Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lonely? Looking for love?

Are you lonely? Looking for love? This cries out to all the women out there. Im not running a lonely hearts website here, lol..

Many young working adults especially females have been fooled into these so called internet or social networking where they can be friend to anyone.

My sister's colleague, his niece went missing in India 3 weeks ago. His niece told her mom that she's going to India on a job assignment, purportedly of meeting her boyfriend.

She met her boyfriend through FaceBook, they chatted and fell in love. The sweet caress, the phone calls and the special attention given by the guy made her fell in love instantly.

The guy came and met with her family but her mom, sensing something was wrong, did not like him. And she was asked to stop all contacts with the guy. The guy somehow manipulated her and she ended up going to India on the pretence of work assignments, instead she went and meet him.

Her mother managed to call up her daughter's employee about her whereabouts and the company denied that they sent her daughter for work assignments in India.

Calls made to her daughter's and her boyfriend's mobile phone was unreachable.

The last resort is that my sister's colleague and his sister in law went to India embassy in KL to launch a report on missing person, hoping that the Indian authorities will help them.

The shocking news that they are told that many women who gone missing are working professional.

I was lured into these scamming world. They really give me the attention I wanted, they profess their undying love instantly. Yes, I do flirt with them, they gave me a very high and secure feeling. I could have just fallen for all of them.

It's still bearable when money are being conned, but it's heart breaking when these innocent women are conned and reported missing. Yet, it's a horror end when they are being lured into prostitution ring.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Im Confirmed!

After a few weeks of being in a gloomy situation, I think I deserved some good news. The day before my boss call me into her room and review my appraisal.

After reviewing, she says that my performance was above average and she decided to confirm me as a full time staff.

Hence, the next day, I received my confirmation letter.

She says that she will increase my salary again as per my last salary increment which I received on Jan 2011.

Ps. This good news really make my day.

Monday, March 21, 2011

How can he???

No calls from him and not even an email from him while he was in Germany. I sent him emails but there was no reply from him.

I've been struggling in this relationship, he sees as not a problem. I have to call him and even arrange to meet up each time.

I asked him his commitment level and by now he still can't give me a commitment that I wanted. Like, taking the next step, marriage. He even tells me that if I ever find another one, he's willing to let go of me.

His reasons being his work and his family issues. I thought it was real reasons, but I gave him benefits of the doubts so many times and it became excuses from him.

His going to Germany made me think twice.

Worst all, he cheated on me when I was with him. He's exploiting me and my feelings!

I wanted to leave many times but Im so afraid that I wont be able to find anyone to love me. I know that Im a fool in this, but I can't be a fool always.

Ps. How can he treats me like this?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Should I take?

On the right side corner of my chin there was a slight red bump popping out. Oh no, not that again! I was so afraid it was an acne, and checking in the mirror, it sure is.

I tell myself that I must see the dermatologist on this matter. Last Wednesday I went.
The doctor took my history and I ask whether there there is any medicine that will help my acne to clear besides oral contraceptive. She said that my acne's are mild and she suggested that I continue taking O.C.

I was asked to start on a new pack when my period begins and asked to take for a one year plus only, not advisable to continue in a long term.

I told her that I stopped taking Yasmin, because of the blood clots and the headaches I've experienced.

She then asked me to take Loette, another OC which the hormone level is much lower. Besides, this pack is quite affordable.

I read through the leaftlet and went to the net to read through it's side effect. It's side effects are nearly the same of the last OC I've taken.

OC side effects came with warning so severe that a patient could end up in emergency rooms.

I'm still contemplating whether to start the new pack. I don't to go through the horrondeous side effects again, the headaches, the cramps in my leg and the withdrawal bleeding for 3 weeks or so. Plus other side effects that are associated with the pills.

Ps. I've got less than 5 days before my period begins. Should I or should I not take?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I miss him so...

My heart ache for him every single minute and every day. It's been a week now since I saw him. I miss his voice, his face, his kisses, miss HIM. And everyday I'm leaving my handphone switch on just in case he calls.

My boyfriend is now in Germany on a job training for 3 weeks. He will be back end of this month.

Gosh, I just want every single day to pass quickly so that the day of meeting him will come near soon.

Ps. Absence does make my heart grow fonder.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Doing Good With Regrets

The whole situation involves 2 guys and 3 ladies. The 2 guys are my boyfriend and his work buddy.

They were good buddies before, after which my boyfriend was caught in a deep shit situation. His buddy is a popular guy among the girls even though he's married. He always on a lookout for those lonely ladies to cheat their hearts and their bodies.

My boyfriend was trying to be a vigilante for telling one of the girls to be careful with his buddy as he's married. Not believing my boyfriend, she asked my boyfriend's buddy whether what had been said it's true. Of course, his buddy denied it.

Currently, the girl attempted suicide knowing his so called boyfriend is married.

In between, there were 2 more girls of which his buddy got involved with. News of him married were reached to these 2 girls. My boyfriend was blamed from his buddy for telling these 2 girls his married status. Of which my boyfriend denied for telling.

I believed my boyfriend as his buddy wanted to court my sister.

Things turn nearly ugly as his buddy wanted to land a punch onto my boyfriend last 2 days. The worst thing is that both of them are working at the same place.

His fear is that his buddy would continue to harm him, even me and his family.

I asked him to be cool, not to bother any of his buddy taunting and to walk away whenever an angry situation arrives next time.

Ps. Can my boyfriend report to the police whenever he's being taunted again?