Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fucking sick family

I was picking up the The Sun paper today and saw the headlines, "Deadly Ritual" and underneath the small title; Three year old suffocates to death during exorcism.

I was horrified as I continued reading, I was shocked.  It involves a toddler and the whole entire family.  They suffocated her to death by pinning their huge bodies on top of the little girl.

How could the whole family is doing this?  Killing their own daughter?  Hoping that the evil spirits will leave them?

This family is really a fool and ignorant.  I do not know where they gathered this stupid idea or they heed any foolish monk's advice. 

Now the exorcism was not completed resulting a sweet toddler demise making the whole family landing in jail waiting for their crime to be sentenced.

RIP, sweet young thing. 

For the whole story, please click on to the http://www.thesundaily.my/news/local?page=1.

Ps.  How could these people are so ignorant?!  What sentence they should be punished for?