Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Prodigal Son Has Returned...

I'm truly glad that my brother is going back to church, not my biological brother, but my godbrother, Eugene.

I went and meet up with Eugene this afternoon and I asked him about his second sister's health condition. He told me that his sister immune system is attacking her and there's nothing much to do except leaving everything into the Lord's hand. He took his sister to church last Sunday and even asking me to visit his church someday.

Wow, for the first time, Eugene is asking me to go to church ever since I known him donkey years.

Life challengers and trials he has and are growing through, the Lord have touched and opened his heart.

I've known Eugene for many years and through the years we have struck a beautiful and loving friendship. I have always looked up to him for advice and guidance. The many advice he has given were wise enough for me to go through life.

Knowingly he was a back slider Christian, many times I asked him to return to church. He told me he was disappointed of being a Christian and there was nothing much I can do, except to bend my knees.

From the many blogs entries he posted about his surprise meetings with ex-church members, his sleepless nights and melodrama in his family, he realised that he it's time to return to God.

The Lord answer me for such a long time, the wonder and power of prayer! Praise The Lord!

Ps. Eugene, I would like to share this two verses which hopefully will inspires you.

James 1:2-3 Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and
not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future, declares
the Lord.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hot and Tasty

Today is my third day of not working, I felt bored already. I should feel relieve and happy having a week's off, but I feel otherwise.

Stayed at home for the last 2 days but the weather is really unbearable hot. Once I stepped out from my apartment, my whole body will start to sweat even though I'm out to buy lunch.

Went out to catch up with my one of my friend on Monday noon, the air-con in her place still do me no good. Came back with bouth of sweat.

Yesterday nite, there were flashes of light promising of a heavy rain, but alas the weather changed again. The rain did not come.

Today, I went to Citibank mainly to cancel my credit card and to EPF office. EPF office to update my statement and to pick up some forms.

As I was approaching to Citibank, there was a few cars lining up for the car park. I was frustrated and annoyed because of the wait. Decided to park at the EPF office, but the car park was full! Imagine such a huge building but there was not enough car park.

After an hour, settling my personal affairs, it's time for lunch. Wanting to find somewhere cool and have lunch without drenching my sleeveless tank top, my sister and I went to Matsuki,a Japanese restaurant.

I had set beef shogeyaki and my sister had buckwheat noodle with rice and tempura. The total cost comes to RM45.00 which is quite and affordable.

Ps. I will be visiting a friend and Eugene, Bold-Talk blogger tomorrow catching up with them.

Pss. Sorry that I can't upload the food pictures that I ate just now but I uploaded the restaurant.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello Everyone, I'm Back!

After a week's break, I'm back into the blogging world. How's every one? Miss all of you!

Event 1

I was eating non-stop since CNY and eating does bring my family members more closer together. First time have the celebration with my new sister-in-law and also my new niece, my brother second daughter. She so much look like my brother.

Fostered a much more deeper relationship with my first sister-in-law, felt honoured that she serves me sushi and let me take great care of her daughters. Thanks, Yeen Kuan!

My second brother who got married last Dec 09 changed a lot in many ways. He's no longer that sloppy and for the first time, he did not carry his work home. Thanks to the wonder of his wife.

I went and visited my grandma and I'm glad that she's still growing strong each year. The Lord is sustaining her every single day.

Event 2

3 days before CNY, I was called for an interview at a lawyer's office. The interview was short and brief as the office is closing for CNY. I was asked to come for the second interview after CNY holiday. Thought it was to wrap the interview up from the 1st interview.

Went for the 2nd interview, and I was offered the job even though the salary is 20% lower of what my last salary. It's better than no income at all! I believed that the Lord have provided me this job. Praise the Lord!

Besides that, I will also start some part time business.

Event 3

After not meeting my boyfriend for 2 weeks, we finally meet up. I treasured every moment I spent with him. Was having stomach upset from the Indian dinner I had yesterday with him, it could be the curry....

Event 4>

Yipee, I will be having a week's off before I will start my new job. I will visit some of my close friends, do some personal banking. And maybe catch a movie or just sleep in.

Ps. Any ideas for me on what to do this free time?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy CNY...Of Nga Choi Kai and Kai See Hor Fun

I've got to pack my bags for tomorrow, wash my clothes as I don't want them to become a pile once I'm back.

I'm leaving for Ipoh, my hometown for Chinese New Year tomorrow. Can't wait to wear my new clothes, the reunion dinner, seeing my new niece for the first time and receiving lots of ang paus.

And just doing nothing and be lazy...

Screw the hot weather, though. Usually after visiting my grandma, the first thing I would do is remove all my clothes and just stay at home.

When I'm always back to Ipoh, is a must for me to have ngoi choi kai (white bean sprout chicken) or kai see hor fun. (noodles chicken soup). Ipoh definitely the best served this. Just can't wait to eat all this and also drinking white coffee.

