Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last Blog of 2008

Gosh, time does passed quickly. Christmas was like 6 days ago and now we are approaching the new year in a few hours time.

2008 was a quite a good year for me. I was introduced to blog and as matter of fact now, I'm so called an experienced blogger. Blogging does improved my English vocabulary and just to pour out my thoughts and feelings of what I'm gone and going through life. It had left me a few friends, which they had shared their thoughts and gave me encouragement.

I became an aunt too, missed my niece. The last time I saw her when she was 2 weeks old. Boy, it does make me feel old and mature to be an aunt.

I met my boyfriend. Little did I know that we think alike, our desires were same and we had so much things in common. And he knew my best friend's brother way back in high school. Talk about weired or fated!

During times of adversity, I gained a closer relationship with Him. He was the one who held my head and hand when I was in storm's of life. I clinged on to His promises and lived by it. We begin to understand each other more each day.

Well, let's not look backwards but what is ahead. Good memories we keep but bad ones we diminish. Let's take on good strife for the new coming year!

P/S Happy New Year 2009 everyone! Don't drink and drive. But if you are not sober, take a cab home instead.

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