Friday, March 26, 2010

Switch off your lights, pls!

March 27th, is Earth Hour 2010.

Could you please switch off all lights tommorrow, just for an hour 8.30 to 9.30pm?

I'm going to switch off my lights for an hour. Let's pledge to switch off all lights to curb earth global warming.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Men Stray...Women At Losing End?

My colleague asked me to drop off her at a bus stop as her husband is not picking her up today. She suddenly blurted out that she suspects her husband is having an affair.

I asked her why did she thinks so? She told me that for weeks on certain days, her husband is at an army camp, supposedly. She suspects her husband is at the other woman's house. Her husband is serving in an army camp.

She can't ask her husband's friends about his whereabouts as his friends are known to cover his tracks.

When comes to relationship, women are gifted to have sixth sense. They can sense whether their partner is telling lies.

Mostly women are on the losing ends when they found out their partners are having affair. They are not willing to leave the partners worse if it involves children. Hoping, their partner will change to a better man.

Some women just accept the fact that their husbands is having affair, much to a point that they accept the mistress into the family.

It's not fair that these women are being treated this way. Some just can't or won't get out of their trapped marriages. Most believed that because of the love and relationship they had built with their husbands, they can't forgo the relationship.

I understand why all these women can't or won't leave their marriages. It depends on every situation. It's easier said than done.

If my husband were to have an affair, I'm willing to forgive him for the first time. If he continues, I'm adamant of leaving him.

Ps. Will you leave your partner if you partner have an affair?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Love World Love Sloggi

There is always fun and excitement when we bloggers know that we are paid to blog. Nuffnang recently open it's contest to all bloggers out there to blog about Sloggi products, Love World Love Sloggi.

Nuffnang will pick the five lucky winners. The winners will stand to win RM2000 cash, RM135 worth of Sloggi product and a voucher worth RM50.

I want to win the RM2000 cash. I haven't any slightest ideas of what to blog yet.

For more information, please go to the site

Ps. Help, help! I need ideas, crazy, humor thoughts just help me to get started.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Beer & Work

Yesterday, my boss was telling me and my colleague that we can help ourselves with the tea and coffee. Jokingly, she was telling that we could help with the beers in the fridge.

Today was a hectic day for me and my colleague. After settling down, my colleague said that she wanted to cool down with beer. We sneaked into the pantry, took a can and poured each other's half of the beer.

We just sip our beer and work.

Ps. Done anything sneaky in your workplace?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She's still working....

One of my good friend, lately she's facing some problems in her life. She's 58 and at this stage of her life, she should be of no worries and enjoying life.

She's single and yet at this age she's is still working 12 hours. She's not working a hard labour job but the job she's working now at her age could be considered as one.

She's working in a music school supposedly as an admin clerk. Apparently, she was asked to make phone calls to students, receiving students' fees and cook a meal.

She's staying in the school itself temporarily as her brother had sold off the apartment which she once lived. And most of her siblings couldn't offer a place for her.

Lately, her boss is exploiting and treating her as a maid. She's asked to go marketing everyday, cleaning and moping the floor and toilets.

She doesn't has a day off to rest. The good benefit of this job is she can have free lunch.

She wanted to quit as the physical work of the job is taking a toll on her. She's also having second thoughts of quitting as she will be homeless and there won't be any substantial income for her.

I told her to talk to her boss about it and try to hang on for a few months.

Ps. What advice would you give to my friend?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Are you fulfilled?

Life is full of unexpectedness. Today, I might be here but tomorrow, don't know where I will be the next day.

I received a call from my dad last 2 days ago and he told me he's coming over to Penang to attend his aunt's funeral. His aunt passed away peacefully due to a lung infection. And I was telling myself, did I not see his aunt at my brother's wedding 3month's ago?

She was looking healthy at my brother's wedding and it was a shock to me that she passed away.

It scares me sometimes thinking of what life can succumb us, not knowing whether your time is up.

