Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hot and Spicy

I was having a plate of mee goreng toyam yesterday at Tesco Penang. It was really spicy, it definitely perk up my senses. To top up with it, I ordered a hot teh tarik. After drinking, the combination of teh tarik mixed with the spiciness in my mouth, I've got this feeling of euphoria.

I've just slowly sipped the teh tarik, enjoying the sweetness and the smell of rich tea. And just watching the world goes by, just couldn't care less.

P/S Hey, you don't need a cup of Starbucks coffee or Coffee Bean to get this feeling. After all, the teh tarik only costs RM1.20!


eugene said...

yap, you sure dont need starbucks or coffeebeans to give you this feeling, good on ya

The Mrs Blogs said...

Agreed, I LOVE teh tarik. I'm such a teh tarik addict!