Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A(H1N1) virus?

It all started with bad running nose yesterday night. Took an antihistamine and went to sleep, woke up with still running nose, body ache and mild fever. Decided not to take a day's off from work as I won't be able to perform at work.

Went to see the doctor and he asked me whether did I went for holiday abroad and any contact from all these holidaymakers. Of course, I did not visited any country abroad or nor I have any contact with them. My flu symptom is similar to the A(H1N1) virus. Well, he couldn't be too careful, wouldn't he?

As I was waiting for my turn, I notice there are some precaution method every clinic should taken into consideration. There was no anti-bacterial spray around and patients that came in should be given masks to wear.

We will not know whether we are being infected until we are tested positive, hence each one of us are susceptible.

Reports of local transmission are on the rise as they are being exposed and infected from the people they contact coming back from overseas. It has became a chain reaction infectious disease!

Try not to travel abroad to affected countries, if possible. Please see a doctor immediately of you shows any symptom of flu.

Ps. I must rest now to let my body heal and to boost up my immune system.

Friday, June 26, 2009

King of Pop Dies

I was watching the local breakfast this morning and the announcement came that the legend king of pop, Michael Jackson dies of a cardiac arrest at the age of 50. I was utterly shocked.

I remembered in the 80s, I grew crazy each time when the music video "Beat It" was played in the TV or in the radio. Then his other singles came "Billie Jean", "Dirty Diana", "The Way You Make Me Feel", and "Thriller Night".

Then came the 90s singles, "Dangerous", "Scream", "You are Not Alone", "Heal The World" and "Black and White" to name a few.

His songs reflect his struggle for self searching inner self, how the world sees him as being different and his self seeking for love and acceptance and his passion for a better world. Just listen to the lyrics..

Not only his lyrics are deeply meaningful but yet his dance moves are aesthetics. With the crotch-grabbing and the moonwalk... He was the one who created the Moonwalk!

Even though, he was charged for child molestation which he was acquitted later and 2 briefs marriages for publicity's cover up, he could be labeled as a bad boy.

But in my heart, he will be remembered as a pop legend icon.

Ps. Michael, You Are The World!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blog Makes Us Smile Award

I would like to thanked Full Time Mom who gave me this award. I did not know that my blog entries make people smile, like her.

Blogging is a diary that I express myself thriugh thoughts, feelings, experiences and situations. It helps me to express myself more openly and deeply.

Through reading my blog entries and others, I became more smart, wiser and analytical. I too became more caring by sharing through my and other's life experiences.

Ps. Full Time Mom, thanks for this award. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

In The Heat Of The Nite

Yestarday night, I was tossing and turning around, maybe it's because I miss my boyfriend and I was hoping he was by my side, lol. I kept looking at the clock, it's 1am and another hour pass by, it's 2am! And I'm still wide awake.

Suddenly, the fan stopped and oh no!, the power in my apartment was out. I looked out and saw my whole area was black out. How long the power is going to be out, I wonder? After the few minutes, I really felt the heat, despite in the wee hours in the morning.

Decided that I couldn't sleep in my bed, I opened up the balcony sliding door and slept on the couch. There was some slight breeze blowing, thank Gpd! I thought that I could sleep on the couch until the morning, but the heat overtaken the breeze.

After laying for half an hour, the power came back, hurray! I went back to sleep in my bedroom with the full blast of the fan accompany me until the morning.

Nowadays, the heat is so unberable, even just sitting down in my apartment in the afternoon I will eventually end up with my whole body drenched with sweat!

Faced it, now in Malaysia, we are experiencing El Nino from now till Sept.

Ps. Rain, rain, pls come quickly. It's like a dessert out here!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just priceless...

I was on web cam talking to my boyfriend who stays in US last Sunday night. We were talking for the last 3 hours! I was talking until 3am Monday morning and it was the Sunday afternoon for him. Malaysia and US are 13 hours different in time!

Usually, we kept on a hour of conversation, but I was not working at this moment. I left my 2.5 months previous job and will be starting on a new job on the 22nd. So, I really take this opportunity to have this conversation with him as much as I can.

We were talking about our jobs, our love, money, future and even past relationships.

The next day, I called him on web cam after lunch and I was watching American TV drama series with him. I was watching Entourage, True Blood and one more drama which I've forgotten the title. Even though, on my side the images I've received were quite blur, he explained every happening in the movies to me.

Though, we are thousand of miles apart, I felt like I'm sitting next to him watching TV together.

Ps. It was worth wile spending time together with him. The moment shared was just priceless! Thanks to Skype where we can have many free conversations.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Love Matters

I was watching a dvd titled "Love Matters", a Singaporean film produced by Jack Neo with strings of actors from Malaysia.

Part of this story, it's about a normal family man married for 20 years with an 18 year old son. Bo Seng loves the wife, Jia Li, but each time he wants to have sex, the wife just turn him away. He lamented that the last time he had sex was the last 3years! He was so patient with his wife, even though his wife refused to make love to him. Come to think of it, he could have an outside affair to fulfill his full, but he did not.

Come Valentine's Day and he bought a black G-string for his wife and she refuses to wear. His motive is to have sex with his wife during this special occasion. His wife then went for a shower and he barges in and tried to have sex in the bathroom. Wow, talking about keeping his craving for the last 3 years! She barges out and he tries to have sex but she refuses him again. Ending, Bo Seng celebrate his own Valentine.

Jia Li was with her usual gossip group of housewives and of course their topic was man indeed. They were discussing that the husband blamed them when they refuse sex to their husbands. According to one belief, men have 5000 times of sex throughout their lifetime!

Thinking of what her friends had mentioned, the wife was afraid that her time of sex with her husband was up. She thought her husband has utilised the 5000 times, lol. I was laughing hard....

