Monday, August 30, 2010

Who doesn't have debts, please stand up?!

Who doesn't have debts, please stand up?!

I have debts, everyone have debts.

Debts will never be settled until we settle it by giving in installments and period of time. Owing to credit cards company, insurances, finances and banks and even to our own relatives or friends.

What ever the income I earned, barely enough to pay off the debts I have. Currently, I have 3 insurance policies in which I have to pay the premiums in half yearly and quarterly period. I have to continue to pay off these premiums in 15 years time or so.

If I lapse in these premiums, the policies therefore will lapse and there won't be any protection. I will have to pay until I'm 50 or 60s. Thought I can retired without worrying!

But one thing come out good from all these. If there is no any claimant involved, I can get all the return double in my premiums purchased.

I even had segregated my savings into many monetary forms, in FDs, in other bank account and in mutual funds. Just for emergency and also for my retirement.

Just buy minimal insurance protection which are affordable and ensures you the best protection.

Ps. What types of debts you are facing now? What kind of ways to overcome it?

Friday, August 27, 2010

He reluctantly repairs...

I was downstairs lobby waiting for him, he promised to meet me at 1pm. I called him since he did not turn up and he came after 10 mins.

He's the guy who gave my new car a sudden knock when reversing 2 weeks ago. I went with him to his mechanic workshop. After he and the mechanic gave a look at the incident area, he denied that the upper scratches was from his car. I then told him that I never met any accident nor any car had banged into me since then.

He's accusing me that the route I used was a one way street on the fateful day. I was telling him that there none "no entry" sign put up. The stretch of road was used as a two-way since the flats were built!

Since the two remarks he gave, I feel that he was reluctant to repair my car.

After the mechanic fixed the bumper right to its place, he put a few touches of paint to the scratches. My car's bumper would not look as new as before but the camouflage of the paint did a little good job.

Ps. I thought of asking him to repaint my whole bumper, but what if he refuses to pay for it?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's not safe anymore...

Another case of robbery cum murder.

A lady of 57 years old refused to let her bag go was stabbed to death by a snatch thief in his mid 20s.

She was on her usual route to work as a kindergarten teacher when this incident took place at the pedestrian bridge Sunway Pyramid.

The thief fled away empty handed, thanks to the aid of passers by. However, she died of a tragic death.

For the full story, please go to the Star Online.

I'm very angry whenever I read or heard this horror news of innocent people died. They are contributing the rights as citizens and they have been robbed from their rights.

And they died horrible and unexpected death.

What's wrong with all these fucking snatch thieves? Can't they get any job anywhere or are they desperate until they have to rob and kill?

I don't think the authoritative organisation is doing any good in eradicating these snatch thefts. Many I heard of being snatch theft victims yet their perpetrators have not been caught. And these people are out there targeting their next victims.

What's happening to our society today? I don't think Malaysia is a safe place even to live by everyday.

Ps. It's not safe to walk in the streets anymore.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Goodbye hospital..Here comes college

When Eugene told me that college environment suits me better, I did not heed his advice. Instead, I opted to work in hospital. The reason I chose to work in the hospital is because of the benefits they offered.

I thought I can learn and master the job skilfully in the next 6 months, but I was wrong! For the 3 weeks I was still under training, I tried to learn as much as I can. I found out I can't cope with the style of working and its management, it brought me much stress and lost confidence of performing my job well.

Thick face, I emailed to the college I applied before asking if the vacancy is still available. And praise the Lord! The vacancy is still available, I went to see the college principal and I was asked to start work on 1st Sept.

With no regrets, I tendered my resignation today with the hosptial by giving 24 hours notice.

I thanked God that I'm given a second chance again.

Ps. Sometimes friends in life, they would have known you better than yourself.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Bang

As I was going to church this morning, suddenly this car was coming straight at me. I managed to slam on my brakes, but it was too late and KA-BOOM!

It was my first bang of my new car. The flat residence was reversing my his car without looking, his wife saw me and it was to late. My right bumper was badly scratched and the bumper left an opening at the side. Think the clip gave away.

Came back to church early, my heart was not there. Went to his apartment but he was not there. Spoken to his son, he called his dad and told me his dad is going to pay the damages.

