Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 We Welcome U!

Another 11 hours, it's 2011! Happy new year!

Let's embrace with hope and gladness the coming new year!

What do I expect and see myself in the coming new year?

a) Physically

I've been putting on weight (yeap, I could blame it on the good food in Penang) for the past few months. Been cutting down rice to a minimum twice a week per meal and I shall continue to do so. It will be a religious affair to sweat out in aerobics once a week, will keep me trim and my skirts won't get any tighter.

Eat more nuts, fishes and vegetables. Include more fruits in my diet.

b) Mentally

Will read good non-fiction books on self improvement. Be childish yet mature, talk to 5 years old and to sixty years old. They have unknown life experiences that I can learn from.

Shall visit more blogs to know and learn about all things in life, they are good teachers. Learn and be learnt.

c) Financially

Will budget on monthly spending, don't spent unnecessary no matter how tempting shopping can be. Will invest extra savings into fixed deposits or unit trusts to save for my retirement fund.

Will help to share to pay my utility bills when there's a raise in my pay.

d) Spiritually

Will deepen and strengthen the personal relationship with Him above by bending my knees more. Making sure that I will read His word with the conviction of my heart. Serving God with love and a heart of a servant, not a routine anymore.

Share and touch God's love with the people around me.

Have a less stressful attitude, it's good for my skin and my well being.

e) Relationship

That I will take a step further my relationship with my boyfriend discussing marriage in the near future. Will try to understand and accept his sometimes annoying behaviour. Will try to go on a holiday with him, he's been working too hard.

I will try to quarrel with my sister less. Be not selfish and be sensitive to listen and understand each one needs.

Smile to the people I meet, especially to the students in my college. My acceptance and understanding towards my colleagues each unique behavior will bind us together to work in harmony making a fun place to work in.

Ps. What are you going to expect in the new year 2011? Happy new year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

What's Christmas is to you?

It's the time of the year, when the world will come and celebrate Christmas. You can hear Christmas carols being played at shopping malls.

Everyone is rushing to buy gifts for the love ones and it's being kept traditionally every year. Each child is waiting in anticipation and anxiously counting to the actual day for their gifts to be opened. Santa came last night to put all the presents.

It's the time of the year when the opportunity is to be back with the love ones and family. Everyone is wishing "Merry Christmas" regardless whether the celebration is celebrated by one itself.

The world have lost the true meaning of Christmas, it's not about meaningless exchanging gifts, parties and hu hahs.

To me, Christmas is celebration of Jesus Christ's birthday. Christ love us so much that He willing to be born through Virgin Mary into this world. He's a mediator between God and man. We gave gifts because it's a remembrance of Christ gift of love for us.

I'm thankful that because He came so that I may live.

Ps. Just remember the reason of His birth when you celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just seconds only...

It's just a matter of seconds only. I was waiting the command from the screen but I couldn't wait and I was in a haste.

The next day, when I switched on my computer funny commands blurted out on the screen. Tried rebooting the screen once hoping that it will erase the funny commands. Nope, it did not help at all.

I did not shut down my computer properly last Friday.

Have to called my technician for help. He came and access the situation and told me that he needed to reformat my hard disk.

Thank God that I've had back up my work data into my thumb drive, if not everything will be gone.

My laptop doesn't react this way, it always goes to the safe mode when it did not shut down properly. Guessed that each computer have different system installed.

Ps. Geez, I have created a job for my technician.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can't Keep Em Open

My eyelids are halfway shut as I looked sexily intense. No, I'm not in an intimate position where the act will leave my eyes looking like so.

I've been experiencing like this since last night. It's so hard to leave my eyes wide open and even now as I'm blogging this entry.

My nose was stuffy and I've sneezed a couple of times late afternoon yesterday. It's a sign that my nose is acting again. I have a bad sinus and the symptoms can appear anytime. It will be worst when the weather changes especially this few days.

I popped an antihistamine drug last night and until now, after 16 hours, I'm still feeling drowsy. The little 10mg drug is so potent.

I got another 3 hours to go before I'm off from work. Thank God, today I've lesser things to do. I can sneak in a little sleep.

Ps. All I want is my bed now.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Snooping Around...

Will/have you snoop on your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend cellphone?

Their cellphones were lying around and s0 happen they are not around. And you thought to yourself, I just scroll down to the last call made and the last call received. Even checking on their messages.

Hmm, just want to know what's the reason they have been returning home late. And the reasons, my calls have been ignored.

The snooping have crossed my mind but I haven't come to do it yet, I think I won't.

Ps. A thought to ponder...happy weekend everyone!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Different Color

What will you do when you are wearing a smile but all you get is ignorance? What will you do when no one talks to you? What will you do when everyone give you that kind of special look?

This is what is happening to my friend in a polytechnic college where she's studying now. She's being ignored because no one wants to talk to her. She tries to be friendly but all she got are stares. Her new found friends are in groups, she was not welcome because she's of different race.

She's got reprimanded by a teacher today by calling her "kamu", hence she doesn't know the teacher's name.

She just started her semester 10 days ago and until today, no one wants to be her friend. She's the only Chinese. There are groups of people in the same race clicking together, leaving her alone. She's trying to bridge herself in the group, but the group seems too strong.

She can't take this taunting until she bursts to tears over the phone with me. I advised her to be as friendly to them, but she just can't reach towards them. She told me that she won't be able to stand the prejudices and taunting for the next 3 years she has to be there.

She's helpless at this stage, not knowing what to do. Either she's has be strong and to brave herself for the 3 years or leave her college now before this situation turns her into a depressive state.

Each one of us are prejudices and racists in some ways. Most of the time, I think that my own race are more superior and all other races are idiots! (Sorry for the language here).

In front of others, yes, we appear friendly but we back stabbed them of their stupidity. We dislike other races and we made comparisons.

We are trying to be political in this issue and we will still be hating one another if we can't see eye to eye.

Ps. Have you be taunted or being prejudiced in any situation before? What did you do?

Friday, December 3, 2010

FB can be good and dangerous....

I was asking my church's children what they do during this school holiday. The younger one will play with their favourite toys being it "Toy Story", "Ultraman" and "Power Rangers".

It's said that an average Malaysian will spent daily 9 hours surfing Face Book. What's more with the children?

I was shocked to hear that my church's children who are under 18 years of age have the account.
Clearly they lied about their age so that their membership can be accepted..

FB user policy strict rules that they only accept members who are 18 years of age and above.

There are 500 millions FB's users, 200 millions are FB mobile users. These underage kids belonged to any of these statistics.

I told my church's kids to be careful of accepting any FB's friends. An innocent child might stumble upon a friendly website. Or they might be a friend to someone who appears attractive and friendly.

Not knowingly they are paedophiles behind these friendly faces.

Do parents know who are their FB friends? Which websites their children surf? Are these sites porn free?

Parents must continue to be on a vigilant and check their children's surfing activity so that their children won't be a victim of these cases.

Not only children are the target of these paedophiles or schemers, but adults are easily victimised.

Today, the Star reported that drug rings use FB to befriend Malaysian varsity students to become drug mules. These students are FB users.

These victims fell for the promises of an overseas holiday. Unknowingly, they are Nigerians drug syndicate and 785 Malaysian drug mules have been arrested overseas.

FB can be a good friend but it also can be a dangerous friend.

Ps. As parents, do you check and know what site your children surf?