Thursday, April 17, 2008

Would you give her a rose?

My friends were lamenting about their mothers that day. Their mothers nagged them constantly and as their rebellious spirit arised, they could not fathom the nagging. Some of them even constantly had spats with their mom as they could not agree certain issues.

Mothers are borned to nag so it seems. I believed it is for the good of us. They are "trained" to correct us by their wagging of tongues.

I was reading an article People column in the STAR paper dated 17 April 2008 regarding Mrs Retha McPherson's heroism. Her son of 12 years, Aldo was struck in an accident leaving him paralysed, comatose and severely damaged his brain 4 years ago. The doctors gave up hope on Aldo telling that he will be in a vegetarian state. But Mrs Retha did not give up hope; she took and nursed his son back. Although he did not recovered fully, now Aldo managed to be functional even though he has a slight twitch. Because of the great and sacrificial love Mrs Retha has for Aldo, she never gave up hope of not losing his son. I was inspired and moved to tears.

Ironically, I am now reading a "childhood" memoir, Ugly by Constance Briscose. She's a black British; was physically and emotionally abused by her own mom. Her mom abused her because she was born ugly. Does she asked to be born ugly? The pain she suffered compels me. I was thinking, how could her own biological mom does all these? I felt pity for Constance yet full of rage for her mom.

I know that every mom would loved their children, only to some that escaped from their responsibilities.

Now you decide; there are good and bad moms, but they are still our MOM. Without them, we won't be here.

Give your mom a hug and tell you loved her; in spite the flaws she has, she's only human.

As mother's day is less than 3 weeks, would you give her a rose?

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eugene said...

dont wait untill she is lost and gone, our mothers might not be the best, but they are sure to be the greatest..

kudos to all the mothers