Monday, August 25, 2008

Life Is....

With my heavy head and an aching body, I went to a female illness conducted by a local insurance company last Thursday. I thought, hey, what's the harm, after all it's free plus refreshments provided.

The main core of this seminar is to introduce ladies illnesses and the preventive methods. One thing that struck me that night are the 2 cancer survivors. The first lady, Wai Ling, she's 53 had cancer of her breast 7 years ago. She had mastectomy.

The second lady, Priscilla contacted ovarian cancer 6 years ago and gave up her desires to have children of her own. Both of them survived.

They are just ordinary ladies not knowingly they will have cancer. They learnt to turn something that was death defying into something livable. They fought hard, strive and they lived through it. Their wills to live spur me on.

Life is not a bed of roses always, but when we do thread on the thorny parts, let accept and learn to thread on life's adversities and challengers with good faith, strength and hope.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Break Away

I’ve been feeling lethargic today, mainly because I’m down with the flu since this morning. Even staring of the computer screen made me feel sleepy. Trying so hard to stay awake at work. You know, I could have gone home but I’m reluctant cause I will be breaking away for 2 days.

I think I will use fully tomorrow to sleep in to let my body recover. Rest is best.

Just wish that I’m on an island surrounding by palm trees and waves lapping watching the sunset.

See all of you next week!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Childhood Games

Children at this age are subjected to playing computer games. Even when I speak to some of them, what kind of games they play, they can name all the computer games (I never heard). Well, you can say I'm not up to date, all I can known off is Playstation.

What happen to good old fashion games? I was reminiscing with my boyfriend, godbrother and sister and they all agreed that all these games have lost their purpose.

I remembered way back in school. I played the five or six stones, rubberbands jumping rope, hope scotch, kala panjang and police & thief. And also, card games, like Happy Family and Snap. Anyone of you could remember these games?

In the evening, I will catch grasshoppers and sometimes spiders with my neighbour. The excitement of catching these creatures and put them in bottles or matchboxes. Those days were truly an enjoyable childhood days for me.

I wonder, now these computer children, do they get all the excitement from the games they are playing?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Holy Faith

I don't want to sound cliche but everyone need something to hold on to, faith that is. Faith is what you believe in which you have not seen. It's how and what you belief; you could believe in yourself and even something that is of higher power.

Well, most of the times, I believe in myself, you know, to have a positive look in life, but I'm only human. I will feel vulnerable and this is the time when I got to turn my faith to someone who is supreme.

I've found Him many years ago and till today, He's my reason that I held on. He has been with me through my ups and downs. He always there for me 24/7. There may not be an answer to life uncertainties, but I know that He's here to hold my hand through this journey of life.

Go on and find your faith today, cling on to someone or something, but if you have not found the faith you're looking, let me introduce my faith. The person is GOD Himself!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Privavy Intrusion - Part 2

Boy, was I wrong! They finally came and fixed the CCTV which is directly above me even after much negotiating with the wireman.

So, I finally shifted my computer again away from the camera's view.

Privacy Intrusion - Part 1

I was very upset for the last 2 days. I was told from my company that they will be installing CCTVs at strategic locations, after 13 years of working, as it was a requirement from the hq. And they are going to install one at my room. And it's gonna to be at the back of me, which means it's facing my computer screen!

I was very upset and annoyed. The management can monitor every movement of me and even every word I typed on the screen. It's like someone standing behind you watching your every move, breathing down your neck.

The only thing that I can do is I shifted my computer from the complete view of the camera.

I breath a sigh of relief today, after finding out that the camera will only be installed at the entrance of the door. So I shifted my computer back at it's original place.

Many of my colleagues were upset because they feel that they are being restricted. It's no different from being in a prison. Where's the freedom of working anymore?

Technology can be so advance that sometimes it defeats the purpose.