Monday, December 24, 2012

The greatest is HOPE

This year Christmas I am much lonely as my dear have travelled out of the country and left me alone for this season.  I am trying to keep myself occupied with the time I spent with him ending up chatting with my gal friend who have lost touch for a year now.

I asked her the about her study and her relationship. She has one more semester to complete and she's planning to further her degree with the local university.

She went further that she broke off the relationship with her boyfriend.  As far as I know about her, she's a very good girl and she's a wife's material.  She wouldn't choose a boyfriend that would jeopardise the relationship.  I couldn't see any reason why there must be a breakup.

She told me the reason she breaks off is because of her family.  Her grandmother went to a soothsayer and asked her about their future.  The soothsayer said that if they are to be married, her boyfriend will pass away early leaving her to be a young widow.

Of course, her family believed the soothsayer rather than believing their daughter's choice.  She has no choice but to take her family's decision.  Her family has destroyed her happiness.

Because of their undying love they have for each other, the relationship is not broken.  They are meeting in secret, hoping that their love will be accepted by her parents.

She's giving herself HOPE for 5 years.  Her final decision is that she will get married to her boyfriend even though her family still rejects them.

Ps.  We are living in the 21st century yet there are certain mindset of people will not be changed because of their old strange and traditional beliefs they lived up to.  It's so sad.

Pss. All HOPE and not lost, for you, my dearest friend.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Year Older Today

I am back, folks after 2 months away.  It's been that long, or has it and still surprisingly my fingers are not stiff.

I remembered those good old days when I was young celebrating my birthdays especially my first one.  There was a BIG CAKE and lots of food, food and food.  And balloons were everywhere in sight.  Lots of pressies too.  Of course, couple with birthday song, those time were priceless!

I celebrated lots of birthdays until I was twelve and it stopped there.  Maybe my parents find it was not a necessary for a big celebration and neither I was bother about it.

And every year as my birthday approaches, I am getting older, of course.  Thinking back,  I have lived all my good years until now.  Success, failures, love, hatred, rich, poor, sickness and health, I was there and went through all these.  And with God's grace, I am still continuing the journey.

Still with all the good years had gone by, I looked young always.  You can be deceived by my look.  I received lesser gifts or none at all as I grow older, but I do received lots of wishes. 

It will be a normal birthday for me as I will be at work.  My new colleagues doesn't know of my birthday but wishes from you guys will be much appreciated.

Ps.  Can someone get me a blueberry cheese cake?  It's my BIRTHDAY! ;)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sowing their wild oats

When men have their liabilities sowing their wild oats, they are considered studs.   But when it comes to women, they are labeled sluts.

Men are satisfied and considered themselves proud when they have bedded as many women in their lifetime.  And they will jump at any chance to do it. 

But, when it comes to women, is a big no no.  They have to be faithful to their only partner.  Why men can't stay faithful like the women? 

Must they bed all the women they meet?

Yet,  some women are conspicuous.  They are sleeping with many men as possible.  They are the one who gave men opportunities to sleep with them.

In this case, I blamed the women.  I'm calling them sluts.  But then again, you can't clap with a hand.  You need both hands to do that. 

But then again......the men can say no.....but then again....luring and temptation are trapped mostly.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A stubborn and senseless man

I was driving back to my apartment after having my Sunday lunch and I just couldn't move.  There were a few cars in front of me and it was normal to have a little jam,  200 metres away from the entrance of my apartment.

As I was waiting for the cars to move, I heard horn blarring and a man scolding away in Hokkien, "Lu tah teow e a kong xi wa car xi jior.  (Translated in English, "You are blocking the road, now you are telling me that I am wrong...u are the one who's wrong.")

He was large built, in his 40s and he was driving a MPW vehicle.   Seconds, after blasting his horn and cursing in Hokkien, he came out and gave a hard kick at the person's vehicle.

Of course, he did managed to pass through, leaving his footprint at the person's vehicle.  Traffic was clear and I drove through, I saw the person the man was scolding to.

Do you want to know the person?  She's an old lady in her 70s.  She was still in her old Morris Minor much to her oblivious the man was scolding her.  The man left a big dent at the back of her vehicle!

