Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Online Dating Blues

I've been bugged by my godbrother, Eugene for not updating my new blog entries. Lately, I've been caught up over another craze, online dating. So I decided to enter this topic; at least Eugene won't bugged me for the time being.

Little did I know that I was an attraction to a seas of men out there. From as far as Nepal to Switerland to our local home. Funny though, most of the "visitors", I got were from India & Pakistan. Maybe because they fancy the fairer skin? Truthfully, most of them are not sincered. Looks can be really deceiving.

The handsome whites, they sweet charmed talk me and most of them claimed to be single. Are they for real? Even the handsome hunk from England proposed to me. Eventually, he ask to lent some cash after his so called proposal which I was not a fool to do so. There are some who tend to ask the most intimate questions. These guys are really daring, maybe it's because behind the computer screen; they simply ask out of respect?

But, there are some who are sincered. This guy from US, has been calling me a couple of times and we are on a good start. I might never know that it will tum out more than a friendship. I do enjoy flirting and being flirted by all these men. It's a good clean fun!

Ps This photo of this hunk that I posted was a total jerk. He asked me to sponsor part of his air flight ticket to come and see me. But I still drool over his pic.

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eugene said...

i m glad u r enjoying every min of ur online dating staff, as ur god bro,and as a man, just me careful, cos the screwdest of man knows the weakest of a woman. once he hits u there, u r kaput.
Sincerity takes time to brew, and tru love needs time to manifest.have a good day,
love you , eugene