Monday, April 28, 2008

Kristy, where art thou?

I haven't seen Kristy for awhile now, at least a month or so. I've been missing her. She's one of my favourite student in my sunday children's church class. She's attentive, independent, obedient and adorable. Each time we meet, she will give her a sweet smile. I really missed her. She loved her mom, but rarely speak of her dad though. Her mom divorced her dad when both of them came from Hong Kong two years back. (Kristy was born in HK). The last I heard that her mom has found a "dad replacement". I'm so afraid that she grows up hating her "real" dad. Only the man above will able to heal her little heart.

By the way, Kristy is only 5 years old.

1 comment:

eugene said...

is the pic posted is of kristy's?
she is so nice, keep up the good work in children ministry, give them tru values.
kudos sis