Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last Blog of 2009

Let it be my 135th and the last post of the year 2009. 2009 the year was full of surprises yet lots of downs.

I've took the risk of tending in my resignation after CNY not even securing a job first. During that time, there was an worldwide economy crises and people were being laid off, and here I was quitting my job. I was desperate of taking any job to make ends meet. You could say, I ask for it, lol. Thought of setting up a education business but short of cash and afraid of failure.

The two months was hell to me. I sought Him and He answered me. Got a job and which I've changed to a better one after 2 months.

I ended my long distance relationship with my ex boyfriend which I thought I could carry for another year. I was struggling in this relationship because of the distance. Hoping it will work out but it did not.

"When a door close, another door will open. Not too soon, I met my current boyfriend and our relationship is 4 months.

I became an aunt to another niece and a sister-in-law to my brother's wife recently. I'm glad for additions to my family.

My skin have improved tremendously, I'm taking hormone pills to balanced my hormone. I don't have to get frustrated over any more acne breakout anymore.

H1N1 was on our shore this April and thought I was contracted it after having bout of flu and cough during that season. Whew, thank God, it was only an ordinary flu!

This year I met few new bloggers. They are Rose, Shakira and Rena. Thanks for the drop bys, your encouragement and comments.

Ps. Good riddance 2009! Welcome 2010!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gifts of Heart...This Christmas

It's the season of giving and one of the best season of the year, it's Christmas time. Not for those who are giving though...got to fork out lots of cash to buy gifts.

People are buying gifts for their love ones, be it lavish or nominal ones. It's not how much a gift will cost but it's the thoughts that counts.

Sometimes, we don't need to give tangible gifts but what about gifts from the heart?

Are you holding a grudge towards someone? Forgive and forget this Christmas.

Any broken relationship to mend? Reconcile this Christmas.

Afraid of loving that person? Saying "I love you" this Christmas.

Any friends or families whom have not contacted? Stay in touch this Christmas.

Any one who are down and depressed? Listen and give words of encouragement this Christmas.

Ps. Have a blessed Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What shall I do?

I've been working for my new company for the last six months and I've been accustomed to my new job. Nevertheless to say, there are mistakes that I made along the way.

My confirmation is due on the 21st Monday and I've got a feeling that my boss will not confirm me. He's not too happy with my performance. He reviewed me last 2 months and he told me I did not improve. And boy was I right!

He called me in and told me that he will extend my probation for another 2 months.

I thought of looking for another job but I'm still thinking about it. It's not easy to look for a new job as jobs are now scare and I'm in my 30s. Most companies do not want to employ old cow like me, lol.

Besides, my resume will not look good if I do not stay with my current company for a year or so.

If you want to read more about me changing jobs, please read all my posting under the label:Company.

Ps. What will you do if you were me?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thank God, 2mrw is a holiday...

It all started with a scratchy throat on Monday, followed by a dry cough. Thought my throat was dried up due to the hot weather. Didn't bother about it.

Felt feverish on Tuesday but kept on working... On Wednesday, the fever still persists and the doctor gave me a MC. Took 6 panadols and slept but the fever did not subside.

My body felt so hot from the top to the bottom, had to take cold bath to subdue the hotness. Still felt feverish, I went to work the next day. Told my boss that I needed to take another day of MC. I finished up all the urgent work and took the half day off.

Went to see the same doctor. She took my temperature and she told me that was no fever. Damn the fucking thermometer! At the time, my fever could have subsided because of the panodol I took this morning.

But anyhow, she gave me another day of mc. And now I can rest more so that my body will fully recovered for my weekend activities.

Thank God, tomorrow is a holiday, I can rest more.

Ps. Please take more fluids and avoid hot fried food as this hot weather could be hazardous to your health! Take care.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Can have Sex at this age?!

When comes to marriage, age doesn't matter as a fact-ly in this century. One can get married at the age of 40 especially for women as long as she will be able have many sex with her husband.

That's what part of marriage is for, right? Have many sex with your spouse!

In Penang, Samuel Goh, 70 married his 2 years sweetheart, Sim Ang Choo, 64 on Dec 11,2009. This is the first marriage for both of them. They are the residence of Penang Silver Jubilee Old Folks Home.

I just wonder, can they consumerate on their wedding's night? If they do, I think they will be using lots of lubricant.

Eeewww, it's like your grandparents are having sex!

Ps. What do you think?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hate...traffic jammmmm....

I shall never complained again with the traffic woes in Penang!

I get very frustrated and annoyed especially when I'm caught in the traffic jam. It can get worst for 20 mins before traffic is cleared.

When I was down in KL the last weekend for my brother's wedding, even though there was no jam, thank God it's a Sunday, the time travelled from one place to another took an hour plus. The last time I was in KL was 8 years ago.

