Saturday, October 31, 2009

A good samaritan.... Are You?

As I was approaching to my destination, I saw a forlorn figure gathering herself up from the street. She was limping and I slowed down my vehicle, knowing that something bad had happened. There were onlookers just standing there minding their own business.

As I was nearer, she was shouting in anguish, "Help, help! I've been robbed". Clearly it was a seance of snatch theft incident. Physically, she was not hurt maybe only slight bruises. People just stared at her not doing anything to help her, much to the group of policemen minding their duties outside a bank across the street.

I drove next to her wanting to ask "Are you hurt?", but seeing she was fine, I drove on. I felt bad for not taking her to the police station.

1) Have any been caught in this type of incident before?

2) Would you be a good Samaritan or you just don't be involved in it?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Internet Love

She's 17, sweet and young and he's 18. Both of them are in love and they met over the internet. She stays in Malaysia while he stays in UK. Thousand of miles apart.

They have been chatting over the net, probarbly calling each other and sending emails many months now. And they decided to meet. But wait, they can't as their parents did not know about their relationship.

The girl is willing to leave everything, even her family just to be with her boyfriend. Oh, the wonder of love! The boy decide to buy an air ticket for her to go over to UK.

The girl family came to knew about her disappreance and they are trying to locate her through a help of a Malaysian residing in UK.

This is not a make up story as it has been reported in the local news.

Good news is she was located 3 months thereafter and now both of them are willing to meet her parents.

We have come to an age for internet dating, no doubt. Like it or not, millions of lonely people are looking for someone special out there. There are some genuiene ones looking and they really end up marrying, but yet there are some perverts who cheats in money or sex.

If one of your child, especially your daughter or you meet someone from the net,

a) Will you allow your child/you to condone this relationship?

b) Are you able to trust this new friend?

Ps. I met my bf thro the internet and currently we are in love and dating!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Very Unfriendly Neighbour

I was being called to my apartment's management office at one afternoon 3 months ago apparently a complain from my neighbour down floor. I went to the management office and she told me that there was a bad leak from my toilet to my neighbour's toilet. I'm staying at the top floor.

Luckily, at that time I was temporarily out of job. I then went to my neighbour and investigate the leak. And I told her that I will arrange a contractor or a plumber to mend the leak.

Weeks went by and I haven't call the contractor. Was busy with my new work and time doesn't permit him. The only time I can call the contractor is only during the public holiday as it will be convenient for any repairs to be done.

Sensing of my broken promises, my neighbour wrote me an unfriendly note telling me she's running out of patient. I ignored the note and arrangement was made for the contractor to faciliate the repair during the Raya holiday.

The contractor came and at that moment, he can only put a layer of sealant on my bathroom floor to prevent any further leakage. He told me that there couldn't be any possible leakege as the water pipes were changed and quite new.

I received another 2 notes from her last few days warning me to get the repair done.
I really don't like the sounds of it, and I've replied her in a note. Explaining to her the repaired was done and did not know it was leaking again.

It's not going to be an easy repair as it will involve the management and sharing of cost. If the sewerage pipe is leaking, then the management will have to bear the cost. Knowing the fact the apartment management takes ample of time for cost to approved. I don't know whether she will be wiling to share the cost amount if my bathroom floor will be hacked.

I know that she's upset about the whole leakage thing but I think she's rude and acting unfriendly sending me all these notes.

On top of that, there are neighbours who are friendly and very helpful.

Ps. Staying in a community, have you come across unfriendly neighbours?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Liar, liar, Pants On Fire

I hate to tell white lies when I received certain phone calls or text messages. Especially phone calls from insurance agents and direct selling.

I received a text message from my insurance agent telling me that she's going to drop by my place. I thought; oh no! She's going to come and ask me about my confirmation she needed to know about the product that I was about to purchase. I replied and said I was not in town. I told a lie.

Many times, they will call me up for lunch appointments. And while having lunch and nice chit chat, somehow they will introduce the products and out of obliging as friends, I will end up buying or signing some products which I do not need. Which most of the time, I regreted of doing so.

Well, most of the time, I think they are an annoyance, but sometimes I don't know how to say no just not to hurt them.

Ps. Have you come across these type of peoples? How do you declined them?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Good And Enjoyable Reads

They say "Reading make a man". It sure really make a person hell out of me!

When I was young, I remembered my first Peter and Jane book bought by my parents. Then, it was a series of Enid Blyton. The English was simple for my age and I loved their hard cover and the coloured pages, lol.

I bought my own first book, a Nancy Drew story. It was a super-sleuth detective adventures. I got so hooked up after reading the first one and started to read every one of them. Not only Nancy Drews intrigued me, but also The Famous Five, The Hardy Boys and The Secret Seven. Anyone of you remember reading these books?

