Friday, November 26, 2010

Really Double Standard

My job is to collect student's fees. Fees can be collected in form of cash or cheque.

For the past few days, I have been collecting one of the degree courses fees. For fees above RM500, the college can only except cheque or banker's cheque.

This one particular student, she came yesterday to pay up her outstanding fees. Her fees was RM800 plus. She came and gave me cash and I told her I can't accept. She ubderstood and she told me she has spoken to my supervisor about this.

I then accepted her payment in cash.

This particular student was my ex-marketing manager. I realized that over here my college is practising double standard.

Just because she was one of our staff before, doesn't mean she can use her authoratative figure to overwrite our rules and regulations.

I hate this type of practise.

Ps. Will you or do your company practise double standard?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wheew! What a morning...

Damn the alarm clock this morning! No, it did not ring, actually it rang at the exact time I set. At 8am.

Another 10 minutes pleasseee....

I woke up 10 minutes later and washing myself clean after 20 minutes, I was out from the toilet. I accidentally looked at my watch and it shows 10 minutes to 9am. What!

I looked again at another watch whether it's 10 minutes to 9. Maybe the time at my watches have gone wrong. I switched on my handphone to confirm. It's indeed the said time. Damn!

I'm sooo late. I haven't take my breakfast and haven't applied my make up. And I need to start my journey half an hour earlier before 10am. To avoid the traffic jam and to find a parking space.

After gobbling down my breakfast and applying my makeup super fast, I was out from the house at 9.35. I really stepped on my accelerator and sped like an F1 driver. Thank God, the way was smooth but I have to park at the end of the road.

It will take me another 3,4 minutes to walk reaching my office. I walked at fast as I could and I reached punching in at 9.56am with 4 minutes to spare.

Ps. Wheew! Indeed what a morning today.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy b'day to me

It's 12.49am, 21st Nov and I should be in bed by now. I need to post this entry before turning in.

Today is my birthday, though it's not officially yet. I was born at 4.50pm, another 14 hrs.

My loving boyfriend drove 40 minutes from Kulim to celebrate with me even though his car have some mechanical problem. How sweet he was! I thought he came empty handed but he surprised me with 3 pcs of Punjabi blouses.

2 for me and one for my sister, he thought of my sister. We share the same b'day as both of us are twins. And these blouses fit me perfectly. Aaaawwww, how double sweet he was!

We then went for a lovely dinner at Penang Old Town White Coffee. Even though, the dishes ordered are just simple with his presence and time spent just make extra swwweeeet.

Tomorrow, there won't be any continuous celebration. (I sincerely do hope so). After church, there will be a departmental meeting and some ministry training. Will take most of the afternoon. :(

After that, it's home for a short nap.

However, I still long a little piece of a chocolate cheese cake. :)

Ps. Please keep those wishes coming. Continue to make my day special.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

XXX...This Place

Two days ago it was Tuesday, I went for a jalan jalan after work since the next day was a public holiday. After rounding the shopping mall, time to head for the food.

My mind was on having soup noodle. I have a few choices, Forever Fresh or Home Recipe. They served quite reasonable and homemade dishes.

Finally, I settled with Home Recipe located at 3rd Floor, Prangin mall. I chose the fish noodle soup which comes with set. The set costs RM9.90 and add RM1.00 for drink. I was waiting for a dessert, it was not served. This time, they opted from their menu.

The large bowl came with noodles, slices of fish balls and fried fish slices, slices of cabbages, carrots and corn. The soup tasted different from the last I had. The soup was added with a hint of cream, it tasted creamy and sweet.

However, the fish balls were not fresh at all and tasted bad. The food is not my money's value. I have to pay another 5% of service tax which comes up to RM10 plus just for a bowl of noodle!

I will not step into Home Recipe again.

Ps. Have you boycotted any eatery which you taught was good?

Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm Living Another Year...

Another 6 days to go that I will celebrate my birthday. Another year older; will I enjoy happily or it will be just another normal day?

I'm not anticipating a big birthday bash. Nor will I receive any expensive pressies.

How I wished that I will never grow older. I don't have to pluck all those gray hairs from my crowning glory and never slapped on anti-ageing creams, lol.

I'm not as feisty as a 20 years old. Putting off weight won't be as easy as my metabolism rate is slowing down. I can't help it though, I'm a food lover.

I do hope that my mind will be as sharp as ever, thank God for all the books that I read and still reading.

