not my sexual peak season, ok? I will be not entering my blogs at the moment cause, I'm having work burden to carry.

So, friends please do bear with me. Do keep blogging away, ok!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Will all singles pls stand up?

My sister and I were talking the other day who's attached and who's not. And we did a random count and 8 out of 10 people we counted are still singles. (These numbers we gathered are from our offices and friends that we knew of). Most of them are between their late twenties to early thirties; some are even forties to fifties. Scary? Or surprising? Sad to say, most of these singles are women.

I'm single but thank God I'm attached. I still dream of settling down, be a good housewife if my husband permits, a mess up hair mom with no makeup on chasing and screaming my kids. I need someone to share all my life with. Who doesn't?! Watching my kids grow up and grow old together with my husband. I know that I may sound cliche, but is it this the life every single desire for?

I talked to some of the marriage ones and said that they will dream of being single again. Maybe frustrations of being married drove them to say this. I see some of my friends who are married and became new parents, they will be lounging bags of diapers, milk, water and foodstuff! I'm sure that they will be not complaining! But back of their frustrations and desperation, they are beaming with joy. Pride of their family!

Of course being a single there's not much sacrifice to make, after all you are surviving on your own. But fear of loneliness will creep in.

So, singles if you are still searching for your perfect mate, do keep on searching. If not, explore the world and live life to the fullest! Is not the end if you are still single! I think it's cool! Long live single hood!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Zzzzz.... Is not enuff 4 me!

It's funny though, nowadays I just wake up before my alarm rings. It's not that I wake up 10 or 15 mins before, but at least an hour or so. It's been happening for a week or so now. I did not drink any coffee before I sleep, still it doesn't explain the weirdness. I have no trouble laying my head down at the same time every night, in fact I sleep like a log.

In fact, when I woke up an hour before my stipulated time, I will take a quick cold shower, wash my face and climb into a bed after that; to catch my sleep even for an hour. This back to sleep doesn't put me into a deep sleep.

I don't know how long this will take, it's like my mind is still actively working when I'm supposed to be at sleep. Even on weekends, the most early I will wake up is at 8am.

Is it true, as you grow older, your sleep will be lesser? I do wish tonite onwards, my sleep will not be interrupted at all.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Life Is....

With my heavy head and an aching body, I went to a female illness conducted by a local insurance company last Thursday. I thought, hey, what's the harm, after all it's free plus refreshments provided.

The main core of this seminar is to introduce ladies illnesses and the preventive methods. One thing that struck me that night are the 2 cancer survivors. The first lady, Wai Ling, she's 53 had cancer of her breast 7 years ago. She had mastectomy.

The second lady, Priscilla contacted ovarian cancer 6 years ago and gave up her desires to have children of her own. Both of them survived.

They are just ordinary ladies not knowingly they will have cancer. They learnt to turn something that was death defying into something livable. They fought hard, strive and they lived through it. Their wills to live spur me on.

Life is not a bed of roses always, but when we do thread on the thorny parts, let accept and learn to thread on life's adversities and challengers with good faith, strength and hope.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Break Away

I’ve been feeling lethargic today, mainly because I’m down with the flu since this morning. Even staring of the computer screen made me feel sleepy. Trying so hard to stay awake at work. You know, I could have gone home but I’m reluctant cause I will be breaking away for 2 days.

I think I will use fully tomorrow to sleep in to let my body recover. Rest is best.

Just wish that I’m on an island surrounding by palm trees and waves lapping watching the sunset.

See all of you next week!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Childhood Games

Children at this age are subjected to playing computer games. Even when I speak to some of them, what kind of games they play, they can name all the computer games (I never heard). Well, you can say I'm not up to date, all I can known off is Playstation.

What happen to good old fashion games? I was reminiscing with my boyfriend, godbrother and sister and they all agreed that all these games have lost their purpose.

I remembered way back in school. I played the five or six stones, rubberbands jumping rope, hope scotch, kala panjang and police & thief. And also, card games, like Happy Family and Snap. Anyone of you could remember these games?

In the evening, I will catch grasshoppers and sometimes spiders with my neighbour. The excitement of catching these creatures and put them in bottles or matchboxes. Those days were truly an enjoyable childhood days for me.

I wonder, now these computer children, do they get all the excitement from the games they are playing?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Holy Faith

I don't want to sound cliche but everyone need something to hold on to, faith that is. Faith is what you believe in which you have not seen. It's how and what you belief; you could believe in yourself and even something that is of higher power.

Well, most of the times, I believe in myself, you know, to have a positive look in life, but I'm only human. I will feel vulnerable and this is the time when I got to turn my faith to someone who is supreme.

