Saturday, June 26, 2010

I was Challenged!

I had a very dreadful day. I had a quarrel with my ballistic and psycho boss! This was what exactly happens....

On Friday, my colleague was on MC and I was told by my boss to help. She asked me and my colleague to do so. I wanted to ask her to check on my work before sending the documents for the online adjudication. She asked me to leave my file aside, citing it was not important.

And this morning, she asked me whether I have scanned and sent the client's documents for the online adjudication. And I told her, I have not. She started to scream and asked me why I did not and I told her that reason she wanted to check my documents first.

I then took the documents for her to check and she went crazy again after noting that I stamped the documents on 25/6/2010, that was yesterday and I did not sent for online adjudication.

She yelled at me and I told her that she had asked me to leave my file aside as she was asking me to help her on my colleague's work the day before. She started to blame me for not approaching and letting her know.

I really lost my cool and for the first time in my life, I yelled back. I walked out of her room.

She came out and yelled back telling me I was lazy, I took no interest in my work and asked me to quit!

She challenged me to quit!

I just sat at my table and continue with my work, not even bothering her.

My colleagues saw this and they said she's damn too much. They will work out of the door if they were me!

I was very angry and hurt of what she said and done. Whatever she had said to me, it cannot be taken back.

I'm putting in my resignation letter tomorrow giving notice until end of this month. If possible, I just want to leave by tomorrow.

Both of my colleagues will follow suit after I leave.

For the first time in my life, never I come across this terrible and psycho boss!

I just can't work with her, it's affecting me mentally and emotionally.

Ps. I believed whenever God closes a door, He will open another one much better! Amen!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Round of Interviews

I thought that I will stop looking for jobs when I'm being employed 3 months ago. And I can serve long in this company. But I was wrong.

After working for about a month or so, I understood why there are so many of my ex-colleagues left. It's my current employer behavioural attitude. She's very emotional as I mentioned in my blog posting "She's Toxic!"

She can go ballistic at any moment, she's a walking time bomb!

No one could ever work with her.

Now, there's another round of applying for new jobs and attending interviews. Which I loathed to do but leaves me no choice.

Ps. I'm adamant of leaving this job.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stretch some muscles, baby...

There was a group of people wearing green T-shirts bearing the name "Kumpulan Senamrobik George Subramaniam". Every Thursday, they will be at the New World Park Centre, auditorium doing aerobics.

Many times, I was passing through after my dinner on the said day, and I stood there watching them. All of them ranging from young kids to senior citizens were busy following the aerobics master doing every exercises.

Geez, I wanted to join and asked them how, but none I can approached. Coincidentally, I met my dad's cousin last 2 weeks and he was joining the aerobics. I asked him about the joining fee and he told me it's free and just to put in a RM1 for donation only.

It was a good thing too for all community to come together and practice healthy lifestyles.

And today, I did went. After changing to my sport outfit and having some light dinner, I joined the session. It started from light movements of hands and legs exercises.

The music was upbeat and each aerobics were in fast pace movement.

Even though the movements were light and moderate, my arms and neck muscles were stretched to the max. Which leaves me some pain at these areas.

Now, I'm having a splitting headache resulting of not being exercising regularly. My muscles are not well stretched yet.

I will make it a point to go every Thursday.

Ps. Go and stretch some muscles, baby!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

She's toxic!

There are some people who would just makes you feel depressed and sending negatives vibe. Sad to say, or is it just bad luck, that I met the person.She's none other than my current employer.

She's very emotional, couldn't control her emotions well and she will worked up over every small issue. When she couldn't control her emotions, her anger will flare up badly.

We have to adhered to her style of working.

Sometimes, mistakes we make made her mad. There are times when, her emotions are well control, but the next minute, she can go mad. She's like a walking time bomb!

There were countless of employees left within 3 months of working because none can stand her.

After working with her for 3 months, I really can't take it anymore. I thought I can work with her for a long time. Her bad emotions has taken a toil on me and my colleagues.

It's making us depressed emotionally and mentally. I think it's not a healthy working environment.

Anyhow, thank God and praise Him for a new job offer. If everything goes well with the new employer, I will be tendering my resignation next week.

Ps. Have you meet anyone toxic?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Wheels in 2 Months

Yipee yeah, yeah...

I was posting on my entry "New Wheels Soon" and I am planning to get a new before end of 2010.

I don't have to wait until end of this year and I've booked my Viva Elite 1000cc, metallic light green. I will be getting my new car in 2 months time!

The old car I'm driving now either that I will trade in to the car dealer or my dad will take it for his own use.

My parents have asked me whether I wanted to change to a new car, and I told them yes. They don't mind helping me to pay the car installments.

Ps. You are welcome to ask my new number in 2 months time.

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Ringgit A Day....

As of today, 7th June 2010, I'm going to pledge to save a dollar a day. It's not a new habit I'm starting, I'm saving for rainy days. Every little bit counts...

I was talking to a boutique owner and her assistant about the cost of taking up courses. When it was my generation not too long ago, a fresher going for her first job could easily earns RM600 without any extra certificate. Time have really changed.

Employers today make demands that even a clerical position need a basic diploma. The cost of taking up diploma could easily costs from RM10K to RM30K.

The cost of living went up and makes us harder to live by.

It made me realise that the value of our ringgit is diminishing day by day. Which makes me start saving a ringgit a day....

If I were to save a dollar a day, in 6 months, I will have RM180. Then in a few years down, the road, hmmm, wonder how much will I have?

Go on, start saving a ringgit a day. It will definitely make a different for you and your family.

Ps. Let's put aside RM1 and start saving.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Body Took To A Worse...

My body took to a worse today. Slept early yesterday but this morning with a slight flu, I decided to go to visit the doctor.

Went to see the doctor and I was diagnosed of having fever. The doctor gave me a day mc.

Came back, took medicine and slept for whole 7 hours. In between, waking up of easing myself and continue to take medicine. Funny though, my body did not feel hungry at all even until now.

As I'm writing now, the mucus from my nose just wouldn't stop flowing. I will take some bread with Milo before retiring to bed in an hour's time.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Cold Is Coming...

My throat suddenly feels itchy morning and I've been coughing since then. I know that it's a sign my cough is starting.

At the time of this writing, my nose starts to sniffle and I'm experincing body aches and chills.

Definately a cold is coming. Will take cough medicine and turn to bed early tonight.

That means no cold water at this moment. There are some Chinese taboos that I need to adher to; no eating certain fruits and no chicken after I'm healed.

But no chicken?! That's impossible!

Ps. Maybe, I'll skip my shower tonight....