Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Childhood Games

Children at this age are subjected to playing computer games. Even when I speak to some of them, what kind of games they play, they can name all the computer games (I never heard). Well, you can say I'm not up to date, all I can known off is Playstation.

What happen to good old fashion games? I was reminiscing with my boyfriend, godbrother and sister and they all agreed that all these games have lost their purpose.

I remembered way back in school. I played the five or six stones, rubberbands jumping rope, hope scotch, kala panjang and police & thief. And also, card games, like Happy Family and Snap. Anyone of you could remember these games?

In the evening, I will catch grasshoppers and sometimes spiders with my neighbour. The excitement of catching these creatures and put them in bottles or matchboxes. Those days were truly an enjoyable childhood days for me.

I wonder, now these computer children, do they get all the excitement from the games they are playing?


eugene said...

to the current breed, online games are so much fun,,,,,, may be we should introduce the kids back to the games, cant blame them they are never exposed to the old games

Bahtiar latif said...

i do like game...nice article

cheths said...

nice blog review :)