I've found Him many years ago and till today, He's my reason that I held on. He has been with me through my ups and downs. He always there for me 24/7. There may not be an answer to life uncertainties, but I know that He's here to hold my hand through this journey of life.

Go on and find your faith today, cling on to someone or something, but if you have not found the faith you're looking, let me introduce my faith. The person is GOD Himself!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Privavy Intrusion - Part 2

Boy, was I wrong! They finally came and fixed the CCTV which is directly above me even after much negotiating with the wireman.

So, I finally shifted my computer again away from the camera's view.

Privacy Intrusion - Part 1

I was very upset for the last 2 days. I was told from my company that they will be installing CCTVs at strategic locations, after 13 years of working, as it was a requirement from the hq. And they are going to install one at my room. And it's gonna to be at the back of me, which means it's facing my computer screen!

I was very upset and annoyed. The management can monitor every movement of me and even every word I typed on the screen. It's like someone standing behind you watching your every move, breathing down your neck.

The only thing that I can do is I shifted my computer from the complete view of the camera.

I breath a sigh of relief today, after finding out that the camera will only be installed at the entrance of the door. So I shifted my computer back at it's original place.

Many of my colleagues were upset because they feel that they are being restricted. It's no different from being in a prison. Where's the freedom of working anymore?

Technology can be so advance that sometimes it defeats the purpose.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Back to my hometown

Today, Im back at Ipoh, my hometown which I was born and schooled before moving to the Pearl of Orient. Im home visiting my folks and my newly born niece. She's cute alright. Everyone is excited and doting around her.

As the bus was driving to the bus stop, I looked out. To me, Ipoh has not changed drastically ever since I remembered in spite of the new highway and some developed new township. Life here is slow, compared to the hustle and bustle in Penang.

Back in the old days as far my geography lesson can take me, Ipoh is famous for mining. Ipoh is also famous for its local food. The gha choi kai (chicken rice with bean sprout), kai see hor fan (rice noddle with soup), kai chai peng (chicken biscuit), the pamelo and the ever famous white coffee. Funny though, I rarely consumed all this food when I was in Ipoh.

Im glad that Im back; to escape the crazy and busy life in Penang.

Maybe I will come back and retire in this slow town.

p/s The picture that I posted is a municipal townhall building in Ipoh.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Met a saint

Literally, people don't believe in saints, but I truly met one today. No pun intended. He helped lots of his friends when they are really in need. He really go to the extras to help them in which I would not do.

He once stopped a friend of his from jumping off Penang bridge even he found out that his friend cheated some of the student's monies. (His friend was a lecturer).

He has this nature that he want to just help people, regardless of gender and background.

Lately, I've approached him and shared some of my problems with Mr Saint. I feel at ease everytime I poured my problems to him.

After talking to Mr Saint and the assurance he gave, I felt better, and before leaving I just told him that I met a saint today.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Im stressed Out!

Last past few days, I've been very stressed out, usually for me is either work or relationship.

My boyfriend is in US and currently we are trying to stay alive and well.
But there are times we wish we can see well of each other more. Oh boy, I wonder sometimes, why am I in this long distance relationship?

For this 2 days, I've been very upset of silly little procedure that I've had to adhere to my company's law. It seems that sometimes, why do I need to follow?! Afterall, I don't need to but if I don't, I will be label as an outcast. I hate being in the middle!

To those who's reading my blog, maybe my problems are little teenny bit. I know there are some out there, the problems are really like HUGE. I still respect those who can thro with life over this.

I guess life has it's ups and downs. Sigh! Just wish it will all go away tomorrow.

I am going to bang my head on the wall tonite, NOT!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yeah! I'm An Aunt, finally

After months of waiting in anticipation, my sister-in-law gave birth to a baby girl on 7th July 2008, which 7 is a perfect no. I've yet to see my little niece, but I believe she's just perfect.

My brother, Im sure he was overjoyed, for the first time, he became a dad. Even my parents became grands. Ahemm...well, I became an aunt!

I'm sure that right now, back at home, my parents, my brother and his wife are doting over this little perfect number.

I'm excited about the whole incident and I will be going back end of the month just to see my little niece.

Hmmm, just wonder, when is motherhood is going to hit me?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Goodbye Mr Bala

I've received the shocking news from my flat resident that Mr Bala had passed away on 11 June 2008. I really couldn't believe it, I saw and spoke to him on 8 June. He succumbed to blood clot in his brain. He was my flat chief security for 20 years. You could see him doing his rounds with his assistants and even doing maintenance job. Sometimes, he's at my flat taking guard till wee hours in the morning. He even helped to change my flat tyre once. He's always cheerful, lending an ear to listen to the resident's woes.

