Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sex Isn't Everything...

The topic of sex came out when my boyfriend and I was talking the other day. I think this topic is interesting when you are dating. He was telling me that mostly women, will leave the husband because of the unsatisfactory sexual satisfaction from their husband. And I responded, I thought the men are the ones who leave?!

Sex is a necessity crave for men and women. When it comes to sex, men usually have sex without emotions. They just long to be satisfy their craving and it's just the part of doing it. I hope I'm right, about this? That's why they can have a non string attached relationship and conquered many women.

Women are emotion creatures and they tend to couple relationship with sex. They want love, communication and faithfullness with it. Aren't we woman greedy? Lol...

I've learnt to understand and finally agreed with my boyfriend when he said that sex isn't everything. It involves communication, love, giving and faithfullness.

Ps. I will definitely satisfy him from now until I won't be able anymore. Hope by then, his sexual appetite won't be as huge as now, lol.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Marriage and Infidelity

What had happened to marriages nowadays? News of infidelity and divorce are high on the rise. 6 out of 10 marriages have failed, even my own family have two divorce cases.

What happened to the promises and wows they made before marriage? Through sickness and in health, richer and poorer and till death do us part?

Do we tend to be put on a mask on ourselves for our partners while courting? I think that most of us does this. And do we turn to monsters after married?

Breakup of marriage tends to involve lots of issues. It could be infidelity, lack of communication and understanding, trust, nonacceptance, financial, family crisis and other issues related. Or maybe the love for each other just stop. Is it possible?
The worst of a divorce is when children are involved and they suffered the most.

Not all marriages will break up. Kudos to my parents and my godbrother whom their marriages are still loving and strong till today.

I still have qualms of being married. I want to marry my boyfriend someday, but news of divorce cases really scares me. Putting marriage on whole for a while but I'm planning to get married in 2 years time.

Hope by then, I'm ready to face this new life with a greater challenge with my new husband.

Ps. My sister's colleague, her marriage problem which I've posted under Men-Silent Treatment blog could not be saved. She found out that her husband is having an affair.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Technology Wanders

Finally, after 3 months of waiting, I managed to see my boyfriend. We were apart for the last 3 months since I last saw him. All the while, we just communicate over the phone, my boyfriend is currently working and residing in the States.

But through the wanders of technology, we managed to see each other yesterday night.

After weeks of pestering from him asking me to get a web cam, I managed to get one last week. I've got a logitech web cam which is affordable and downloaded skype 4. It took a good half an hour to connect thro web cam video call, but we didn't give up. After being connected, we chatted for another 40 mins, using our mobile phones over the web cam, lol. His headset is not compatible, he better get another head soon for this weekend, or else...

Now, I really look forward to Sunday nights, just spending an hour with him.

Ps. Kudos to those who engineered this technology, bringing people closer from thousands of miles apart.

Ps. I will try to snap a shot of my boyfriend next time and post.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Men-Silent Treatment?......

Just picture this and let the scene roll in your mind. She's a woman with many hats to wear. She's a career woman, wife to her husband and mother to her children. Even though she's a busy career woman, she make sure to finish her task at home at the end of the day no matter how tired was she.

She has great communication with her husband by being a great wife, serving him and loving him physically and mentally. Together with her husband, she's building a family with full of love, care, trust,faithfullness,integrity and unity. But lately, things start to change 2 weeks ago.

Her husband starts to disclose her in his everyday conversation. He starts to sleep apart from her, he couldn't care less of the welfare of his family. She prompted what's bothering him and he just answered that she didn't understand him. He has given her the silent treatment.

She's my sister colleague, I known her quite personally and she's married to her husband for 10 years. My sister and I were complementing whether her husband is having an affair; (our first thought was this), and the second think financial problem. We even thought maybe her husband is facing a mid-life crisis.

Yesterday, both of them made love after many days of abstained. After their session, her husband slept apart; she was hoping to rekindle back by making love with him. She really felt bad and devastated. Until today, she's cracking her head to understand her husband's mysterious behaviour and rekindle her marriage.

P/s Men out there, do you sometimes react this way? Why the silent treatment? How can we woman find out the reason?

Pls enlighten us, women folks.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To All Mothers

Every year the 2nd week of May, a special day to remember and commemorate mothers' worldwide.

This is the day when we children utter our love by giving them special gifts, taking then to a fancy restaurant or even husbands take their turn taking over their wife's roles.

Without them, we will not exist;
Giving us unconditional love;
She was our confidante;
She knew our first love, first job, marriage, first unborn child;
She was there through our happiness, success and failure;
She was the one who up early in the morning to prepare breakfast;
She was the one who makes sure that lunch and dinner are on the table;
She was our nurse, teacher, friend, cook, laundry and cleaning lady;
She serves her husband well;
She defends us when dad seems not to be on our side;
Even though, she grew to be a grandma, she began to pour her unconditional love to her grandchildren;
She makes sure that her children are treated with love and utmost respect;
She taught her children to be useful in the society;
And lastly she loves all her children with all her heart till death.

Let's not take this day just to love our mothers; love her everyday for the rest of our lives!

Ps. Mummy, just like to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. I love you and let me love you everyday.