Friday, July 31, 2009

Looking Back

Today is the 31st July and 4 more months left of the year 2009. It will be another new year approaching soon. Time do passes so fast.

This year is not a good year for me. It was full of challenges as I looked back for the past 7 months.

First and foremost, I've quited my job during the economy downturn without any new job in mind. Not too sure whether I was a stupid fool that time, my friends supported me but my family was against my decision.

I was so desperate that any job that comes my way, I will take up, even as a babysitter or a kindergarten teacher. Needed as much cash to survive. Which brings me depressed mentally, physically and financially.

Started to pick up little quarrel with my sister, she was the punching bag. Kept on seeking God and praying hard everyday. Praise and thank the Lord, it only lasted two months. Found a job which I've stayed on for 2 months and now a much better one.

I've improved my relationship with God as I learnt to trust Him more.

However, my relationship with my boyfriend improved to a new level. Talked about marriage but no final decision been made yet.

What have you improve or able to achieve your this year resolution so far? Was it a good year?

a) In your career?
b) In your relationship with your love one and your family?
c) In your finances?
d) In your health?
e) In your spiritual life?
f) In your community?

I don't make resolution as I would have broken then before I achieved them. LOL...

Another 4 months to the new year of 2010, and whatever challenges whether good or bad, I will face with God's grace.

Ps. To those who are facing not a good year, always remember, your situation is much better compare to those who are far worst. Just look forward to another blessed year ahead!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Of Candy Floss & Ice Cream Potong

Gone were the days where you can easily get candy floss and ice cream potong, or cut ice cream precisely.

I remembered back in my school days, when after school at a certain time and day, there came a man with his motorbike thing, thing, ringing his bell rounding up my home neighbourhood. At an instant, I knew it was him. I ran out of the door, taking only a few cents.

I looked down inside his magic big container which have mostly 3 colors, yellow, pink and brown. One can surely guessed that it contained of vanilla or durian, strawberry and chocolate flavours. You can picked the ice cream either to be placed in a cone or in a bun. Whenever, I take the first bite, it really makes me just happy.

You can opt for an ice-cream potong if you would like to change your taste bud.
The ice cream potong comes with durian, red bean and chocolate flavour. Mine favourite was the durian and it costs only 10 cents!

Another one who always make his visit was the candy floss man. He will whirl and twirl the sugar in a candy floss machine till it became fluffy. Reminiscing really brings back happy memory.

Ps. I really missed these childhood snacks.

Friday, July 24, 2009

In A Trapped Relationship?

I met one of my friend last week and we have a cuppa just to catch up with old times. And I was asking her about some of our friends whom I lost contact with. Apparently, we did not stay in contact.

She was telling me about one of our friend, *Stella. It seems that Stella is in a very complicated relationship. Stella divorced her husband 6 years ago (this I knew), leaving the husband took custody of her daughter.

She is involved with a divorcee who has a teenage son. Her boyfriend's teenage son can't and won't accept Stella. Marriage won't happen eventually as her boyfriend is apprehensive, commitment phobia and torn between his two love ones.
Even her own daughter is not accepting her boyfriend.

I asked my friend, why did Stella is still in this relationship? Knowing that this relationship will have no future?

My friend has advised Stella but Stella is adamant of not leaving this relationship.

Will you walk away from this relationship if you are Stella?

Ps. Something to chew on for this weekend....
*Name has been changed to protect the identity of this person.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Disturbing Dreams

The scene in my mind is still so fresh even right now I'm writing this entry. I dreamt about the death of my dad.

Got a phone call from my hometown telling me that my dad just passed away. I was shocked and I rush home. The dream was so real; it really scares me out.

Not only I dreamt about the death of my dad but also the death of my grandmother many times. My grandma is still alive and strong even though she's in her 90s. Thank the Lord for His mercy and grace upon her life!

I just don't know why I get this recurring dreams. Is it because that I'm the eldest daughter and granddaughter?

It's a taboo to tell the persons about this type of dreams according to Chinese beliefs.

I hate to be in this type of dreams but I can't control it.

Ps. Sometimes, we got to accept that death of our love ones will be near someday.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Reached My 20

"Ladies and gentlemen, give a round of applause to Sexy Jessie. She has reached her swimming strokes of 20 laps. She was determined to finish the 20 laps after all these months".

Yeap, I've finally did it! Finishing the 20 laps of swimming yesterday. After all, I've been swimming regularly for a year now. At first, it was hard even to get to 10 laps. I always end up of muscles ached and lacked of stamina.

So, I reminded myself that each time I swim I've got to increase at least 2 to 3 laps. Putting my determination and will power, I managed to increase each time 2 laps. From 10 to 12, 12 to 16 to 18 and finally to 20 laps of swimming! 12 breast strokes and 8 free-styles.

I'm proud of myself of what have I achieved. I want to reach the maximum of 30 laps of swim and I will reach there!

Ps. There's nothing impossible in life. Putting lots of determination and will power will certainly help to get and achieve in whatever success in life.
Keep trying and don't give up!

Friday, July 17, 2009

We Are The World Tag

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Thanks again Gab's Mom for this Tag!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?

There are some enthusiasts that hunt ghosts down in places which were reported haunted. Which made into live TV programs where the viewers are being taken and shown of what the ghost hunters do. It's up to the viewers discrepancy to believe whether it's a hoax or not.

Like they said, "Seeing is believing".

