Saturday, February 25, 2012

Different faith and belief

I was invited to a church last week, I went with my friends. I don't feel comfortable when I hear of the church. But nevertheless I went.

The people were so warmth in welcoming us and took us to their church service. I was so use to the pentecostal style of worship in my church and when I entered there, everything was different. They sang in hymns of which I was not accustomed to.

Sharing came on next and by that time I was trying to keep awake. Maybe the monotonous sound of the speaker beckon me to sleep.

We were then usher to attend Sunday school classes and they began sharing about the fall of Adam and Eve. I was careful and digesting of what they shared and discussed. And, hey there are some facts of which are really new to me. I was confused.

But thank God, the word of God was with me. I opened it and referred to what they shared. What they teach, is not the same as in the bible. I found out that they beliefs and their doctrines are not the same as in the bible.

I thank God that I knew the biblical truth and my faith still stand strong. Going and visiting this church was an eye opener to me and I am trying to understand what their beliefs are.

Ps. However for sure, I won't step into this church anymore.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ugly Abs I have

When I stand on the weighing scale, I am always hoping that the needle will show my normal weight. Been slightly overweight.

I have the right curves at the right place, and so many of the girlfriends are envy of my curves. Sure, it beats the hell of me to have these curves but needless to say I am screaming being tight in a few places.

I have been feeling tight around my waist whenever I'm in my few skirts. And my bulging stomach will show no matter whenever I am in my shorts in my jeans. Yikes...tsk so ugly! Yeah, I could blame it on the food I take, mainly rice is the culprit.

I have been regular on doing my aerobics which give a good stretch and lots of sweat. I don't think it help by reducing my abs.

I swear off swimming for the past a year now. Swimming consists of moving all your body physique and muscles. I need to catch up with swimming again just to shed and trim all the bulges around my abs.

Or I could purchase a total abdominal ABS exercise machine, called the Total Core. For more info and review, please click at this website.

I was watching the machine working in the TV advertisement and I am so completing whether to purchase. It costs RM510 not included postage and delivery.

With the machine, I could easily work on my abs and hopefully have the result of a trim abs 2 weeks time.

Ps. Will you buy an exercise machine or go the hard way to get the result?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

FB shuts down on March 15?....What will you do?

News have been speculated that Facebook will close down on March 15th 2012 as quoted by its founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The site quotes founder Mark Zuckerberg as saying "Facebook has gotten out of control and the stress of managing the company has ruined my life. I need to put an end to all this madness."

There's also a quote from the vice president saying that all stored data will be deleted on the 15th. "If you ever want to see your pictures again, I recommend you to take off the internet. You won't be able to to get them back once Facebook is out of business," he explains.

There's even a petition at Twitter urging Mark Zuckerberg to reconsider not shutting down Facebook and in fact by doing this, he may already ruin billions of lives.

Facebook was created in February 2004 as a hobby project founded by Mark Zuckerberg and since then, it attracted millions of users worldwide.

It created such an phenomenon that million of users would stay addictive hours using Facebook. They stay in touch with their friends by updating their status telling them how they feel, what they are doing and where they are. And users are allowed to comments on their friends profiles and vice versa.

Pictures can be downloaded and be posted to be viewed publicly or through the circle of friends. It's fun to look at these pictures that are posted on the profiles.

There are some company who use Facebook to advertise and sell their products knowing that Facebook have millions of followers visiting the site each day.

Now, the word is out that Facebook may or may not shut down on March 15th. For all facebook users, they are crying out loud not to, but there are some who agreed that it should be shut down.

Parents who kids stuck their eyes goggling on Facebook hours are happy enough to hear this great news. Finally, I get to talk to my kids and hang out with them, the parents claim.

Come March 15th and see whether Facebook will shut down.

Ps. Are you addicted to Facebook? What will you do if Facebook shuts down on March 15th?