I will continue to keep in fit physically by doing lots of aerobics. It's certainly good for my bones and muscles. One thing for sure though, I need to start drinking milk or taking pills for calcium intake.

And to have a smile always and have a loving heart. It sure keeps me young forever.

This year, I intend to spent my coming birthday with my loving boyfriend with a lovely dinner. Hmmm, wonder what he will surprise me?

Ps. Pls don't wish me yet today. Pls leave the wishes on the exact date. ;)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

No Plastic Day

Come Jan 1st next year, Penang will have to adhere the ruling of no plastic bag.
I for one is supporting the Penang government of this ruling.

Plastic bags are non-biodegradable. They clogged drains, water ways and spoil the environment. By banning the usage, it will help the earth to have a healthy environment and to eradicate global warming.

All hypermarkets, supermarkets, departmental stores, pharmacies, fast food restaurants, nasi kandar outlets and convenience stores have to adhere the ruling by Jan 1st.

It's going to be a inconvenient for me as I have to get an extra bag to store all my purchases, even food.

I asked the local eatery and the mini market at my area and they have not received any instructions from the government yet.

Not all plastic bags usage will be banned, only those which are hand carry as these respondents claimed.

But garbage bags are here to stay!

I hope that the Penang government will provide the local businesses paper bags for the consumers' convenience usages.

What about all plastic containers or articles? They are our daily usage. They are harzadours to the environment too.

Ps. Should the government ban all plastics articles?

Monday, November 8, 2010

He should return home...

Just as Deepavali celebration is over and to some who are still celebrating, my heart goes out to this man.

He was alone during this Deepavali. We met when we took the same lift on the said day. I was thinking, how come he did not return home for Deepavali? I did not pose the question.

I kept wondering why was he still here? Does he not want to return to his hometown? Or did he deliberately not wanting to return? He's staying with a divorcee as maybe returning would bring much shame.

He's my neighbour staying across my apartment unit and for a few years he's has not been returning to his hometown since he has relationship with his divorcee girlfriend.

Ps. I don't know about his predicament but I think he should return to his hometown.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

You've got mail!

When emails were being introduced decades ago, everyone seems to be excited over this new found service. Gone were the days when one have to wait days or weeks to sent and receive messages.

Now, one can sent or receive mails instantly.

I remembered there was once I forwarded a condom advertisement to all those in my mailing list which included my Christian friends. It was an advertisement from Durex featuring safe sex by using condoms.

Unexpectedly, I received an email from my pastor reprimanded me of my actions. My intention was not asking my Christian friends to have sex, but I was thought otherwise.

I received all kind of forwarded mails be it junk, hoax, inspiring, educational and even XX.

I hated those junk mails especially with pictures of sick children. Their request to raise funds by forwarding to all your friends. I believed this type of mail is a hoax.

And there are mails I received saying that I won a USD 1 million. I thought I won...NOT! They need all your personal details and bank account in order for them to bank in the million dollars. This is another hoax.

Of course there are mails that are so inspiring and educational. It's good to share these mails by forwarding them. Some of them I kept in a folder for inspiring reading once in a while.

I've been getting XX mails with pictures attached from my ex-colleague. He doesn't filter to those he wants to sent. He's just forwarded to everyone in his mailing list. Of course, there are people who like receiving this type of mail, some will find it offensive.

Before I forward any forwarded mails to my friends, I will definitely filter all the offensives and unnecessary ones.

Ps. Been receiving any mails lately? What type of mails you loved to receive?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Selfish Chipsmore

We all nick named him "Chipsmore". Now you see, now you don't.

There are reasons why me and my colleagues named him "Chipsmore". He will disappear during working hours by taking an hour for breakfast after clocking in. Not only breakfast but during lunch time too. He will take exceptionally some extra minutes.

There was once he told my marketing manager that he's going to meet his personal friends from overseas. We thought it was a short while but he took 45 minutes to entertain his friends at one of the food court.

He's a problematic to the marketing team. There are times his other colleagues went for lunch late as they will be waiting for his return. (In the front counter, there always must be at least 2 people to man the counter). He's been told off by his manager about his attitude but he just couldn't care less.

He has been working in my college for 6 years but he's just would not change his attitude.

So far, the HR has not yet come to question about his disappearing act.

There are some people delibrately caused trouble to justify their own selfishness.

Ps. Aren't we all selfish in some ways?