Sometimes, it take a tragedy to perk me up. Embrace, learn to appreciate and love the people around you. You might never know that you won't be here tomorrow. Live life to the fullest.

Goodbye Mr Bala, may you rest in piece. We at Taman Seri Damai, really going to miss you. May your spirit continue to watch over us.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dig deeper into pockets

I vividly remembered the line from one of Syania Twain song, Dig deeper into pockets. I really have no choice but to do so, since the government announced of petrol increase to RM0.78 per litre effective Thursday, 5/6/08.

It was a mad frenzy nationwide. Not because people was protesting of the increase, but they were queing up for as far as 5km to the petrol stations to fill up the last drop of the cheaper petrol. Maybe it was my instinct, I did not caught up by the mad frenzy, my petrol was filled last 2 days.

After this madness, the government announced the next day in the papers, electricity tariff was to increase. Furthermore, transportation organisation demanded an incease because of the petrol hiked. Prices of essential items like rice, soybean, wheat and even noodles have drastically went up of another 10%.

The mere salary that we are earning barely can cover these hike up prices. Even though, there are salary increaments, it only can cover these expenses. So, we really can't seems to enjoy the fruit of our labours. Economically, it's hitting everyone. Even a loaf of wholemeal bread costs RM4.00.

How much prudent can we get?

Our money value is getting smaller. Our purchasing power is diminishing.

Well, I think it's best I moved to a cave, hunt of the animals, eat of the leaves and shrubs, back to the basic.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The 10 Commandments of Work

1. Speak to people
2. Smile :)
3. Call people by name
4. Be friendly and helpful
5. Be sincere
6. Be really interested in people
7. Be generous with praise
8. Be careful with the feelings of others
9. Respect their opinions
10. Always be ready to help.
If you live by all these rules, then your working life will be less stressful and more enjoyable.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sexy Baju Kurung?

I am appaled by the comments made by Programme manager, Norhayati Kaprawi, National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia, that baju kurung worn by students are sexy that it encourages raped aand pre-marital sex. Get real! Has she not something more baseless to comment about?

Does her comment applies to all women and girls who wears see through white blouse? Im the one who does wear one and I don't get a come on by men. Baju kurungs were in the schools way back 20 years, and now it takes all these years for Norhayati to raise this issue?

Here, it's not the issue of one's dressing. There are boys and girls as young as 10 years old, engaging in sex. Pre-marital sex and raped are now more rampant these days.

Young boys are needed to be taught to respect girls and women. Sex education starts at home, where are from the parents. If these young hot hormoned boys and girls does not receive the sex education from the right resources, they definately would learning from the wrong different sources. Hey, I don't get mine from my parents!

To all who are reading this, regardless of sex and gender; RESPECT for both sexes is the key word here.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Online Dating Blues

I've been bugged by my godbrother, Eugene for not updating my new blog entries. Lately, I've been caught up over another craze, online dating. So I decided to enter this topic; at least Eugene won't bugged me for the time being.

Little did I know that I was an attraction to a seas of men out there. From as far as Nepal to Switerland to our local home. Funny though, most of the "visitors", I got were from India & Pakistan. Maybe because they fancy the fairer skin? Truthfully, most of them are not sincered. Looks can be really deceiving.

The handsome whites, they sweet charmed talk me and most of them claimed to be single. Are they for real? Even the handsome hunk from England proposed to me. Eventually, he ask to lent some cash after his so called proposal which I was not a fool to do so. There are some who tend to ask the most intimate questions. These guys are really daring, maybe it's because behind the computer screen; they simply ask out of respect?

But, there are some who are sincered. This guy from US, has been calling me a couple of times and we are on a good start. I might never know that it will tum out more than a friendship. I do enjoy flirting and being flirted by all these men. It's a good clean fun!

Ps This photo of this hunk that I posted was a total jerk. He asked me to sponsor part of his air flight ticket to come and see me. But I still drool over his pic.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fool's Galore

Come any public holidays even on weekends, we Malaysians liked to throng the shopping malls. The malls were packed like sardins even finding a parking space seems "impossible". I'm still appalled why the malls are an attraction. Maybe they need to escape from the heat and humidity.

One thing for sure a meal per person from a high end place costs RM30.00. Lets take a family of four, would costs RM150.00. Are these people fools being content of spending that RM150.00 rather in a hawker's centre which costs only RM50.00?

I do thronged the malls occasionally on weekends with the onset of the crowds and the "impossible" parking space, I think I'm embracing this fool's galore.

Friday, May 2, 2008

WoNdERs of iNteRnet

Just a click of a mouse or a typed any specific word, would transport you to a place that you desire to go or any particular information you need in split of a second. Aahhh, the wonders of Internet.

