Saturday, January 29, 2011

Got some extra $$$ !

For the last few days, everyone were whispering in my office, asking among ourselves, the question and wondering. "Are we going to receive our bonus before CNY?"

The only least person we asked is our boss, ha, ha. Doubt she will let us know. So there were many guessing game going around. And on last Thursday...

My colleagues came back from the bank after checking their bank statements. Most of them were beaming while some just kept to their themselves. Yeap, bonuses were debited into the month's salaries.

I was asking myself whether I received my bonus. I might not receive it as I just joined my company less than six months.

The next day, I went to the bank and updated my savings book and there was an increment of a few hundred ringgit. Yeap, I do receive it and confirmed with my pay slip given, there was also a slight adjustment in my salary.

Ps. Extra cash to splurge or save. Are you happy with the bonuses you received?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2nd Chances

My assistant CEO was warded in the hospital for a major heart surgery last week, he went through a bypass operation.

During the operation, there was complications due to bleeding internally and his heart stopped beating. Doctors resuscitated him back. He died few minutes.

He was given a second chance to live had it not the hand of Almighty that moves.

Many times, I had brush of death but this incident I can remembered vividly. I was fresh out receiving my driving lesson and I still needed lots pf practical driving.

My late grandfather sat besides me watching me drive. He will take me to Jelapang highway for the driving. I was negotiated a bend,I did not slam on the brake.

Realising that the vehicle was going fast, my late grandfather shouted "brake". I slammed on the brakes and my car was hanging on the ledge.

If I have not slam on the brakes, my car could have plunged down together with my grandfather to the heavens.

Thank God for his mercy, I was given a second chance.

Ps. Have you been given second chances to live?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One lucky gal

And the first prize went to another new staff, starting with "J", Jessie Lim. I was pretty sure when they announce but after confirming I won the first prize, I was damn sure.

Nope, I'm not a winner of any grand prize winner but I won first prize for my company annual dinner which held last Saturday. The gift is a pendant blue sapphire encrusted with diamonds.

The actual costs of the pendant is RM3,500.

Ps. I'm damn lucky girl!
Pss. Sorry can't get a close of the pendant.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Eeeww, what a pong!

Each time these students walk into my office, they will leave such bad smell in the whole area. Until the smell made me nauseating...

Either these people doesn't bathe or they have natural odor that oozes out the smell. They might feel offensive if we tell them they smell bad.

My international student officer have became immune to their smell, he got accustomed to it.

Ps. Have you encounter anyone with a bad breath or body odor? How did you tell without making them offensive?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Got your bonus?

Just had my company meeting yesterday. And it's the meeting when my company announce it's performances whether surplus or deficient. Also the time when the company will declare it's bonuses for staffs.

Usually, bonuses are paid according to the company performances. Unfortunately, my company is not making expectant profit last year. Which means less bonuses. The bonuses will be paid out little more or less than last year.

As for me, I'm still a newbie, I will get perhaps a few hundred ringgit.

Ps. Got your bonus? Just enjoy the extra gift from your company.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wet Dream and Tears

It was a harmless intention of seeking his attention, resulting in an emotional drama.

I text my boyfriend, telling him I've done something guilty to him and during the time, he was driving to dinner with his buddies. I told him that it can wait till the next day to tell him but he was anxious.

He text me whether I was intimate with another guy. No, I will never do that! I call, he couldn't answer as he was driving, so there were lots of texting going on. Short calls and missed calls.

I replied that I was having wet dream with a huge guy and he was quiet. I knew he was angry. For the next 2 hours, I was upset of myself thinking that he couldn't accept what had been said.

Sudden burst of emotions came over me and tears started to whelm up, I then text him. He replied asking me not to cry and he wants me. He calls and uncontrollably, I cried.

In a calm voice, he told me that he's not angry with me. It's just he couldn't replied me, he was busy having a scrumptious dinner with his buddies.

After hearing from him, my emotions cool down. Everything is well now.

The sudden burst of crying is to blame on my crazy hormones, I was having my period then.

Ps. Men do stay away from women when comes to the time of the month, don't they?