Wednesday, May 26, 2010

High School Embarrassement

There's a group of secondary girls were walking along the school corridor, and one of them took a turn to look behind her school uniform. Oh no! She's being spotted. It's the time of the month. Her friends quickly gathered around her and help her to walk much to her embarrassment. This is an ad for a local sanitary pad.

I remembered that I was a regular spotter when I was in high school when it's time of the month. Blame it on the uncontrollable heavy flow of blood and also my light blue uniform.

Whenever I'm spotted, I've to wash the spot and it did make a bigger spot after that. I can imagine hearing whispers from other school mates.

Than God! I was studying in all girls' school. If will be much more embarrassed if there were boy's around.

I was waiting for my school bus and suddenly, my stomach was churning. I wanted to go to the toilet to ease myself, but if I go, I will miss my bus ride. I was trying to hold but I couldn't.

Eventually, I pooped in my school uniform. Luckily, I had my shorts on. I was looking around to ensure that there were no poop dropping around my feet. Really yucks!

I got in the bus and my bus driver was asking "Who had stepped on poop?" I kept quiet, knowing that the smell came from me.

It was just too embarrassed to tell anyone!

Ps. Any embarrass moments back in high school?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

BMI Overweight

I was in Tesco, Penang on Thursday having rice and soup for dinner. After makan, I was walking and something caught my eye along the aisle. One of the booth sells vitamins and supplements.

I need to buy my fish oil's supplements. And they are offering 40% off on all vitamins and supplements. It was definitely a blast for me to buy at this time. At the same time, they are offering to take the body mass index measurement, bone density for free.

After taking my weight, height and my body mass measurement, the result I was a little bit overweight! And I was introduced to taking some fiber drink and fat burner pills.

I was ask to take the fiber drink for 20 days daily and after that, I need to go back to check whether my weight have decreased.

After much persuasion from the sales man, I bought the apple phyto fiber drink (20 sachet) for RM65.00. I've checked out the price from the internet, they are selling for RM65.00. Aahaa! I'm not cheated by this pharmacy.

I took a sachet before bed time. It has a green apple smell, with a little bit blend on the side. After drinking, the next day, I went to toilet. It did the job of really cleansing all the toxin from my body. I did went to toilet another 2 times after that.

However, after taking it for 2 days straight and went to toilet for 4 times in a day, I decided to stop for a while. I could not afford to go to toilet everyday 4 times in a day for the next 2 weeks!

I'v been cutting down rice, especially at night and taking oatmeals for dinner. Since, I'm having alternate Saturday off from work, I managed to go jogging.

Ps. What is your best diet or exercise regime?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

He Is Reached

I certainly welcomed all comments and suggestions of those who visited my blog entry on "Couldn't Be Reached". Thanks, everyone!

Eugene's comment was a bit crude though, asking me to dump my boyfriend, no pun intended.

My boyfriend was wronged in the first place for not telling me why he couldn't be reached. I did not know he was under work pressure at that time.

After sending him emails and managed to call him over the office, he blurted to me, he was under tremendous pressure of work, it was then I knew.

Coincidentally, his LCD screen on his cell phone was going to kaput. So, he can't sent and received text messages.

He did came and see me yesterday night, and he told me about being his company is trying to "make trouble" for him.

Whenever he's under tremendous pressure, he will always shut himself out.

I have no reason to dump him. When I started this relationship, I knew that he can't be the 24/7 boyfriend which I don't expect him to be.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Couldn't Be Reached....

I was trying to reach my boyfriend on his cell phone last two days but it failed. It went to voicemail. Thought he switches off his cell and went to sleep. And, this morning I tried, it went to voicemail too.

I even sent text messages to him, usually he will reply, but this time, he did not. I was worried and negative thoughts came to me.

"Did he meet with an accident?"

"Is he sick and was hospitalised?"

"Is he kidnapped?"

"Is he dead?"

He was supposed to go on a work trip to German soon, but how could he did not inform me?

Luckily, I have his office number. I called and wanted to ask his colleague about his whereabouts but no one picks up the phone. Talking about desperate measure here.

The last resort is I have to ask his best friend, if I cannot locate his whereabouts.

Finally, I sent an email to him asking if he's alright and his whereabouts. His reply was his cell phone screen was totally down and couldn't see all the calls and messages received and outgoing.

I don't like his attitude on this, feels that his responsibility to tell me.

Well, at least, he could have inform me first, least I have to worry and less stress.

Ps. Do you think that he needs to tell me that his cell phone was spoilt?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Wheels Soon

I've been thinking it's time for me to purchase a new car soon. The car I've been driving has served it's purpose for nearly 12 years now. Because the longer period, I'm keeping my car, the value of my car will be off no value.

I've been taking a good care of this car by taking for repair and maintenance services. There were no major breakdowns except one of late.

Buying a car is easier said than done, I'll have to plan my budget to pay the monthly installments and the period of which I want to service the car loan. The new car I'm planning to purchase will be a small car and economical.

I'm planning to get a new car before end of this year.

Ps. Anyone would want to guess what car will I purchase?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Paradigm Shift

I was called to my boss's room this morning and I was offered a new position. Nope, I'm not promoted, I'm working in a lawyer's firm barely three months.

I was offered to do conveyancing matters. Currently, I'm handling the accounts transaction and administrative matters.

So, this conveyancing is all new to me. I'm willing to learn all the new trades of this job.

I'm splitting myself into 2 pieces, I've to train my new colleague on my job and likewise I've to learn the new job matters.

Ps. I'm banana splitting, lol...