Without it, mankind seems lost. But bear in mind, if we are not being "careful", we will mishanding the information. Cases of mass sucides were prompted by these websites. And even adult websites are so easily accessible. Whatever websites, you desire to visit, it's just by the click of a mouse.

This widely used informative system is for us but we need to be prudent and "smart".

Monday, April 28, 2008

Kristy, where art thou?

I haven't seen Kristy for awhile now, at least a month or so. I've been missing her. She's one of my favourite student in my sunday children's church class. She's attentive, independent, obedient and adorable. Each time we meet, she will give her a sweet smile. I really missed her. She loved her mom, but rarely speak of her dad though. Her mom divorced her dad when both of them came from Hong Kong two years back. (Kristy was born in HK). The last I heard that her mom has found a "dad replacement". I'm so afraid that she grows up hating her "real" dad. Only the man above will able to heal her little heart.

By the way, Kristy is only 5 years old.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Would you give her a rose?

My friends were lamenting about their mothers that day. Their mothers nagged them constantly and as their rebellious spirit arised, they could not fathom the nagging. Some of them even constantly had spats with their mom as they could not agree certain issues.

Mothers are borned to nag so it seems. I believed it is for the good of us. They are "trained" to correct us by their wagging of tongues.

I was reading an article People column in the STAR paper dated 17 April 2008 regarding Mrs Retha McPherson's heroism. Her son of 12 years, Aldo was struck in an accident leaving him paralysed, comatose and severely damaged his brain 4 years ago. The doctors gave up hope on Aldo telling that he will be in a vegetarian state. But Mrs Retha did not give up hope; she took and nursed his son back. Although he did not recovered fully, now Aldo managed to be functional even though he has a slight twitch. Because of the great and sacrificial love Mrs Retha has for Aldo, she never gave up hope of not losing his son. I was inspired and moved to tears.

Ironically, I am now reading a "childhood" memoir, Ugly by Constance Briscose. She's a black British; was physically and emotionally abused by her own mom. Her mom abused her because she was born ugly. Does she asked to be born ugly? The pain she suffered compels me. I was thinking, how could her own biological mom does all these? I felt pity for Constance yet full of rage for her mom.

I know that every mom would loved their children, only to some that escaped from their responsibilities.

Now you decide; there are good and bad moms, but they are still our MOM. Without them, we won't be here.

Give your mom a hug and tell you loved her; in spite the flaws she has, she's only human.

As mother's day is less than 3 weeks, would you give her a rose?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Of Apple Pie and Cheese Cake - Part 2

Hmmm, I definately satisfy my craving yesterday. BUT I did not went to LA Manila, went to my regular diner @ JL Gourment, Prangin Mall. Leaving me a full satisfying meal with traces of apple pie lingering in my mouth. I recommended this diner, JL Gourment as it's value for money and the food serving was huge. One top of my list.

I definately will try their cheesecake next time.

Of Apple Pie and Cheese Cake - Part 1

I been having this craving for weeks. Gosh, it seems that I craved for something that is attainable. I remembered the last time I had an apple pie was at La Manila in Gurney Plaza, Penang. The thought of it now make my mouth water. The one bite I took was full, sweet and juicy, with a little sour mixed leaving behind the soft crumble of the pie in my mouth.

This incident brings down memory lane. The happier time with my siblings making home made apple pie way back in my hometown. We wouldn't mind making the kitchen dirty, just the joy of making the pie. Which brings all hungry stomach were filled once the apple pie was out from the oven hot and ready.

Oh boy, I couldn't wait no more. I'm going down to La Manila to satisfy my craving.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I witnessed a deadly confrontation last Saturday morning. The large four legged animal showing off it's fangs to the smaller grey coated animal. The larger animal kept barking to the grey coated animal which is a kitten, returning gave a hissed. Suddenly, the dog jammed it's teeth into the kitten. Picking up the kitten the dog swung it's kitten's body a couple of times. Knowing the kitten was badly hurt, I chased the dog away. The kitten was in pain and in shocked. I picked up the kitten and wanted to transfer it to another place fearing the dog will come back. The kitten struggled many times. I decided to place the kitten on the grass hoping it will know how to move away. After a couple of hours, I went back hoping to find the kitten was not there anymore. But eventually, I found the kitten laying down lifeless on the grass. Poor kitten.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Time

As the saying goes, there's a first time for everything, First time learning to walk, to drive, to sing even to blog. I'm an amatuer blogger which was introduced by my godbrother, Eugene to the world of blogging. To me blogging is an act of pending down your thoughts regarding any issues under the sun, even under the moon. I'm still learning to upgrade my blog site. In time, there will be pictures of me and my dears lovely friends and gang. Be patient, though. I'm open for comments that will turn me into a pro.

Take care and love.