Thursday, September 18, 2008

Relationship-Can u or can't u live w/o it?

Relationship - Can u or can't u live without it? Right now, I'm so called caught in a love triangle. I have not met my boyfriend yet, actually we met online. And now, someone is after my heart of which I don't know whether I should return. This guy is much much older than me.

I thought that it wouldn't happen to me, this love triangle. This second guy is very persistent no matter how hard I decline him. I could have liked this guy, but I've just have this stigma back in my mind, he's much older and there won't be any future. I'm saving my Asian face and not to let down my parents about this issue, you know how Asian thinks?!

Actually, he has been away for the last week, and I was like missing him for a few days. But eventually my feelings faded as time passes.

As for my boyfriend, things have been a little bit slow between us. Can't blame the situation, we are living thousand of miles apart, and both of us are working people. The only time we can talk is on Sundays. Yeah, we do miss each other, just wish that we are 24/7 there for each other but we are keeping vigil till the day we meet.

Sometimes, I feel that I want to be alone; not to be involved in relationship. But I fear of being alone.

It's strange and funny how one perceived relationship. Clearly, people are more demanding and take advantages of each other when they are near, but when you are far away, at least there will be more appreciative.

One thing I can say is right now, I'm going to be faithful to my boyfriend, (am I a fool, hope not, maybe a fool in love!) because I believed it pays.

P/s My boyfriend is coming over in Feb 09. I just can't wait to meet him.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Peak Season

Currently, I'm experienced my peak season now. Not my sexual peak season, ok? I will be not entering my blogs at the moment cause, I'm having work burden to carry.

So, friends please do bear with me. Do keep blogging away, ok!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Will all singles pls stand up?

My sister and I were talking the other day who's attached and who's not. And we did a random count and 8 out of 10 people we counted are still singles. (These numbers we gathered are from our offices and friends that we knew of). Most of them are between their late twenties to early thirties; some are even forties to fifties. Scary? Or surprising? Sad to say, most of these singles are women.

I'm single but thank God I'm attached. I still dream of settling down, be a good housewife if my husband permits, a mess up hair mom with no makeup on chasing and screaming my kids. I need someone to share all my life with. Who doesn't?! Watching my kids grow up and grow old together with my husband. I know that I may sound cliche, but is it this the life every single desire for?

I talked to some of the marriage ones and said that they will dream of being single again. Maybe frustrations of being married drove them to say this. I see some of my friends who are married and became new parents, they will be lounging bags of diapers, milk, water and foodstuff! I'm sure that they will be not complaining! But back of their frustrations and desperation, they are beaming with joy. Pride of their family!

Of course being a single there's not much sacrifice to make, after all you are surviving on your own. But fear of loneliness will creep in.

So, singles if you are still searching for your perfect mate, do keep on searching. If not, explore the world and live life to the fullest! Is not the end if you are still single! I think it's cool! Long live single hood!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Zzzzz.... Is not enuff 4 me!

It's funny though, nowadays I just wake up before my alarm rings. It's not that I wake up 10 or 15 mins before, but at least an hour or so. It's been happening for a week or so now. I did not drink any coffee before I sleep, still it doesn't explain the weirdness. I have no trouble laying my head down at the same time every night, in fact I sleep like a log.

In fact, when I woke up an hour before my stipulated time, I will take a quick cold shower, wash my face and climb into a bed after that; to catch my sleep even for an hour. This back to sleep doesn't put me into a deep sleep.

I don't know how long this will take, it's like my mind is still actively working when I'm supposed to be at sleep. Even on weekends, the most early I will wake up is at 8am.

Is it true, as you grow older, your sleep will be lesser? I do wish tonite onwards, my sleep will not be interrupted at all.