Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Count Your Blessings

I really want to thank the Lord of all His blessings that He has given.

A steady job that rewarded me with an increment and a one month bonus, a 10 year old car which I can travel as far to Ipoh, three meals I will have everyday, my parents that are able to travel to see their children once in a blue moon even though they're in their sixties, an apartment to stay, close friends to have their shoulders to cry on, my boyfriend who's willing to be there for me even though he's thousand miles away, my sister who has been part of my life ever since birth and most importantly I'm debt free except for credit card payments.

Sometimes, in life we want more than we have. It's okay to have all these wants, but do stop for a while, what about the things you have now? We sometimes forget to count our little blessings.

Take for an example; as times are bad now, what will happen if you lose your job one day? I know it's going to be tough to lose your main income. What will you do then? Doing other things of which is not your main core just to get your income going?

I have a friend who is thankful of getting a simple three meals a day even though she stays in an luxury apartment. She's not stingy but she's just only appreciating and counting her blessings.

As the worst is yet to come for the economy, I'm living my life prudently and count the little blessings that I have, not in terms of monies only but also in love and relationship.

P/s Be contend. Just count the blessings that you have.


it's bdh said...

its very human if we always want more then what we already have, so the point is to manage our desire to have more and appreciating our achievement instead of ruining our whole life just wishing for something which is hard to get!

Grateful feelings will save us and do us better :-)

Cyra Miles Valdez said...

Man's wants is endless...and man by nature is selfish.. glad to know that there are few who know how to keep a grateful heart.. ideally we should.. bless you..