Thursday, July 17, 2008

Im stressed Out!

Last past few days, I've been very stressed out, usually for me is either work or relationship.

My boyfriend is in US and currently we are trying to stay alive and well.
But there are times we wish we can see well of each other more. Oh boy, I wonder sometimes, why am I in this long distance relationship?

For this 2 days, I've been very upset of silly little procedure that I've had to adhere to my company's law. It seems that sometimes, why do I need to follow?! Afterall, I don't need to but if I don't, I will be label as an outcast. I hate being in the middle!

To those who's reading my blog, maybe my problems are little teenny bit. I know there are some out there, the problems are really like HUGE. I still respect those who can thro with life over this.

I guess life has it's ups and downs. Sigh! Just wish it will all go away tomorrow.

I am going to bang my head on the wall tonite, NOT!

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cheths said...

yea right sometimes even I feel like smashing my head.. but now I've overcome this by taking things for granted and finish it up wid a smile or else its gonna be hell.. haha you can take it as an advice :)

yea added your link in my blog:)