Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When bosses are right...

We work to earn a living and we have to face our bosses every day. Which leaves us no choice even though it despise us to see them.

I was reprimanded by my boss yesterday for not knowing my job well. I think there goes my confirmation. I'm only in this new job for 5 months now.

There was an overlook mistake that I made and was asked to clear that mistake. It involves checking quotations against a creditor invoice. The supplier mistakenly printed out the location wrongly but the quote was right.

There was no mistake to rectify and I explained to my boss, even comparing the last invoice made. He doesn't listen to my explanation and insisted that I have checked wrongly.

My colleague saw the same mistake the supplier made on the invoice and told my boss. Finally, he relented. He called me in and return the file, never even apologise for his mistake of reprimanded me! His egoistic behaviour has gone way up to his big head!

Ps. Why do bosses always think that they are right?

Are there any chance to explain when being reprimanded from bosses?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Would I marry you?

"What happen if I won't marry you"? My bf asked me last Sat. Gosh, it was my b'day and how could he?! I told him that I will cry, for a few days maybe a few weeks.

It's too early at our relationship we talked about marriage. We are only 3 months old. Deep down, I truly want to spent my live with him but yet are afraid to be totally committed to it. There are so many things that we need to discover and plan before we can settle down.

Needless to say, my biological clock is ticking fast and I need to married to have his children! But, I need not rush into marriage because of this.

He told me that he wants to get married when he turns 40. And I told him, well then don't get married at all.

I guessed that he too not ready at this moment. We will be on this topic another 6 months down the road.

Ps. Of after how many years of relationship, that you got married?

Friday, November 20, 2009

36 Tomorrow

Tomorrow on this day 21st Nov, I was born. Born to my proud parents and I'm proud to say that I'm a year older, 36.

What do I want for this year? Diamond ring? Designer handbag? A luxurious holiday? I wish I could have all these. All I'm asking is good health, happiness and love.

Continuing of good health with no major illness, living happily and being in love with my bf and my friends.

It will be a quiet b'day for me, as usual I will be working. Boo-hoo... There won't be any big celebration except going makan with my bf.

There will be many wishes from friends and my family. I would like to thank my good friend, Chan HC. Every year, without fail, she will remember my birthday. I'm such a bad friend of not remember her once.

When I was young, I do remember there was lots of parties and presents. Wish I young forever, lol...

Ps. I would really love a piece of choclate cheese cake tomorrow. Happy b'day!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Credit Card Woes

When the Malaysian government announces in the Budget 2010 that they are going to charge each principal credit card RM50 and supplement card RM25 annually by 1st Jan, everyone cry red. This is to discourage people from owing credit card companies and encourage them to pay up, so as they say-lah. It's affecting all credit card holders regardless whether your payments are non-owing.

Imagine that you have 4 principal cards which means the total will be RM200. It's going to dig a whole in your pocket for sure!

Now, I only have 2 cards and I needed them, one is for my insurance payments and the other is for shopping and dining. I'm truly proud to say that my payments to the credit card companies are non-owing. I'm really afraid of some extra financial charges I have to incur if I don't settle the full payment.

Gone were the days when credit card companies approach and even bank calls to offer free cards with no surcharge.

Which means the banks and government encourages us Malaysian to spent more to cover the cost of the said RM50 and RM25.

More swiping = more spending = more owing. (For those who have huge amount of debts).

It's certainly not fair, like me and for those whom every month faithfully settled the full outstanding be charged.

Ps. I hope that I won't be charged the RM50 each for my 2 cards. If not, maybe I will have to cancel one card.

Do Malaysians out there agreed that the government should absorb these charges?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Crushed Dream

She's my friend and she has this determination spirit of not giving up. She sat for her SPM BM paper twice and finally, she managed to score a credit. I was so happy for her! :)

Her ultimate goal is to be a government teacher. She has other option of not enrolling in a teacher's training college first. She can enrol at a private college to study a diploma course before transferring her credits to a local university. This is all she has planned before...

