Saturday, July 16, 2011

MIA-Been 3 weeks...

Gosh, it's nearly 3 weeks I've been missing. Missing writing blogs and updating you, guys. And yes, I was so busy for the last week. Sorry, my friends.

Gone were the days, I was full of excitement and have ample of time updating my blogs. As usual, I was busy with work. Even before I stepped into the office, there will be students waiting for me.

So was after lunch the same. Even before I can let my buttock rest on the seat, students are waiting for me. What are they waiting for, you wonder? Hmmmmmm, they are waiting to pay their semester fees.

TGIS-Thank God It's Sat! Today, I managed to update and be back. :)

For the rest of my time, I will spent it with my boyfriend. Weekends, we are always together. Movies, beaches, church and even clubbing sometimes.

I loved my life now, devoted to work and my love. And always looking on to weekends.

Ps. If I'm missing from the blogging work again, just hold on. I will be back but not too soon, though. It's a Sat, enjoy your week!

Pss. I will still leave comments on your blogs. No worries. :)