I don't know when will I get married, have children, living to see my first grandchild or my first great-grandchild.

I don't know how long will I stay in my company, when will I be financially stable and when will I leave this world. I was telling myself I want to live to a ripe age of 80, if time permits me to do so.

I'm living one day at a time now. I don't believe in resolution and there's a reason for everything that happens, whether good or bad. Taking everything in strife.

I just want to live a life that is fulfilled. When I have left this world, I want to hear whispers saying "I have left peacefully without any worries or disappointments but sense of fulfillment.

I believed that my grand aunt have lived a life that is fulfilling with greatness and joy.

Ps. Do you consider so far that you are living a life that is fulfilling?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rain, rain pls come again

As I looked out at the window this afternoon, it gave a gloomy look. Signalling it will rain. And suddenly, there were gushes of water flowing down from the sky. Came with wind that follow.

Yeap, it did rain, cooling down the earth after 2 months of dry spell. After months of water intolerance and heat wave, the rain did a good job, even though it lasted only 15 minutes.

The air was cooler and as I'm posting my entry now, I can feel the breeze accompany with the fan looking down below my head.

Ps. I can sleep without sweating now. Rain, rain pls come again....

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My X Comes A Calling...

I've received instant messages for my ex telling me that he wanted to come over to see me. He's coming back from America. I replied telling him that I'm seeing someone now and please don't come and see me.

He replied that he's just taking me as his good friend. I then told my boyfriend and he was cool about it, he did not stop me for seeing my ex.

The last I heard from my ex was 6 months ago. The reason I asked for the breakup is that he just shut me out completely and also because of the long distance. Thought it will work out, but it did not. Many times, he was leaving me messages on my Skype and Wayn instant messages, I just ignored him. I don't want to do with him anymore.

My ex is a nice guy. Even though, technology and phone calls bring us together, there were missing pieces. When I need him, he couldn't be there physically. I'm missing all the dating stuff any normal couple will do. The dates only I have had with is him is through the webcam.

Today afternoon, he called me. We talked for an hour or so, we talked on our lives since we were apart. He's coming back on the March 17th and he wants to see me. I've got a feeling that he's seeking for a reconciliation in which he denies.

I'm still contemplating whether to see him because I don't want to give him any false hope.

When he ends the conversation today, he told me that he loves me?!

Ps. What is he trying to tell me? Loving me as his friend or is he seeking for a reconciliation?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Got my first ticket...

My new office have very limited parking place and I need to park along the road. My usual parking lot was taken up by someone today. There was empty space for me to park a few metres away, but I ignored because I wanted to park near my office.

Finally, I decided to park at the roadside adjacent to my office. I thought I was safe even thought there was a "no parking" sign and both sides of the road were drawn with yellow line which faded away.

I came out for lunch and I saw a white color paper sticking at my windscreen. Thinking it was a flyer, I closely looked and it was a police ticket. I got my first ticket! Both sides of the cars parked were issued with tickets.

I will not pay the summon yet.

Ps. When did you get your first summon ticket? Did you pay immediately?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Are Women Bosses Bi@#^es?

Today as of 1st March 2010, I started a new chapter today. A new job in another environment. This time, a legal firm.

Learning the new trade and system of the new company. Trying to fit in on my first day.

I will never know why my colleague will be leaving soon until she told me.
And there are lots of negativity comes out from her. She's here only a month plus and she told me she's not right with the boss.

Before her, there were a lot that left and most of them stayed for 2 months or less.

It seems that the boss has a fiery temper. Well, she did show her temper today! She has the right to be angry with my colleague who wanted to take 3 days half day unpaid leave because her son is down with chicken pox.

My new boss is angry with her for abandoning her promise and responsibility. The reason is that I just went in today and she won't be able to teach me her job scope.

I just don't know why I knew off company with women bosses seem to be the problem. Maybe they like to be a control freak and damn fussy, the women workers just can't stand them at all!

Ps. Are all women bosses bi&^es? Do they react in this manner?