Living in KL really slow down one's life quality. Waking up in the early dawn to get to work and leaving from work in the night time. Just to avoid the jam...

KL traffic will worsen during working and school hours. One can get caught in the jam for hours! I just don't know how KL-lites managed to live with all those stress and annoyances everyday, think by now it has became a way of life.

It takes only 15 to 20 mins for me to reach my workplace. And the distance between one place to another is less than 30 mins.

Ps. Where and when was the longest time you have been caught in a traffic jam?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My youngest brother's wedding...

I was down in KL for my youngest brother's wedding last Sat. Went and stayed at his new house in Bandar Utama. Lol, this is the first time that I seen his house.

My uncle and his family came to visit my brother before his D-day. Chatted with my uncle and my cousin which I've not seen them for a long time.

After they left, I went for a quick dinner at Secret Recipe. Most of the shops have been closed except Secret Recipe.

Helped my brother to packed last minute ang paus and went to bed at 2am. My mother was still busy boiling tea for the tea ceremony. Supposed to wake up before 8am to sent my brother off to his new wife's home, but I was still in dreamland....

I woke up at 9am and waited for my relatives to come. Slowly my aunt, uncles and cousins came. The house was full with their noises. Wedding time is one of the best time to catch up with them. Some of them I've not seen for 5 years or so.

Finally, my brother and new sister-in-law came after waiting for 2.5 hours. After welcoming by my parents into the house, they ventured to the new bedroom. My little nephew rolled and jumped in the new bed of the newly wedded.

This is a traditional which practises in the Chinese custom which by jumping on the bed brings more luck of conceiving sons for the wedded couple.

Next come the tea ceremony and giving of angpaus and gold accessories.

After that, we adjourned for lunch.

I barely rested for half an hour and is time to get ready to adjourn to the hotel. In KL, we need to leave an hour early to our destination to avoid traffic jam.

I didn't know that my brother have not register his marriage yet. The marriage registration was to held at the hotel at 6pm. Guess that my brother prepared all this to be done under one roof on the same day to avoid inconveniences.

The marriage registration was done in a simple manner attended by both parents, relatives and friends. After some light wine and cupcakes, all of us adjourned to the banquet hall.

There, my cousins and I started to get busy. We are assigned to be registrars and to collect angpaus. After sending all the guests and relatives in to be seated, food were served.

Food was quite delicious except some dishes were being tasted salty. I was seated with my father's cousins. And this is the first time, I've got to know who they are. Like I said, wedding do bring long lost people together.

My brother gave me a surprised by serenading a love song to his wife. He's never a stage person, but for the love of his wife, he did that. It was so romantic. Too bad I can't post the video here.

After tossing of many yam seng, dinner ended at 10.30 with the last guest leaving. Then, to the counting room. With the help of my cousins, counting of the angpaus was swift and fast. Monies were balanced and the banquet was paid.

Everything was wrapped up and by the time, I reached my brother's place was

Though it was a really busy and tiring day for me and my family, it was a worthwhile time to celebrate and welcome my new sister-in-law.

Ps. Will try to upload photos of his wedding after he's back from his honeymoon.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

She has the very right....

When a human being is born, that person is given a right. The right to live, the right to choose, the right of acceptance, the right for freedom. But not in the case of Mohammed Fadzil or better known as Fatine.

Fatine was found and accepted by her true love, Ian Young, a British. They were married in London, last May.

She can't return to Malaysia nor she can stay in Britian long. Britian rejected her incorrect photo while she was applying two appplications for a Right to Family Life under the Human Right Acts in Britian. She is now applying her third application.

Malaysia will definately rejected as Malaysia will never recognise her rights.

The potrayal of her story in her own community receives negative remarks back in Malaysia.

She concerns that her own race and family are not accepting her being a Muslim are one of the reason.

To read about her more, please go to The Star Online.

Ps. What about those whose stories have never been heard?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Navigator or being Navigated?

When I'm behind the wheels, I'm in control. From Monday to Saturday, I drive to work and on Sunday to church. I have the freedom of driving without being told of directions and the look out of other vehicles around me. Because my only passenger is my sister, after all these years, lol.

Once in a while, I will drive my girlfriend. Sometimes, she will complain that I do not how to drive when I took the wrong direction. She even commented about my bad parking. Hey, I got to be careful not to knock into other's car when I'm parking! Sometimes, I let her drive my car just to shut her mouth up!

There were once I drove my ex-boss to Pizza Hut. Once he got into my car, he started giving me instructions. I knew that he will be babbling all the way and I told him to shut his mouth up! It's me who's driving, not you, I continued. He kept quiet all the way.

The only time I'm not driving is when I'm out on a date with my bf. I will help him to look out for directions and other vehicles, asking him to be careful.

Guess I'm totally a different person behind and off the wheels.

Ps. Do you like to be told or do you tell when you're driving?