Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Can't Think Straight Now.........

It's been my third day now into my new job.  So many things to learn especially their new system.  Even just to prepare 6 reminder letters to students take me a day and continue the next midday.  The content of the letters I have to be very sure and get my boss to read it before the final printing. 

My 3 days I was here filled me to the max.

And I am sure that I can steal a little of the time off, just to forget my work and relax.  To be online.  When I was opening a few browsers together, YM, FB and Hotmail, the server was so slow until FB was hung. Try rebooting it but still FB was there.  Alternatively, I switched off the main switch.

And ta da, the screen was back to normal.   But the server was disconnecting many times.  I gave up. Logged out.  Went back to work.

So, the only time I can be online now is at home.  As I am typing away, my eyes just shutting down.  It's 11pm and it's time to hit the sack.  Least not that I will continue to typeeee zzzzzzzzzzzzz........

Gud nite...folks!

Ps. Damn! I even can't think of my post title.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some just lost their passion..........

The first thing I do whenever I am in my site is read at what my kaki blogger  posted on their blogs through the reading lists.

These are the regular blogger who are busy updating their blogs from the food they eat even to their leaking bathrooms.

Thus, I had some numerous followers who have left the scene of blogging. Mind you the blogs that the posted are different and make me want to be indulged in the blogs.  Most of them are from  Indonesia and Philippines.

It's sad to never hear from them anymore.  They have lost the passion of blogging.  I still have not deleted them from the reading list hoping one day they will resurface again.

To those who still blogs, do continue on.  (You know who you are). Keep the passion on.  And
 heartful thanks for all the years you have blog.

Ps.  I know that I am lacking of the blog that I posted,  I will try to write as much as I can.  Not to worry though, I will continue on.