Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I failed my BM...English...Maths....

SPM results were out last Wednesday and of course there were lots of enquiry about courses.  Parents called up at colleges to see what courses are offered and whether these courses are suitable for their children.
Parents and their children were grinning from ear to ear and jumping for joy for  those who scored 12As, 11As, 10As.  And this is the time when colleges are hunting for these SPM holders.

I have been calling these students and had came across those who scored many As.  With these results, most of the students are opting to further their studies in engineering, medicine and actual science.  And of course to some of these courses, my college which I am working in did not offer.

There are some students who had struggle with their results to which extent they failed the core subjects in BM, English or Maths or which some of them do not carry enough credits for the courses offered in my college.  I even advised their parents to heed my advice but seeing their own child do not want to go through the agony of repeating,  the parents chose to listen to them.

Be it if they go to other colleges as well to enrol, they can't be accepted at all.

There are some of them that do not want to resit for the July paper and insist that my college to help them.  Of course, we have some courses that do not require 3 to 5 credit results.  And at this point, they can't enrol in business, IT or management courses. 

It is so sad that the high hopes of their parents instilled in them just died.  But nevertheless, the college is trying the best to accommodate the needs of these students.  And yes, we do  provide then the best alternative for them to pursue a course that will enable them to obtain a cert. 

From there, they can have a better life with a better job.

Ps.  What will you do as parent, if your child do not do well in school even many tuition's?  What's your alternative?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mummy...I don wan to eat curry in the prison!

I was talking to one of my sunday school kids and he told me that he was afraid of police men. I asked what's the reason and he told me that he's afraid of eating spicy food given by them.
He said his dad told him.

Their minds of the kids are so innocent, they believed what ever the adults tell them. I told him that he should not be afraid of them, it's because police men are there to capture criminals and they do not arrest innocent kids!

And no, they don't serve spicy food, like curry in prison! Prisoners do not go shirtless, they are given shirts to wear.

I was scared off when I was little. My mom or was it my grandmother told me this whenever I am crying I will be carried away by a BIG INDIAN MAN. And the story of the police men and the curry food were all just too familiar to me by now.

Maybe I was crying too much or being too mischievous that time. If not, I won't live and enjoy myself childhood years of being naughty, won't I?

Are the parents are running out of creativity's until they are still using the same old lies?

Ps. What lies that your parents have use before just to stop you from crying or being naughty?

Pss. Are you still using these on your kids today?