The Harlequin books on a romance and mushy series, even Miles and Boons were forbidden enough to keep me guessing on sex. Thought I can get a close up on sex, but the details were vaguely. It really leaves me to my imagination!

Left the romance part and I was introduced to another great author, Sidney Sheldon. He became one of my favourite author and I was intrigued by his books. Took me to places I never been which involves family international power and espionage. Read all his series, except The Master of The Game.

I then start to pick up real life memoirs. Desert Flower by Waris Dirie,
a true life story about female genitalation which still happens in certain countries in Africa today. A Long Way Home by Ishmael Beah, a story about a child solider in war torn Sierra Leone.

The Last Lecture by Randy Paush written months before his death on pancreatic cancer. Randy gave insights on his life before and after his death imparting wisdom and inspiration on living.

These memoirs had thought me to be more matured and be positive in life knowing that I should be thankful always compared to them. Do go and pick up one of these books and let them be an encouragement to your ups and downs in life.

Some lighthearted ones that I loved was books by Cecilia Ahern. Ps I Love You and Rosie Dunne thought me that love is possible in an impossible world.

Ps. Have you read any good books lately that inspires?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

He's the sweetest guy...

We met through a travelling website and he started to contact me. He's Jon, a British, staying in Spain and he wanted to come to visit Penang. He asked me to be his guide when he's here and I couldn't oblige.

He came to Penang on July 2008 and I gladly be his guide for 2 to 3 days. Took him to places even I never been.

We enjoyed the times that we had and eventually he has feelings for me. I was apprehensive because he's leaving back to Spain and furthermore, he as old as my dad!

From there, our friendship blossoms. There were many emails we wrote, we shared our life ups and downs. Gosh, he was missing me and after three months, he came back!

He realized that he was too old for me and thus remain as a mutual friend. We became more close through all the emails and I was happy for him when he met his Philippines gf.

He's one of the sweetest guy I've met. He was there for me whenever I was down consoling me thro his emails.

Ps. This picture I've taken with Jon at the hotel lobby he's staying, July 2008.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Can we stop our children from lying?

I reprimanded my Sunday school kids yesterday before I started the day's lesson. As their teacher, I feel responsible of their safety and concern.

Two of the kids, one 6 years and the other 9 years were coming down to the sunday school room without anyone knowledge. The room is located at the ground floor and it's not locked. Any child who is left alone could be the targeted of any kidnappers!

Both of them were lying to me the instance that I asked them.

Both of them denied coming in the room but admitted entering one of the other room. I kept on asking them; the question is that why were you children down here without my knowledge?

The six years old kept denying and defended himself shifting his gaze away from me. His face changed and finally admitted that he came down with the older guy.

I couldn't believe that a six years old lied! Where did he learn that from? His parents are God fearing people that goes to church every meeting and he has a private teacher coming to his house for school lessons.

Which means that he did not mix so much with other kids obviously.

I think the older kid influenced him and taught him to lie.

Ps. Little lies will become big lies...Can we stop our children from lying?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ancestor Trail

I'm always mistaken many times, especially in the shopping malls. The salesperson will come up to me, speaking to me in Malay. Either I answered in Chinese, or I just walked away.

People do come up to me asking me whether I'm from Philippines or Indonesia, lol, and so in a dating site I've joined.

Only certain people will know I'm of mixed blood.

I thought I'm on a tanned side, resulting of the constant baking under the sun for sports practise way back in high school.

I'm one quarter of Thai blood, my dad told me and my siblings. I carried the genes of my late grandfather more, resulting my tanned skin.

My dad proudly told me that my late great grandma was from Songkla, Thailand. She married two husbands who were Chinese and traded in rubber trees plantation. She was rich, by then. She always donned in baju kebaya, tied her hair up in a bun and eat with her fingers.

Every visits she will bring durians! We loved the traditional kuih made by her. My favourite was the kuih bengkang. She lived long and passed away in a ripe old age of 80.

I'm glad that I known a little about my ancestor bloodline. I'm proud to tell people I'm Thai mixed Chinese!

Ps.Too bad, I can't speak a word of Thai, tough.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Unfriendly Welcome

I went to see her after a month of not contacting each other. I was telling and feeling guilty for not seeing her as her good friend.

I was glad that she had met someone being absent for a month. Someone that can take for her grocery shopping, just being there whenever she needs help.

I took a nap at her house because I was damn sleepy due to the hot weather. She started to criticise me of sleeping and asking me to take her window shopping at Metrojaya.

I was reluctant as I was physically drained out.

She just couldn't stop criticising me indirectly by comparing me with her new found friend. Started to bring up the subject of the Omega 3 that I reluctant to sell her my bottle. This issue was so long ago... She's just adding salt to the wound.

Now, I clearly understand her behaviour towards me. Seems that she doesn't and won't appreciate this old friend of hers.

Ps. Guess that I will be lessening my visit to her.