Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last Blog of 2008

Gosh, time does passed quickly. Christmas was like 6 days ago and now we are approaching the new year in a few hours time.

2008 was a quite a good year for me. I was introduced to blog and as matter of fact now, I'm so called an experienced blogger. Blogging does improved my English vocabulary and just to pour out my thoughts and feelings of what I'm gone and going through life. It had left me a few friends, which they had shared their thoughts and gave me encouragement.

I became an aunt too, missed my niece. The last time I saw her when she was 2 weeks old. Boy, it does make me feel old and mature to be an aunt.

I met my boyfriend. Little did I know that we think alike, our desires were same and we had so much things in common. And he knew my best friend's brother way back in high school. Talk about weired or fated!

During times of adversity, I gained a closer relationship with Him. He was the one who held my head and hand when I was in storm's of life. I clinged on to His promises and lived by it. We begin to understand each other more each day.

Well, let's not look backwards but what is ahead. Good memories we keep but bad ones we diminish. Let's take on good strife for the new coming year!

P/S Happy New Year 2009 everyone! Don't drink and drive. But if you are not sober, take a cab home instead.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is There Sanctity of Marriage anymore?

One of the thing I feared most is being married. I know it sounds corny, but.....

I always dream about a happy marriage, a good and loving wife to my husband and a good mother to my children. Together, we will grow old still loving each other. Gone were the days when couples stayed together throughout the marriage.

I've been hearing true life stories of marriages being broken up. Even 2 of my cousins their marriages were dissolved. Infidelity top most of the break up, follow by financial, communication problems and eventually lots of disagreement. The worst is when the break up involves children. It's like one day the love between husband and wife just died. Most times, I wonder in the beginning of the relationship, was there so much pretence until when there is realization, then is it too late?

I know that marriage is the most hard work of a relationship. My parents was married for 35 years and still going. There were many loving arguments between them.

I definitely would like to get married to my boyfriend someday, but after knowing and hearing these break ups, I lost faith.

At the moment, I'm not ready for marriage. I need to reassure myself first.

P/S Happily married couples out there, I need lots of encouragement on this. Will appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Couldn't wait for Christmas

Yeeahhh, yipee, it's another 10 days to Christmas. All I want for Christmas is not my two front teeth..... It's another year for festivities with lots of eating, giving and receiving presents. As for me, this year I was given a free gift. It's a whole body slimming treatment worth RM320.00. Couldn't not wait to use it. I'm going to enjoy be pampered and messaged by the slimming experts.

Christmas is not the only time to celebrate with Christmas tree, food and gifts. It's indeed a joyous time of great celebration for Christians. It's the time when Jesus Christ was prophesied to be born of Virgin Mary two thousand years ago. He came to forgive our sins and reconciled mankind relationship with God.

I believed that Christmas has became too commercialised. They have lost it's true meaning of Christmas. Without Jesus Christ be born two thousand years ago, I don't think we will celebrate Christmas today.

P/s While you are celebrating Christmas this 25th, just do remember it's Jesus wonderful birthday. Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Good, Sad & Tragic

During the long weekend, was a good, sad and tragic. It was good; I went for a shopping spree from Friday to Saturday. Bought a couple of blouses and a dress for RM230.00. Had a sumptious dinner with my sis coupled with chesse cake from Secret Receipe. Total dinner costs was RM63.00. What the hell?! Enjoyed the fruit of my labourlah! The next day, I woke up early to wash and wax my car. And thanks to the hard work of washing and waxing, I was sweating, no need for any extra exercise. I had my chance to enjoy a solid one hour conversation with my boyfriend in the morning wee hours.

It was sad that my dear friend, who's from Europe left on Monday back to his hometown. Might not see him again. Miss him much, tough.

It was tragic when fourteen bungalows in Bukit Antarabangsa were buried in landslide which claimed 5 lives. It could have been avoided if the area was condone off not to build anymore housing projects. The area was only 1.5km away from the Highland Towers tragedy which struck 15 years ago.

P/s An overview of the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide tragedy

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Count Your Blessings

I really want to thank the Lord of all His blessings that He has given.

A steady job that rewarded me with an increment and a one month bonus, a 10 year old car which I can travel as far to Ipoh, three meals I will have everyday, my parents that are able to travel to see their children once in a blue moon even though they're in their sixties, an apartment to stay, close friends to have their shoulders to cry on, my boyfriend who's willing to be there for me even though he's thousand miles away, my sister who has been part of my life ever since birth and most importantly I'm debt free except for credit card payments.

Sometimes, in life we want more than we have. It's okay to have all these wants, but do stop for a while, what about the things you have now? We sometimes forget to count our little blessings.

Take for an example; as times are bad now, what will happen if you lose your job one day? I know it's going to be tough to lose your main income. What will you do then? Doing other things of which is not your main core just to get your income going?

I have a friend who is thankful of getting a simple three meals a day even though she stays in an luxury apartment. She's not stingy but she's just only appreciating and counting her blessings.

As the worst is yet to come for the economy, I'm living my life prudently and count the little blessings that I have, not in terms of monies only but also in love and relationship.

P/s Be contend. Just count the blessings that you have.