Monday, April 28, 2008

Kristy, where art thou?

I haven't seen Kristy for awhile now, at least a month or so. I've been missing her. She's one of my favourite student in my sunday children's church class. She's attentive, independent, obedient and adorable. Each time we meet, she will give her a sweet smile. I really missed her. She loved her mom, but rarely speak of her dad though. Her mom divorced her dad when both of them came from Hong Kong two years back. (Kristy was born in HK). The last I heard that her mom has found a "dad replacement". I'm so afraid that she grows up hating her "real" dad. Only the man above will able to heal her little heart.

By the way, Kristy is only 5 years old.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Would you give her a rose?

My friends were lamenting about their mothers that day. Their mothers nagged them constantly and as their rebellious spirit arised, they could not fathom the nagging. Some of them even constantly had spats with their mom as they could not agree certain issues.

Mothers are borned to nag so it seems. I believed it is for the good of us. They are "trained" to correct us by their wagging of tongues.

I was reading an article People column in the STAR paper dated 17 April 2008 regarding Mrs Retha McPherson's heroism. Her son of 12 years, Aldo was struck in an accident leaving him paralysed, comatose and severely damaged his brain 4 years ago. The doctors gave up hope on Aldo telling that he will be in a vegetarian state. But Mrs Retha did not give up hope; she took and nursed his son back. Although he did not recovered fully, now Aldo managed to be functional even though he has a slight twitch. Because of the great and sacrificial love Mrs Retha has for Aldo, she never gave up hope of not losing his son. I was inspired and moved to tears.

Ironically, I am now reading a "childhood" memoir, Ugly by Constance Briscose. She's a black British; was physically and emotionally abused by her own mom. Her mom abused her because she was born ugly. Does she asked to be born ugly? The pain she suffered compels me. I was thinking, how could her own biological mom does all these? I felt pity for Constance yet full of rage for her mom.

I know that every mom would loved their children, only to some that escaped from their responsibilities.

Now you decide; there are good and bad moms, but they are still our MOM. Without them, we won't be here.

Give your mom a hug and tell you loved her; in spite the flaws she has, she's only human.

As mother's day is less than 3 weeks, would you give her a rose?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Of Apple Pie and Cheese Cake - Part 2

Hmmm, I definately satisfy my craving yesterday. BUT I did not went to LA Manila, went to my regular diner @ JL Gourment, Prangin Mall. Leaving me a full satisfying meal with traces of apple pie lingering in my mouth. I recommended this diner, JL Gourment as it's value for money and the food serving was huge. One top of my list.

I definately will try their cheesecake next time.

Of Apple Pie and Cheese Cake - Part 1

I been having this craving for weeks. Gosh, it seems that I craved for something that is attainable. I remembered the last time I had an apple pie was at La Manila in Gurney Plaza, Penang. The thought of it now make my mouth water. The one bite I took was full, sweet and juicy, with a little sour mixed leaving behind the soft crumble of the pie in my mouth.

This incident brings down memory lane. The happier time with my siblings making home made apple pie way back in my hometown. We wouldn't mind making the kitchen dirty, just the joy of making the pie. Which brings all hungry stomach were filled once the apple pie was out from the oven hot and ready.

Oh boy, I couldn't wait no more. I'm going down to La Manila to satisfy my craving.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I witnessed a deadly confrontation last Saturday morning. The large four legged animal showing off it's fangs to the smaller grey coated animal. The larger animal kept barking to the grey coated animal which is a kitten, returning gave a hissed. Suddenly, the dog jammed it's teeth into the kitten. Picking up the kitten the dog swung it's kitten's body a couple of times. Knowing the kitten was badly hurt, I chased the dog away. The kitten was in pain and in shocked. I picked up the kitten and wanted to transfer it to another place fearing the dog will come back. The kitten struggled many times. I decided to place the kitten on the grass hoping it will know how to move away. After a couple of hours, I went back hoping to find the kitten was not there anymore. But eventually, I found the kitten laying down lifeless on the grass. Poor kitten.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Time

As the saying goes, there's a first time for everything, First time learning to walk, to drive, to sing even to blog. I'm an amatuer blogger which was introduced by my godbrother, Eugene to the world of blogging. To me blogging is an act of pending down your thoughts regarding any issues under the sun, even under the moon. I'm still learning to upgrade my blog site. In time, there will be pictures of me and my dears lovely friends and gang. Be patient, though. I'm open for comments that will turn me into a pro.

Take care and love.