Ps. So then, Kong Hei Fatt Choi to all Chinese! May this year of the Tiger roar you with good health, wealth and prosperity.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Joy Was Shortlived...But Then Revived At This Moment

When I came back from that dreadful place, my instinct told me to call another hospital, Loh Guan Lye. I spoke to the HR assistant and there was a vacant as a receptionist.

I told her the eye defect I have and she was not sure whether my predicament will be a hindrance to this job application. Initially, the HR manager was on a CNY vacation.

I then text my dad on what had happened and he called me that he's having a meeting with the Loh Guan Lye, HR manager. I don't think it's coincidental but God's perfect timing!

My dad told the HR manager and she said that my eye defect would not be any problem on this. I was told to meet her personally after CNY.

Ps. I believed this is God's intervention. Praise Him!

My Joy Was Shortlived...

Island hospital contacted me yesterday for a medical checkup before the final job confimation. Took a day off and was full of enthusiasm.

The MO gave me a full body checkup until it came to checkhing my vision. That's when I failed my medical checkup.

I couldn't see clearly with my right eye, all I can see is some finger and light movements. My vision is being blocked by a large cloud of mass. I was born with a congenital cataract. My dad thought it would disappear when I was growing up, but it did not. I discovered it myself at age 7. I remembered going to countless eye specialist but the my dad decided to go against the operation.

At that time, I was too young to make any decision.

I don't blame God and my parents for this. I never did tell anyone because I don't see as a defect! I've been using my left eye since birth until now and I can even drive and see perfectly well.

The medical examination just stopped there. I was told to wait outside. I kept praying silently in my heart that this defect won't cause this job application.

The HR personnel came and told me that the x-ray dept manager would not want to hire me as he's afraid that my eyesight will affect my clerical work.

PPPLLLEASSHH, I'm in the clerical line for donkey years!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

But then again...

I thought I'm going to have a sweet and wonderful Sat with my boyfriend but then again...

I text him yesterday whether we can meet and he replied that he was caught in his job again. His working in Kulim Hi Tech in a semiconductor factoey as an equipment engineer. He carries heavy responsibility of being in charged of nine mechanical robots. Whenever the robots are down, he has to be there.

And even, Sunday today, the breakdown issue is not resolved yet.

I hated each time whenever the robots are down and we couldn't see each other on the weekend. The weekend is the only time we can meet as we are staying in different town, I'm in Penang and he's in Kulim.

Aaargh, sometimes I wish he can screw his job. Sorry for the language here...

But then again, as his girlfriend, I must not be selfish and need to understand his job responsibility.

Ps. I wish I could meet him every week and holiday, but then again....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Shortest Post

This will be my shortest post this while. Nothing too unexpected and unbelivable things happen since Monday, whew thank God for that. :)

I will be looking forward to meet my boyfriend this weekend, been missing him for the last past week. We did not meet up because of his busy scheldue.

I too will be looking forward for the coming CNY. Can't wait for family reunion and lots of ang paus.

Ps. Till then, my blogger friends out there, do keep on blogging your entries. I loved reading every of your blogs. Till we meet next week.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Blackest Monday... Not!

Today is Monday, the first day of the week which mostly everyone are looking forward or some despise it being Monday blues.

My right eye kept on twitching when I was driving back from work and thought is it something bad coming on.. I just ignore it.

I was caught up in such a bad traffic jam for at least 2km long. Cars were zooming in and out in every possible corner, I was fuming mad. I hate traffic jams!

After a short distance, there was another bad jam. There are some idiotic drivers who keep on blaring their horns. That keeps me more annoyed and frustrated! Later, I found out the traffic lights were out, that's the reason.

Another route I took, I came to face yet 2 more jams. I was following the jam and suddenly my car start to jerk. I thought it was the carburetor giving trouble. Switched off the air-con and drive slowly.

I drove passed through the jam and suddenly my car went dead right in the middle of the road. Started it again and moved. Then after 200m, it went dead in the busy street. Try starting a few times but my car won't move. Thank God, my car stalled nearby my regular patrol station.

Asked my sister to call help to push my car to the side. The mechanic came and pushes my car to his workshop. He checked my car and told me that one of the water tank hose burst. Oh boy! I did not know I was driving on an empty radiator. My car could have been caught in flames!

I thought "Oh no, cost of repair will be a few hundred". There goes my money but I have to had it repair there and then. Thank the Lord again, after repairing, the cost comes up to only RM40.

I believed the Lord was watching over me entirely. That my car did not stall anytime during the 4 traffic jams I encountered with. I just could imagine the chaotic and panic situation I will be in.

If my car were to stall between the jams, I need a tow truck to tow and it will definitely cost a very HUGE AMOUNT of towing charges.

When upon reaching upon my apartment, I found out there was no current. I thought of posting my unexpected Monday events, I can't. But after waiting for 2 hours, the current was back and now, I'm able to post this entry.

Ps. There's a reason of everything that have happened whether good or bad. I thanked the Lord that all the time, He's watching over me. In all times, I shall praise Him!

Pss. Any unexpected or unbelievable events that you have encountered with? Any lessons learned?