Now, I am not a person who really believe in ghosts or spirits; as they are sometimes called, unless I see them. Even in my Christian faith, I was taught that they are spirits out there. So far, I haven't seen any of these spirits, but I have experienced it. Let's call them it, they are not person.

It was in one of my church camp. I was sleeping with one of my sisters. As usual, before we retired, we prayed and asked God to protect us and cleanse the room with His blood. We slept peacefully through the night, and during the wee hours in the morning, I heard a loud tapping on the window. I woke up, thought it eas a tree branch knocking against the window. I looked towards the tree branch, still trying to locate the sound, and there was no tree branch knocking. Eventually, the tapping stopped. Was it my imagination or was it the spirit?!

The second incident was also in my church camp. I felt sick and so was my sister. Both of us took panadols after one of the service and we went back to our room. We slept. About 4 in the afternoon, we heard furniture's moving. The furniture's kept moving for about 20 minutes! We were very sure that our friends did not return to our dorm as they were having games outside. We were either too dazed or too afraid to investigate! I went down to investigate after the noises stopped and I sweared that the furniture's were not moved by any one of us at all! The next day, one of the pastor, told us the night before he had experienced a presence in his room.

I was sleeping and I was woken up by a presence in my room. There was something pressing me behind my back making me impossible to turn back to my side. Fear crept in and instantly I knew this is an evil spirit! I was helpless and all I can do is to pray. I called the name of Jesus and binding the evil spirit and command it to leave in Jesus name! Eventually, it left after few minutes of battle.

And these signs will accompany those who believe:In my name they will drive out demons, they will speak in new tongues.
Mark 16:17

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What does happiness mean?

Dear Sam

Not long ago, I was asked to give a speech to graduating honor students at Lincoln University. The administrators who invited me wanted me to talk about adult responsibilities and the pathways to success.

I began my speech by saying that success and adult responsibilities can be harmful to your health. As I spoke, I was thinking of a conversation I'd had some weeks earlier with a hundred-achieving, college-bound seniors in a very upscale suburban high school. I had asked those students why they worked so hard. Almost unanimously, they agreed that their hard was to help them get into the best possible colleges.

I asked, "Why?"
They replied, "So we can be happy".
"Let's talk about that", I said. "What does it mean to be happy?"

One kid declared, "If I have a million dollars in the bank, I'll be happy". Another announced, "If I'm number one in my chosen profession, I'll be happy".

All agreed that money, success, and achievement would make them happy. Not one of these seventeen and eighteen year old kids talked about love, children, relationships, marriage, community, or friends. Which made me wonder:When your resume is perfect, how does your soul feel?

As humans we grasp at things that make us feel secure. We go from our mother's breasts to pacifiers, from small toys to big toys, from cars to houses and vacation homes. Needing security, we grasp at sex, wealth, food, power, drugs.

What are we really hungry for? Security and happiness, yes. But the kind of security we yearn for a feeling of security that cannot be attained by acquisition. If we can buy big houses and powerful cars, we may be able to achieve the illusion of security, but it is still an illusion. If we can do well at school or work, we may get a sense of accomplishment, but there will always be something more to accomplish-happiness will always be around the next corner.

Real security only comes when we are comfortable with who we are (and the feeling is enhanced when we are in a relationship where there is mutual lobe and understanding). Real happiness is a byproduct of a life well lived.

Then I turned to the students and said, "Find someone you love, and feel that love in every pore of your body. And then the next day, love one additional person; and every day after that, increase the number of people you love."

I told them the longer the list of people they love fully, the happier they will be. That, I said is true success. That is an essential adult responsibility.

Sam, I hope you will remember what your soul needs. Not wealth, prestige, and possessions, but the adult responsibility to love someone every day a little more than you did the day before.


Ps. This is an adapted article written from a grandfather to his grandson Sam, who was diagnosed with a severe form of autism. This letter he wrote to his grandson teaching him about true happiness which I couldn't agree more with.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

School Girl Crush

Thought that I grew out of this thing, but oh boy, did it happened to me this morning. I was coming out from my company's kitchen when he smiled at me and said hello and likewise I returned him. OMG! I fell instantly for him.

From the instant split second, I was captured by his beauty and awe. He was one of the auditor auditing my company's accounts. He's in his 30s, I think, Caucasian, tall and slender, and just good looking. I just drool....

I did managed to see him again when I went up to deliver a hot water bottle for his coffee. And when he came down, our eyes just met for a brief moment. Drool again...

Our eyes met for final time when he said goodbye. Drool drool again....

Even though, he stayed for a while, I do hope that he will come again as my boss was telling me that next Thursday, there will be another auditing. Oh boy, do hope that he will come.

Please, please, I need napkins as I will be drooling by then, lol.

Never thought that I will have a school girl crush, the last was in high school!

Ps. Is there anyone still having crushes?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Breasts Are For Real

When God created woman, He gave them a pair of breast of varies sizes and color. Which make us women one of the most attractive species in this world despite the curvaceous body we have.

There are millions of women going for a breast enlargement surgery to make them look attractive. Not only men are going ga ga over this, but there are some women are envy looking at large firm beautiful breasts.

Nowadays, there are also natural breast enhancement program if they are opt for a safer alternative.

Besides these programs and surgeries, wondrabras and maximiser are created for better breasts fit and lift ups. Simple exercises too can firm up breasts.

My breasts are of average size, but sometimes I wish I could be a bit of a larger size, if given a free chance.

Ps. As for now, I'm relying on maximiser and exercise to have firm breasts. I'm certainly proud of my real breasts!