The man somehow managed to go through the alley. 

I don't understand at all why this man want to create unnesccary situation like this.  There's another road he can use but he choose not to do it.  He just wants to put people life into misery.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Should I Leave?

A quick one....because I am getting sleepy now.  Lately, I'm so busy with my work that I can't even manage to update my blogs.  Sorry, folks!

The only time I can be online is at night.  FB, checking email and reading articles over the net.  And when the time is approaching, my eyes will become heavy. 

That time, my brain just stopped working.  Not working = no blog.  I somehow managed to visit some of your site. 

I am thinking to leave the blogger scence. Even now, I don't have the slightest idea of what to pen down.

Ps. Do you think that I should leave the blogger scence? 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fucking sick family

I was picking up the The Sun paper today and saw the headlines, "Deadly Ritual" and underneath the small title; Three year old suffocates to death during exorcism.

I was horrified as I continued reading, I was shocked.  It involves a toddler and the whole entire family.  They suffocated her to death by pinning their huge bodies on top of the little girl.

How could the whole family is doing this?  Killing their own daughter?  Hoping that the evil spirits will leave them?

This family is really a fool and ignorant.  I do not know where they gathered this stupid idea or they heed any foolish monk's advice. 

Now the exorcism was not completed resulting a sweet toddler demise making the whole family landing in jail waiting for their crime to be sentenced.

RIP, sweet young thing. 

For the whole story, please click on to the

Ps.  How could these people are so ignorant?!  What sentence they should be punished for?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Can't Think Straight Now.........

It's been my third day now into my new job.  So many things to learn especially their new system.  Even just to prepare 6 reminder letters to students take me a day and continue the next midday.  The content of the letters I have to be very sure and get my boss to read it before the final printing. 

My 3 days I was here filled me to the max.

And I am sure that I can steal a little of the time off, just to forget my work and relax.  To be online.  When I was opening a few browsers together, YM, FB and Hotmail, the server was so slow until FB was hung. Try rebooting it but still FB was there.  Alternatively, I switched off the main switch.

And ta da, the screen was back to normal.   But the server was disconnecting many times.  I gave up. Logged out.  Went back to work.

So, the only time I can be online now is at home.  As I am typing away, my eyes just shutting down.  It's 11pm and it's time to hit the sack.  Least not that I will continue to typeeee zzzzzzzzzzzzz........

Gud nite...folks!

Ps. Damn! I even can't think of my post title.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some just lost their passion..........

The first thing I do whenever I am in my site is read at what my kaki blogger  posted on their blogs through the reading lists.

These are the regular blogger who are busy updating their blogs from the food they eat even to their leaking bathrooms.

Thus, I had some numerous followers who have left the scene of blogging. Mind you the blogs that the posted are different and make me want to be indulged in the blogs.  Most of them are from  Indonesia and Philippines.

It's sad to never hear from them anymore.  They have lost the passion of blogging.  I still have not deleted them from the reading list hoping one day they will resurface again.

To those who still blogs, do continue on.  (You know who you are). Keep the passion on.  And
 heartful thanks for all the years you have blog.

Ps.  I know that I am lacking of the blog that I posted,  I will try to write as much as I can.  Not to worry though, I will continue on.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Life is like a box of choclates

"My momma always said life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you' re gonna get" my favorite line of the whole movie and it's so true.

I was in a state of contentment and hey I thought my job was ok.   Only to discovered lately, that it's not okay for me to stay on.  If there's an opportunity, I would want to move to a better place.

I sent many job applications online and of course there were a couple of interviews I went.  Weeks of waiting for 2nd interviews,  there were no responses.  I almost give up until.....

I was chatting with my friend and she told me a particular place is hiring for an accounting post. And I said I am interested and I sent my resume to the HR manager.  And I was asked to go for an interview during the week.

I went and the HR manager saw my resume and I had some accounting background.  The interview did not go very long and she ended up by asking me when am I available.  Unexpectedly,  I was hired! 

The pay was 15% increased and of course I agreed!   I tendered my resignation by Monday and I have less than a month serving my current company.

An old chapter have begun to close, a new chapter has begun.

