Saturday, June 23, 2012

Life is like a box of choclates

"My momma always said life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you' re gonna get" my favorite line of the whole movie and it's so true.

I was in a state of contentment and hey I thought my job was ok.   Only to discovered lately, that it's not okay for me to stay on.  If there's an opportunity, I would want to move to a better place.

I sent many job applications online and of course there were a couple of interviews I went.  Weeks of waiting for 2nd interviews,  there were no responses.  I almost give up until.....

I was chatting with my friend and she told me a particular place is hiring for an accounting post. And I said I am interested and I sent my resume to the HR manager.  And I was asked to go for an interview during the week.

I went and the HR manager saw my resume and I had some accounting background.  The interview did not go very long and she ended up by asking me when am I available.  Unexpectedly,  I was hired! 

The pay was 15% increased and of course I agreed!   I tendered my resignation by Monday and I have less than a month serving my current company.

An old chapter have begun to close, a new chapter has begun.

Ps. Opportunity only comes once. Grab the unexpectedness's.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Exams Cheaters

Students will find every way to cheat in exams.  Every exams held in my college, there are students that bound to cheat.  Thinking that they won't be caught, they still cheat.

The last semester exams held, the invigilators caught 2 students at the same day at a different exam.  They are caught having their answers writing behind their examination slip.  They brought in their stationery in clear plastic bags (they are not allowed to take in their pencil case), with their exam slips.

They are brave thinking that the invigilators will be fooled.  However, with their suspicious behaviour manner, they are caught red handed.

This is not the first time that students that are caught cheating.  The previous semester, the exam invigilators  caught 3 cases of students cheating.

The act of this particular student was beyond  anyone can think of.  She nicely wrapped her textbook in a plastic and kept in the tank of the water closet.   She then asked permission went to the toilet.  And in the toilet, she had her nice time scanning through the answers.   Her act was found out when one of the student couldn't flush the toilet.

One of the students were caught when she behaved suspiciously looking inside her clothes.  Later, the invigilators found out that the answers were hidden beneath her layer of clothing.

When these students are caught, they are given disciplinary actions.   The consequences they have to resit the exams which will give them a bad record on their transcripts, and to some they are dismissed from the college.

This will not deter of students cheat in exams.  They will always find all ways to pass their exams no matter at what cost.