Friday, April 30, 2010

A quickie, anyone?

Heeyy, I know what are you thinking about! It's not the quickie that you are wondering, lol.

It's 1.20am, Saturday morning and I'm still awake posting my entry. My mind have been blanked for this past week. It's a routine and a must for me at least to post 2blog entries a week.

So, here I am posting a quickie. Anything that comes to my mind. And, it did rain just now, cooling the weather and bringing the hot temperature down. I'm able to sleep without any fan tonite. It's gonna be a nice sleep.

My stomach is grumbling down. Nope, I did not have any dinner, was not feeling hungry moments ago. But now I am! Gonna to make myself a cup of Milo and watching some late night TV if there is still any.

Ps. I think I will have a quickie with my boyfriend later. Have a nice weekend everyone, hugs. ;)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Everyday Perks'

I hate it when...

a) I'm caught in the jam and suddenly there was a loud siren blaring asking to move for the ambulance to pass through;

b) Cars that swerved right into my path unknowingly;

c) I had a quarrel with my sister over the time I can used the laptop;

d) Waking up in the morning for work when I wanted to continue to doze off;

e) Leaving messages in mobile phones;

f) Going to wet public toilets, yucks!

g) The weather is really hot;

h) Smell of my unwashed hair;

i) Pimples popping up at my chin;

k) Slow loading of local computer server;

l) Forwarded emails especially junk mails;

m) Bad TV repeat shows;

Ps. What do you hate most?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Episodes 1-3 of Project Alpha Season 2

My version ways of grooming tips

Tips 1 - Hair

I keep long hair so it's easy for me to maintain. Once every 2 months, I go for a trim. And I used local products to wash and conditioned my hair. I only visit my hair saloon once every 6 months to color. Regular of washing and conditioning should be enough to keep the hair healthy. If you hair lacks of lustre, you should get a deep mask conditioner for use to bring back it's shine.

Tips 2 - Facial

Regular trimming of eyebrows will help one to look more alert. Once a week, I trimmed my eyebrows by using an old fashion tweezers.

Draw a line towards the arch by using an eyeliner. Let the line be your guide. Then start to twee those unwanted hair away. Those hairs at the lower eye lid, you could easily shave it off by using a mini eye shaver. These mini eye shavers, you could easily get it at beauty shops or personal stores, like Watson or Guardian.

3 steps - Wash, tone and moisturise is a must for the face. Using a face washing liquid, wash and then follow up by toning. Dab the toner on a facial cotton and slowly rub the toner all over your face. Use a moisturise that contains SPF15-SPF30 throughout the day and a night cream. Night creams are used when the skin cells rejuvenate and replaces itself throughout the night.

Brushing 3 times daily and regular flossing of the teeth will make one smile nice and healthy. Regular visit to the dentist will keep ones teeth away from gum diseases and deteriorating.

Cleaning of tongue daily will keep ones tongue away from bacterias. It will leaves the mouth fresh breath.

Tips 3 - Appearance

First impression counts.

Wear clothes that are comfortable and right for your body. Don't wear too tight, too loud or too sexy. Do have a pair of white shirt, white pants or skirt, black pants, shirt or skirt. These are the basics colors you can match with your other color of clothes.

Get the latest fashion updates from magazines or from friends. Window shop and check around the mall for latest fashion before deciding to buy.

Feel good about what you wear.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Monday, April 19, 2010

What advice would you give?

My colleague is having relationship problem with her husband and many times she's comtempleting leaving her husband.

She's been married for nine years and she bored 2 children. Her husband was having numerous affair and have mounting debts to pay. As a filial wife, she forgave her husband of the affairs and even helped him to pay off his debts. Until today, her husband is still asking her for money!

There is one incident she could hardly believed what her husband had done. Her husband was secretly using her name as a guarantor to secure a bank loan. She was so upset when the bank calls for confirmation.

Today, she suspects her husband is starting yet another new affair. Many times, she has asked divorce from her husband but she's thinking about her children.