She will call me weekly and shared her dream with me. Today, I received her call and she's telling me that the college she wanted to enrol for her diploma course does not get approval from MQA. She called MQA and asked to confirm the approval of the said course and it's not confirmed.

The college had earlier confirmed that it was approved by MQA when we went and asked for the info.

(MQA or Malaysia Qualification Agency is a government body which monitor all colleges courses and licenses. All courses needed to be accredited and approved by MQA). Certs will not be recognised if it's not approved by MQA.

And to make life more difficult, the qualifications for entry to teacher's training college has been raised to 6 credits and the BM paper must passed with distinction. To this point, she felt her dreams started to diminish, she started crying.

She has put all her hope and determination by getting a BM credit and now she felt her dreams is slipping through her fingers. She felt devastated.

I couldn't help her much but just to be there and giving all my support.

Misty, just do remember, I will always be here for you.

Ps. Life has make us dreamers;

a)How many have became reality and to hold?

b)Was there any disappointments?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Your diet style?

We been bombarded by media and books the latest diet, what type of diet that suits you. Working people like us, not to mention about me also, are too lazy to ex-cer-cise! When it comes to exercises, there just tons of excuses!

You can know what diet works for you just by your blood group!

And on the other hand, we want to keep our stomach happy, lol. And yet, we want to be body-luscious. We can't have both things, can we?

I don't follow the latest diet and I diet my own style. I try to stay off rice at night and having rice only 4 times a week. After all, rice contain carbo and it can get me F-A-T!

During the night, I substitute with oatmeal biscuits with some cereals, frequently. Sometimes, it will only be breads.

I stayed off pork a few years back. Once in a blue moon, only will I indulge. Did you know that pork is one of the dirtiest animal on earth?

And 3 times a week, I'm on a vegetarian diet during lunch.

For MacDonalds and KFC, I seldom indulge. They are food poisoning even though the taste are so damn delicious!

a)Do you diet and follow the latest?
b)Or do you have your own diet

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Keeping My Mouth Shut

One thing that I learnt in my relationship with my bf is shut my mouth up. No, we are not arguing or anything like that! Things are smooth as we are open and honest, especially when it comes to finances.

Our date mainly comprises on cheap hawker food and movies, or even sometimes lepaking at home with his dvds to watch. Nothing fancy restaurants yet....

Last nite, before he came and went out for a dinner, he text me and asked me to belanja him. I agreed and I presumed, he's really short of cash!

He came and we went for dinner at a hawker centre. I did not bring up the matter of me paying for the dinner, but he spilled the beans. Yeap, lately he has financial constraints and are waiting for monies which his friends owed him from a business deal.

I really want to thank him for his sincerity and love even though he has to spent on petrol, bridge and toll charges to come over to meet me.

It's best keeping my mouth shut at the right time.

Ps. When was the time you kept your mouth shut over certain issues and letting your partner deal with it momentarily?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm too lazy to work today....

The alarm clock rings at 7am or earlier. You look at the clock and slam down the knob to prevent it from screaming again. Let me sleep for another 10 mins...

You dragged your feet from bed to the washroom. After washing up, you head to the kitchen for breakfast. Maybe to some, you are out from your house to prevent the bad traffic.

You slammed down the accelerator, racing against time and traffic, cursing and swearing of some idiotic drivers.

You arrived at the office and your day of work begins. Meeting deadlines, preparing reports and well, most of the times %^*) by the boss!

After working for 8 to 10 hours, you headed back from work tired to home sweet home.

Tomorrow will be another day of work.

Day in day out, it's so routine. Sometimes, do you feel like you just want to get out from all this?

My bf switches off his handphone and sleeps the whole day, citing the reason of being family emergency. He had done it several times whenever he doesn't feel like working. He hasn't been found out yet...

I never done any ponteng from work before, but I take most of my MC whenever I have the opportunity. I really loved it when I just can sleep in bed the whole day.

a) What type of good excuses you have given to your boss?

b) Have you ever been found out?