Arrangement will be made for my car to be taken to his mechanic for repairs.

Ps. Sorry, no uploaded photos here.

Our LOVE is so hard...

I thought it's gonna be like the fairytale, they fell in love and lived happily ever after... It beats more reality in this.

My boyfriend and I have been in a year relationship now and we are not ready to be committed as a husband and wife.

He has lots of debts to settle and I don't want to be caught in settling for him. He's now settling in installments and it will take him another 2 years. Also is because, he is of different culture and race and I've yet to meet his family. I'm afraid that his family will arrange a marriage for him.

Well by now, I think you will guess what race is he.

My boyfriend were asking me on Friday, "If I will be married to someone else, can I see you?" I replied, "I don't know".

At this moment, there is only talk and suggestion about the arrangement only.
He's being honest of asking me this question if this will happen. He have told his family about me, but yet I still need their approval.

I'm still so afraid that his love and obedience for his family will over shadow our love. We loved each other and I even suggested registering our marriage first.

I can't be selfish registering our marriage without the knowledge of our parents just because to avoid him to marry another girl.

I really want to be his wife and spent the rest of our lives and I'll make sure it will happen.

Ps. I hope my fairytale will turn into a reality soon.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Revamping My Wardrobe Soon...

From Monday to Friday, I will donned on office wear, Sat and Sunday are jeans day. Since I've been working in various companies for donkey years, I tend to buy new clothes every now and then.

My working clothes are kept nicely and I only hand washed them. I've had clothes for more than 5 years and I still can wear them!

I will be given uniforms soon. I have to wear them every working day. Which means, I've to revamp my wardrobe. I've some good pair of clothes to give away.

I'm planning to give away to charity or to my seamstress so that she can help me to sell. I can earn some $$$ even though it's not much.

Ps. Shouldn't have keep on buying new clothes in the first place. See now what happen?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ain't Worth My Friendship...

I was on my way back from work and then I thought of her. It's been 2 weeks I've not seen her and my sister called her and arranged to go for a dinner treat. She finishers her work at 6pm.

I got half an hour to spare before picking her up. Sensing it was a traffic jam because of the office and school crowd, I took the longest route. Reached her work place 15 mins earlier and called her telling I was by the side of the road waiting. I could not wait at the entrance as there was a no waiting zone.

So, it was 6pm and she called my sister shouting where were we. We wanted to tell her...but she shut off her phone. My sister saw her and called her but she was pretending not to. My sister then walked up to her and asked her to come to our car, she declined.

We then went for dinner without her. I was very angry with her attitude, she's just so childish. I don't know why she behaved like this, maybe is because I did not answer her last few calls? That was 2 weeks ago!

But then, how could she still harbouring this little grudge?

Ps. I'm not going to bother and I would not want to know about her anymore.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reunited after 19 years...

Hi Jessie

I've made contact with Janice and I'm so happy to found both of you! It's been such a long time since I've heard from both of you. I hope that you are well and that everything's ok.

I've been living in Melbourne for almost 19 years, married for just over 6 years.........

Till then take care of yourself and I do hope to hear from you soon.


Ange is one of my high school mate that I've lost contact for almost 19 years! I did not know it was that long. After high school, we lost contact because she and her family migrated to Australia.

She searched my sister through FB and then sent me a message. The wonders of technology.

I'm so glad to hear from her after all these years and she will be coming to Malaysia one day.

Ps. Anyone have been "reunited" through this computer technology?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Oops, He Did It Again...

Eeeehh, I'm very geram with my boyfriend for the last few days. He went missing again. Managed to speak to him last Tuesday and for next few days, he did not answer my call, I assumed he was fast asleep.

It got me so mad that I sent him an email reprimanded him. Thank God for email! He knew I was angry with him and he told me he was at St. Anne's feast and misses me.

Yesterday and today, I called him at about the same time, I'm so geram again. His phone to voicemail and I sent him another email. This is the one way I'm able to reach him.

I've known of his behaviour so well I'm so tired of him.

Ps. I'm only venturing my frustrations here. I've learnt that I have to accept all his bad behaviour and habits as well.

Pss. Geram=damn frustrations.