And today, she asked me this; "What would you do if you were me? Will you leave your husband?"

Ps. What advice would you give her?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Feud of In Laws

Human relationship is the hardest to comprehend especially when one stays with them.

My boyfriend's family is having some crisis. His younger sister, right now is staying with his uncle's family. She's not married, before this she was staying with her brother's family for many years now.

During this time, there were many rows between her and her sister-in-law. Which made her moved away and stayed with her uncle's family. My boyfriend is telling me her sister is doing all the household chores since she has been staying with the uncle's family. She's not happy and she's moving in to stay with my boyfriend soon.

My sister's friend is one independent girl. She has a great career and a loving husband, which she thought so. She recently married her boyfriend of 4 years. She's staying with her mother-in-law and with her brother-in-law and his family. One big happy family.

She's trying so hard to be a good daughter-in-law and sister-in-law. She's trying to please her new family, but it's hard. Her husband is the eldest and being the eldest she has to listen to his mom. Her husband comes from a very traditional family background.

As far as I know, she's not happy with her marriage life right now.

Thank the Lord, my boyfriend is not staying with his mom. Hopefully, I will stay with him when I'm married, wouldn't want to get caught in the in-law feuds.

Ps. Why is it so hard to please our in laws?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Are these children bad?

There is a lady by the name of Aunty Mui.

She's a seamstress, having her own business for 4o years now. She's 60 plus by the way and she's working seven days a week. I mean, at her age, she should be enjoying her life now.

She has to pay her dues to the bank every month. Her car installment and her housing loan which she will have to pay up for at least 4 years or so. Her three children couldn't help her financially as they have their own commitment.

In other fact, she needs to work to pass away her time.

I felt pity for her as her age, she still need to work to pay her dues and yet her children couldn't help her. Her love and her understanding for her children made her not to ask.

She's willing to sacrifice and work hard to make her own ends meet.

Ps. Are these children bad when they can't support their own parents when they are old?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I felt the earth move...

It was 6.20am this morning when I was looking at my clock, whether it was time for me to wake up. No, it's not the time yet and I dozed back to sleep.

Suddenly, I felt my bed shook a couple of times and instantly I knew it was an earthquake. I'm supposed to get up and run down to the ground floor apartment but I was too lazy. I stayed in bed all the time. Besides, much to my surprised there were no one running down.

This evening, when I saw the news, it was confirmed that the earthquake was from Acheh global time 5.15am, 7.7 Richter scale. It could easily triggered a tsunami.

Thank God, it didn't trigger a tsunami like the last huge one on Dec 26th, 2004 which leaves 52 death in Malaysia.

I've felt a few times of earthquake tremors and I kind of got use to it.

Recently, the world faces earthquakes resulting lost of lives and properties.

Ps. Has the earth moves it's axis or is it a direct warning from the Man above?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Babe by the pool...

Isn't she adorable? A babe bikini by the pool? She doesn't has a body to die for yet, but isn't her smile so sweet?

She's Soo Ann, my first niece. Nevertheless, she looks exactly like my SIL. She's only 17 months and she's careful of her surrounding. It took her 2 days for her to break the ice with me, when I was back recently for the CNY holiday.

Until now, she won't let me carry her.

My second niece is Soo Lyn and she looks exactly like my brother. She's only 4 months and being such small she will let anyone carry her as long she gets her milk in time.

Ps. Have an enjoyable weekend from this adorable babe bikini with her sweet smile!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tribute to Leslie

Comes April 1st each year, I will be on guard not to be fooled from friends. Usually, I will be fooled and then I will remember it's April Fools Day.

On this day seven years ago, a prominent Hong Kong artist, Leslie Chueng, jumped to his death at a Mandarin Hotel, HK. He left a suicide note saying he was facing depression.

When I heard the news, I thought it was an April's Fool joke. I grew up watching his films and he was a great actor and singer.

Ps. I'm paying a tribute to 7th anniversary of Leslie's death. RIP, you will be remembered always.