Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My 35th B'day

In 3 days time, I will celebrate my 35th birthday. I have no qualms about revealing my age of which some ladies out there would not dare to reveal theirs.

Hmm.. 35, what I want this year? A better body? A face lift? More money? A better lifestyle?

Thank God that I was created a curvaceous body (couldn't ask for more), an oily face that I don't have a single age line and because of the Loreal cream I've been using, I've enough cash to survive by, all I do is work, eat, watch TV and sleep which leaves me less stress.

What could I ask for more?

Until now, I don't know how to celebrate my b'day. I might go for a lavish dinner with my sister. I got use to celebrate alone all these years. After all, I will be on leave on this day, just don't want to let my colleagues know, except to some of my close friends. Maybe it's because as I grow older, I tend to stay away from friends.

I have just one wish, is to celebrate with my boyfriend. Sob, sob he's not here, in overseas.

I do hope as this year I will be more wise, mature, loving and don't spend unnecessarily.

P/s A call or a note from you guys just would make my day. Or maybe, a choclate cheese cake will do. I do hope my bf will call, as I have told him last week.


Alex said...

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eugene said...

i will never forget your birthday dear, novemeber 21th.

here wishing you a early birthday wish

jes_lim2003@yahoo.com said...
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sexyjessie said...

Hey, Eugene tks for the early b'day wish. Anyhow, my bf knew about it, just couldn't wait for his call.

genna said...

Hi Jessie,, dropping by to wish u a great birthday. may you be blessed with so much love :)

The Mrs Blogs said...

Happy Birthday Sexy Jessie. May you have a great one with your loved ones. I"m sure your bf will plan for a great belated birthday suprise when he's here in KL. Enjoy your day girl. *hugs*