Friday, July 25, 2008

Back to my hometown

Today, Im back at Ipoh, my hometown which I was born and schooled before moving to the Pearl of Orient. Im home visiting my folks and my newly born niece. She's cute alright. Everyone is excited and doting around her.

As the bus was driving to the bus stop, I looked out. To me, Ipoh has not changed drastically ever since I remembered in spite of the new highway and some developed new township. Life here is slow, compared to the hustle and bustle in Penang.

Back in the old days as far my geography lesson can take me, Ipoh is famous for mining. Ipoh is also famous for its local food. The gha choi kai (chicken rice with bean sprout), kai see hor fan (rice noddle with soup), kai chai peng (chicken biscuit), the pamelo and the ever famous white coffee. Funny though, I rarely consumed all this food when I was in Ipoh.

Im glad that Im back; to escape the crazy and busy life in Penang.

Maybe I will come back and retire in this slow town.

p/s The picture that I posted is a municipal townhall building in Ipoh.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Met a saint

Literally, people don't believe in saints, but I truly met one today. No pun intended. He helped lots of his friends when they are really in need. He really go to the extras to help them in which I would not do.

He once stopped a friend of his from jumping off Penang bridge even he found out that his friend cheated some of the student's monies. (His friend was a lecturer).

He has this nature that he want to just help people, regardless of gender and background.

Lately, I've approached him and shared some of my problems with Mr Saint. I feel at ease everytime I poured my problems to him.

After talking to Mr Saint and the assurance he gave, I felt better, and before leaving I just told him that I met a saint today.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Im stressed Out!

Last past few days, I've been very stressed out, usually for me is either work or relationship.

My boyfriend is in US and currently we are trying to stay alive and well.
But there are times we wish we can see well of each other more. Oh boy, I wonder sometimes, why am I in this long distance relationship?

For this 2 days, I've been very upset of silly little procedure that I've had to adhere to my company's law. It seems that sometimes, why do I need to follow?! Afterall, I don't need to but if I don't, I will be label as an outcast. I hate being in the middle!

To those who's reading my blog, maybe my problems are little teenny bit. I know there are some out there, the problems are really like HUGE. I still respect those who can thro with life over this.

I guess life has it's ups and downs. Sigh! Just wish it will all go away tomorrow.

I am going to bang my head on the wall tonite, NOT!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yeah! I'm An Aunt, finally

After months of waiting in anticipation, my sister-in-law gave birth to a baby girl on 7th July 2008, which 7 is a perfect no. I've yet to see my little niece, but I believe she's just perfect.

My brother, Im sure he was overjoyed, for the first time, he became a dad. Even my parents became grands. Ahemm...well, I became an aunt!

I'm sure that right now, back at home, my parents, my brother and his wife are doting over this little perfect number.

I'm excited about the whole incident and I will be going back end of the month just to see my little niece.

Hmmm, just wonder, when is motherhood is going to hit me?