Ps. Opportunity only comes once. Grab the unexpectedness's.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Exams Cheaters

Students will find every way to cheat in exams.  Every exams held in my college, there are students that bound to cheat.  Thinking that they won't be caught, they still cheat.

The last semester exams held, the invigilators caught 2 students at the same day at a different exam.  They are caught having their answers writing behind their examination slip.  They brought in their stationery in clear plastic bags (they are not allowed to take in their pencil case), with their exam slips.

They are brave thinking that the invigilators will be fooled.  However, with their suspicious behaviour manner, they are caught red handed.

This is not the first time that students that are caught cheating.  The previous semester, the exam invigilators  caught 3 cases of students cheating.

The act of this particular student was beyond  anyone can think of.  She nicely wrapped her textbook in a plastic and kept in the tank of the water closet.   She then asked permission went to the toilet.  And in the toilet, she had her nice time scanning through the answers.   Her act was found out when one of the student couldn't flush the toilet.

One of the students were caught when she behaved suspiciously looking inside her clothes.  Later, the invigilators found out that the answers were hidden beneath her layer of clothing.

When these students are caught, they are given disciplinary actions.   The consequences they have to resit the exams which will give them a bad record on their transcripts, and to some they are dismissed from the college.

This will not deter of students cheat in exams.  They will always find all ways to pass their exams no matter at what cost.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I should have called her.....

He's a total stranger to me, living in the india, I never met him before, just spoken on the phone twice.  Our meeting will be online.

He will tell me about his work, his love life and his future plans.  Lately, he's been telling me about his wife that has always fallen sick and has been hospitalised a few times.  I just offered my compassion on his behalf of his wife and I had to believed him.  I never met or spoken to his wife.  The wife is residing and working in Taiwan.

Until a day, that he asked me to do a simple favour. To call his wife because he can't reach her at that time.  I said that I can't not because I don't have credits to do that.  I was just too be careful of myself for being afraid that my phone will be intercepted by an international syndicate or something worst going to happen to me.  Talking about me of being paranoid, or what?  Or maybe, I did not believed his story.

I managed to chat with the wife after that and asked her about her illness.  True enough, she was sick and has been hospitalised.  And I felt so bad that I did not make the call to her.

As I write, she's now waiting for her CT scan.  I am so anxious to know the result, I wish I can call her.

Ps.  Have you turn down simple request before knowing that it would be regretful later?


Friday, April 13, 2012

She's moving again......

I was watching movie at my friend's place when it happened.  There was a loud car alarm blaring and suddenly my friends just shouted at me, to run.  We all ran out helter skelter,  my friend was only in his shorts and singlet.  It was such a panicky situation until most of us forgotten our shoes.  We all ran down using the stairs and later joined by others from the way up. 

After we got down,  they said they felt the building shook. It was the 8.9 Richter scale earthquake that shook Acheh, Indonesia on 11th March 2012.  And I did not feel it at all.  There was no sign of things swaying or me feeling dizzy.

We stayed outside for half an hour and went back to the building.  Yesterday earthquake was an enormous one and some of my friends felt it twice.   Tsunami warning was given in Penang but was lifted up an hour later.

One of the safety measure is to run and stay in an open space to avoid of falling furniture or debris.

I asked my friends and colleagues that where were they and did they run?  Of course, there are some who did ran down and there are some just stayed indoors.

There are some who really can't leave the building as they are bedridden.  Or some old folks who are staying at the top floors with their slow and limited movements can be a hindrance to them.

In Penang, this is not the first earthquake we felt.  It's oblivious that some of us do not run down as some of us are immune to the earth shaking beneath our feet.

I thanked God that there were no casualties or death reported over this massive earthquake.  The Lord is surely shaking and warning it's inhabitants of His second coming.  

Brave yourself, world. Many more earthquakes will we experience.

Matthew 24:7-8 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.  There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.  These are beginning of birth pains.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I failed my BM...English...Maths....

SPM results were out last Wednesday and of course there were lots of enquiry about courses.  Parents called up at colleges to see what courses are offered and whether these courses are suitable for their children.
Parents and their children were grinning from ear to ear and jumping for joy for  those who scored 12As, 11As, 10As.  And this is the time when colleges are hunting for these SPM holders.

