Saturday, May 19, 2012

I should have called her.....

He's a total stranger to me, living in the india, I never met him before, just spoken on the phone twice.  Our meeting will be online.

He will tell me about his work, his love life and his future plans.  Lately, he's been telling me about his wife that has always fallen sick and has been hospitalised a few times.  I just offered my compassion on his behalf of his wife and I had to believed him.  I never met or spoken to his wife.  The wife is residing and working in Taiwan.

Until a day, that he asked me to do a simple favour. To call his wife because he can't reach her at that time.  I said that I can't not because I don't have credits to do that.  I was just too be careful of myself for being afraid that my phone will be intercepted by an international syndicate or something worst going to happen to me.  Talking about me of being paranoid, or what?  Or maybe, I did not believed his story.

I managed to chat with the wife after that and asked her about her illness.  True enough, she was sick and has been hospitalised.  And I felt so bad that I did not make the call to her.

As I write, she's now waiting for her CT scan.  I am so anxious to know the result, I wish I can call her.

Ps.  Have you turn down simple request before knowing that it would be regretful later?