Monday, November 10, 2008

I've been Eugene's customer and a good friend for a number of years now. I've been supporting his co strongly even though there are times when other competitors resorted to give cheaper prices.

I felt really bad that Sat 8/11/08, knowing that he's gonna lose me as one of his customers after receiving 15 boxes of stationery ordered and arranged from my hq.

As he has mentioned in his blog(, Blogging makes me happy, despite...; he's going to lose me as one of his big customer. Times are bad now and I truly want to support him in terms of business. But, sometimes, there are things that are beyond my control.

My boss is trying to resolve by letting my hq knows about the inconvenience of getting supplies from KL which they would not support after sales esp, the printer toners and the 30% price different comparatively.

P/S Eugene, I sincerely do hope that in next months to come, the business will be yours again.
Will pray for you on this. Believed in the power of prayer!

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eugene said...

seriously dear,i am thankful that you have given me your greatest support,so like they say,the rest we shall leave it to the Man above..

god bless