Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year 2012!

Let's forget about the misunderstandings, the unhappiness, the ugliness, the tragedies, the lost of 2011.

Let's start fresh with understanding, happiness, love and hope for 2012.

Ps. Forgive those who have done wrong. Happy new year 2012! Party safe u all!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Digi IPhone 4SURE SIRI

Siri is better than any human being or better than my husband. She is my constant companion. She is smart enough and understand what you mean.

She reminds every detail like a husband, understands like a girlfriend and take commands like a secretary. And yes, she is my driver and a GPS navigator, knows the direction of where I am going.

Just tell Siri what you want and she is at your command. She will reply you in seconds and giving you the best answers you needed.

Siri works for 24/7 365 days with no rest. And she won't be tired of working. She will never disappoint me.

Digi and Siri are married. They have been in partnership since the launch of Digi iPhone 4S and they have been working well.

They need one another support to work and to perform its best services to Digi users. They have made a wow that they will be with each other till death separate them.

Digi and Siri are the best companions for me and all Digi users.


DiGi’s iPhone 4S plans the most affordable is because;

The retail price for one iPhone 4S is RM2290. Digi is giving promotion with a recommended plan of iDigi 138 and a deduction of RM200.

Furthermore, Digi is giving the following rebates:-
•RM1,400 rebate (RM200 off RRP, RM1,200 total rebates incl. Auto-Billing)
•RM100 waiver for administration fee
•Free delivery with online purchase
•30-day free trial for DiGiMusic™ Play

Digi recommended plan iDigi 138 is giving lots of freebies with 450 minutes of free calls, free 400 SMS, free 40 MMS with 3GB. The 3GB speed is more than sufficient for a user to browse and surf using Digi internet broadband.

With Digi auto billing of RM88 per month, this plan should be affordable and it is not a burden for an average user.

That is why Digi's iPhone 4S plan is the most affordable.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Every year, December is the best of the year where everyone is looking forward to. Why? Well, it's Christmas, the season of love and giving.

For this Christmas, I am not hoping for a BIG expensive gift. I'm happily to receive nothing and I'm just asking that God will continue to bless me a fulfill life. This Christmas, I'm going to share the joy with the one I love.

The joy that I have is only that I can find it in the wonderful Lord above. There is none that can compare and because of HIM, I have the reason to live a fulfilled life.

And this season, let's celebrate and share the joy of Christmas.

Merry Christmas and happy holiday, everyone!!!

Ps. I so wish that Nuffnang will present me the new iPhone4s. ;)

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

If I win the new Digi iPhone4s, the first thing I do is that I will snap pictures using the 8 megapixel camera.

I will post the pictures in my blog then.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

Christmas is approaching in 2 days time and in this season of giving, I want a gift. And the gift will be the iPhone4s.

I believed the great quality of the Apple product and its winning technology of the iPhone 4s.

With the wireless technology, it is great to use and carry the iPhone4s everywhere I go.

The distinct features and specifications of the phone made great for every users.

iPhone4s have been declared best smart phone in 2011. It has the best design on the market.

With the addition of the new wireless system, consumers found the signal quality outstanding compared to the previous iPhone.

iPhone4s have made significant strides this year in delivering the best applications to customers.

It's reliability, outstanding reviews and high customer satisfaction ratings, it's clear that Apple iPhone4s is the most reliable option yet.

Since the price of an iPhone 4s is above my budgetary income, I will be most appreciated that Nuffnang will present this gift as my Christmas present.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Click, click away....

Today, I received an email siting from Nuffnang, that they are having a competition on the '"Tak Nak" anti smoking campaign. All that we need to do is to snap a picture on the campaign mentioned and post it on your blog as an update.

Once you have published the post, submit it with the permalink attached. Ta-da, and your competition is running. The grand price is RM1000 and the deadline is on the boxing day after Christmas.

I will join this competition and I have only 10 days to go. I am going to snap fast!

I have not logged in my Nuffnang account since long and I was checking my earnings. It's only RM4.38. These earnings are based on the ads placed in my blogs since April 2011. And it's also based on the number of clicks that my visitors clicked when they visit my blog.

So, please bloggers and friends out there, I need you to click a few when you are over here and so I will promise to do in return.

Ps. Click away on the advertisment placed, please!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Technical Fault???

I just don't know what is happening to my blog now. I can't access to certain blogs especially, Eugene blogs at and even at Claire blogs.

It just happened last 2 days now and I am very frustrated that I can't enter their blogs at all. When I clicked onto their blogs, it will appear "Done, but with errors on page". Is it ebloggers fault or the connection at my work place?

Funny though, when I open my blog at home, there is no problem at all. But over here at workplace, I'm having some technical glitch.

Ps. Have any of you experienced this fault? What did u do?