Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fool's Galore

Come any public holidays even on weekends, we Malaysians liked to throng the shopping malls. The malls were packed like sardins even finding a parking space seems "impossible". I'm still appalled why the malls are an attraction. Maybe they need to escape from the heat and humidity.

One thing for sure a meal per person from a high end place costs RM30.00. Lets take a family of four, would costs RM150.00. Are these people fools being content of spending that RM150.00 rather in a hawker's centre which costs only RM50.00?

I do thronged the malls occasionally on weekends with the onset of the crowds and the "impossible" parking space, I think I'm embracing this fool's galore.

1 comment:

eugene said...

lian kali, makan kuat kuat di rumah first, baru pergi shopping ma.