I have been calling these students and had came across those who scored many As.  With these results, most of the students are opting to further their studies in engineering, medicine and actual science.  And of course to some of these courses, my college which I am working in did not offer.

There are some students who had struggle with their results to which extent they failed the core subjects in BM, English or Maths or which some of them do not carry enough credits for the courses offered in my college.  I even advised their parents to heed my advice but seeing their own child do not want to go through the agony of repeating,  the parents chose to listen to them.

Be it if they go to other colleges as well to enrol, they can't be accepted at all.

There are some of them that do not want to resit for the July paper and insist that my college to help them.  Of course, we have some courses that do not require 3 to 5 credit results.  And at this point, they can't enrol in business, IT or management courses. 

It is so sad that the high hopes of their parents instilled in them just died.  But nevertheless, the college is trying the best to accommodate the needs of these students.  And yes, we do  provide then the best alternative for them to pursue a course that will enable them to obtain a cert. 

From there, they can have a better life with a better job.

Ps.  What will you do as parent, if your child do not do well in school even many tuition's?  What's your alternative?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mummy...I don wan to eat curry in the prison!

I was talking to one of my sunday school kids and he told me that he was afraid of police men. I asked what's the reason and he told me that he's afraid of eating spicy food given by them.
He said his dad told him.

Their minds of the kids are so innocent, they believed what ever the adults tell them. I told him that he should not be afraid of them, it's because police men are there to capture criminals and they do not arrest innocent kids!

And no, they don't serve spicy food, like curry in prison! Prisoners do not go shirtless, they are given shirts to wear.

I was scared off when I was little. My mom or was it my grandmother told me this whenever I am crying I will be carried away by a BIG INDIAN MAN. And the story of the police men and the curry food were all just too familiar to me by now.

Maybe I was crying too much or being too mischievous that time. If not, I won't live and enjoy myself childhood years of being naughty, won't I?

Are the parents are running out of creativity's until they are still using the same old lies?

Ps. What lies that your parents have use before just to stop you from crying or being naughty?

Pss. Are you still using these on your kids today?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Different faith and belief

I was invited to a church last week, I went with my friends. I don't feel comfortable when I hear of the church. But nevertheless I went.

The people were so warmth in welcoming us and took us to their church service. I was so use to the pentecostal style of worship in my church and when I entered there, everything was different. They sang in hymns of which I was not accustomed to.

Sharing came on next and by that time I was trying to keep awake. Maybe the monotonous sound of the speaker beckon me to sleep.

We were then usher to attend Sunday school classes and they began sharing about the fall of Adam and Eve. I was careful and digesting of what they shared and discussed. And, hey there are some facts of which are really new to me. I was confused.

But thank God, the word of God was with me. I opened it and referred to what they shared. What they teach, is not the same as in the bible. I found out that they beliefs and their doctrines are not the same as in the bible.

I thank God that I knew the biblical truth and my faith still stand strong. Going and visiting this church was an eye opener to me and I am trying to understand what their beliefs are.

Ps. However for sure, I won't step into this church anymore.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ugly Abs I have

When I stand on the weighing scale, I am always hoping that the needle will show my normal weight. Been slightly overweight.

I have the right curves at the right place, and so many of the girlfriends are envy of my curves. Sure, it beats the hell of me to have these curves but needless to say I am screaming being tight in a few places.

I have been feeling tight around my waist whenever I'm in my few skirts. And my bulging stomach will show no matter whenever I am in my shorts in my jeans. Yikes...tsk so ugly! Yeah, I could blame it on the food I take, mainly rice is the culprit.

I have been regular on doing my aerobics which give a good stretch and lots of sweat. I don't think it help by reducing my abs.

I swear off swimming for the past a year now. Swimming consists of moving all your body physique and muscles. I need to catch up with swimming again just to shed and trim all the bulges around my abs.

Or I could purchase a total abdominal ABS exercise machine, called the Total Core. For more info and review, please click at this website.

I was watching the machine working in the TV advertisement and I am so completing whether to purchase. It costs RM510 not included postage and delivery.

