Wednesday, October 8, 2008

19 Hours Stretch

My boss and her marketing team worked 19 hours in a stretch yesterday till 5am. I know it's definately crazy. Yeah, it was a crucial time as my company needs to prepare it's business plan 08/09. Actually, most of the different departments had submitted the reports in Sept 09 to my headquarters.

During Sept 09, when her department is supposed to submit the reports, she was away due to the demise of her father in law, resulting a 2 weeks delay.

I pitied my colleagues. Today, when I see them, their faces were ashen and dead tired. After all, they only sleep an hour or so. Imagining stretching your mentally and physically for 19 hours!

My boss should compensated them by giving them a half day leave, which she did not!

P/S Hey, we are only mere human, we have limits. Even machine will be overloaded if they worked overtime.

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eugene said...

well, life's like that, sometimes we just have to bite the bullets for survival......what to do la