She succeeded seducing her husband and they had sex a few times, not knowingly her husband was having erectile dysfunction. Their sex session were a disaster!

They got into an argument and in the revenge they decided to look for paid sex session to prove their so called sexual abilities. Of course, paid session nearly took place which ended up did not.

At one point, Jia Li was asking her husband, "U men are all the same. When you ask for sex, you only think for yourself. Can you just love me without the sex?"

This above usually happen to married couples, sad to say. Because of their extra responsibilities of house chores, daily work and even children, sex between married couples tend to slow down. Sex is a physical act and plays an important part in each and every married couples, it must be mutual, understanding and love. Sex and love always goes hand in hand.

Ps. What would happen if one of partner decided to give up sex? Can we still continue to love the person without the sex itself?!

Friday, June 12, 2009

8 Reasons to Hit The Pool

I have tried many sports namely hiking, jogging and badminton to keep in shape but ideally my sport is still swimming. Swimming increases my stamina wherelse the other sports it just tires me out easily. I've been a regular swimmer at least once a week, (hey, forgive my busy schedule).

An article by Cleo magazine caught my attention about swimming and I would like to share.

8 Reasons To Hit The Pool

1)Power Cardio
Swimming at least three times weekly for a minimum of 30 minutes increases
endurance and strength, oxygenates blood and generally booths cardiovascular
health! As you become fitter and are able to swim for longer, your resting heart
and respiratory rate will be reduced, making blood flow to heart and lungs more

2)Great For The Injured Or Accident Prone
If you're an accident-prone klutz or nursing an injury, swimming is a low-risk
sport ideal for you. You can rigorously work out with a reduced chance of
knocking, kicking, tripping, jumping, falling-type injuries.

3)Pressure Perfect
Studies have shown that a workout routine includes swimming can help reduce and
possibly prevent high blood pressure, which lowers your risk for her art disease
and stroke. Swimming for 30 minutes reduces adrenaline circulating in the body
and relaxes blood vessel. In turn, your pulse rate is lowered and so is your
blood pressure.

4)Tighten and Tone
Swimming tones your upper and lower body because you're making use of almost all
of your major muscle groups. Plus the resistance in the water is greater than
resistance in the air, which means that the muscles have to work harder. For
overall body conditioning and taming, employ these strokes to your swim
strategy: freestyle, breastroke and backstroke.

5)Leaner And Fitter
On a average, a swimmer can burn almost the same calories in an hour as a runner
who runs six miles. On hour of continuous swimming, burns approximately 1,000 to
1,500 kilocalories. With these values, swimming is proven to be on the best
exercises to fight obesity as it melts fats away due to the number of body parts
you have to use.

6)It's Safe Enough For Everyone!
Swimming is low in impact due to buoyancy (you weigh 1/10th less in the water),
making the sport a universal form of cardio that's kind to your joints, bones or
connective tissue. Compared to running or jogging, there's no ground impact when
you swim, and so your joints are protected from stress and strain from pounding
the pavement.

7)Less Stress
Swimming relaxes you because it allows more oxygen to flow to your muscle and
forces you to regulate your breathing. It's a great way to relieve stress. Our
bodies are made up of about 60 percent water so it;s no wonder why some feel such
a draw to the water.

8)Peak Performance
Besides a toned tush, swimmers pick up skills such as sportsmanship, time-
management, self-disciplines, goal-setting and enjoyed improved coordination, an
increased sense of self-esteem and a positive mental state. Swimmers seem to do
better at work and school compared to non-swimmers thanks to their increased
energy level.

Ps. So, what are you waiting for? Go, grab your suits and trunks and head for the
nearest pool!

Friday, June 5, 2009

That's What Friends Are For

I was having a really bad day yesterday after receiving a message which this message could get me into big, big trouble. I was wronged for not informing the other party of what I've done.

Fear crept in and I was calling my friends to help me. I called two of them, Eugene and Ivy for their advice. Eugene helped me by replying the message amicably. I called Ivy and sought for her advice, she told me to calm down, She even prayed for me.

After receiving a reply, things were sorted out. Praise the Lord!

During any ordeal that I faced in life, these 2 friends are always on my side. I've known them for 13 years now.

Ps. Eugene and Ivy, a big thanks for your help every time I'm in an ordeal. Both of you are really my best friends.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Don't ever work with a china man based company....

Yawn, I'm suppose to be sleeping now, it's 12.45am and I'm blogging this entry. It gets me excited to blog this entry before I called off a day. Anyhow, I will be sleeping late for the next 3 weeks.

I tendered my resignation letter today after working for a china man based company for 2.5 months. Of course, I'm being offered a better job. The reason I'm writing this blog is to let the employees out there, especially the fresh ones not to be fooled by verbally confirmation promises.

During the interview verbally I was offered a gross salary of RMXXXX and promises of medical claims after confirmation. I was offered this job on the spot, maybe it's because I knew my ex-employer personally.

But,once reading the appointment letter, there are different facts of contradicting of what my ex-employer had promised. My gross salary minus RM200 and this RM200 was given as an allowance. No medical claims are allowed, meaning I have to fork out my own pocket money for medical claims. OT are only claimable after 6pm, which that means free hours are given to this company from 5.30pm to 6pm.
What type of %*&@&%^ company is this?! No staff benefit.

Every employee wants basic staff benefits required from the company. If a company cannot deliver basic and simple staff benefits and never intend to make an employee happy, no matter how established the company is, employees will leave.

Ps. 1) Please read carefully the appointment letter;
2) Never ever work with a china man company, they sucks!
3) Never ever work with a personal friend, bosses and friends don't