With the machine, I could easily work on my abs and hopefully have the result of a trim abs 2 weeks time.

Ps. Will you buy an exercise machine or go the hard way to get the result?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

FB shuts down on March 15?....What will you do?

News have been speculated that Facebook will close down on March 15th 2012 as quoted by its founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The site quotes founder Mark Zuckerberg as saying "Facebook has gotten out of control and the stress of managing the company has ruined my life. I need to put an end to all this madness."

There's also a quote from the vice president saying that all stored data will be deleted on the 15th. "If you ever want to see your pictures again, I recommend you to take off the internet. You won't be able to to get them back once Facebook is out of business," he explains.

There's even a petition at Twitter urging Mark Zuckerberg to reconsider not shutting down Facebook and in fact by doing this, he may already ruin billions of lives.

Facebook was created in February 2004 as a hobby project founded by Mark Zuckerberg and since then, it attracted millions of users worldwide.

It created such an phenomenon that million of users would stay addictive hours using Facebook. They stay in touch with their friends by updating their status telling them how they feel, what they are doing and where they are. And users are allowed to comments on their friends profiles and vice versa.

Pictures can be downloaded and be posted to be viewed publicly or through the circle of friends. It's fun to look at these pictures that are posted on the profiles.

There are some company who use Facebook to advertise and sell their products knowing that Facebook have millions of followers visiting the site each day.

Now, the word is out that Facebook may or may not shut down on March 15th. For all facebook users, they are crying out loud not to, but there are some who agreed that it should be shut down.

Parents who kids stuck their eyes goggling on Facebook hours are happy enough to hear this great news. Finally, I get to talk to my kids and hang out with them, the parents claim.

Come March 15th and see whether Facebook will shut down.

Ps. Are you addicted to Facebook? What will you do if Facebook shuts down on March 15th?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

CNY Taboos

I was wearing one of my pre Chinese New Year clothes to a dinner function and I was told not to wear it on the first day. I was told to wear it on the second day.

When comes to Chinese New Year, all things must be new. From the curtains to the clothes and even shoes. Most of the feng shui believers, they spent thousands of ringgit to renovate their house, the sleeping or seating arrangement reasons to ward off evil and bring in good fortune for the rest of the year.

And during the eve, all brooms, brushes, dust pans and other cleaning equipment should be put away. Sweeping and dusting should not be done for fear that good fortune will be swept away.

We are encouraged to wear red or yellow colour on the first day symbolising good fortune and prosperity. And it's a taboo to wear black throughout the new year.

The small oranges that are given out during the chinese new year symbolises gold. In giving this way, we believed that we are giving and receiving gold in abundance, hoping that our year will be a prosperity and good fortune year.

Ps. Whatever taboo it is, they are only man make. Kong Hei Fatt Choy!! Ang Pau gia lai!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bonus or increment?

If you are given a choice to choose between getting your yearly bonus or yearly increment, what will you choose? And why?

You can only choose one.

Ps. Im doing a survey here.

Friday, January 6, 2012

What will 2012 brings?

What will this year of 2012 brings me?

It's been a week to the new year now and still with the all the confidence I have, I am trying to look things positively.

With God's grace and mercy, this year I want to :-

a) Putting God in my first priority. Been trying to live on my own. It's hard and I need His help and strength to go on.

b) Look for ways to earn some extra cash ..pls don't count me in for direct selling.
Everyone will run when they hear of what I'm doing. Been there and done that.

c) Try to take life like a pinch of salt. I will try turn a disappointment into a workable and an achievable one.

d) Give love and joy more. "Be of a joyful heart".

e) Try to understand myself so that I can understand my better half. Give and take, to compromise.

f) Exercise more to get rid of the ugly bulges and shedding at least 5 kg. Take less rice.

j) My job will be prosperous in ALL WAYS and to show my superior that I'm capable in handling my responsibility given.

i) To show love to my family more. They aint gonna be here forever.

I am not God that I can't predict what 2012 will hold. But with His grace, I know that He will bring me through another year smoothly.

Ps. I am writing until number eight. And eight is a prosperous number.
Pss. What 2012 has in store for you?