Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dig deeper into pockets

I vividly remembered the line from one of Syania Twain song, Dig deeper into pockets. I really have no choice but to do so, since the government announced of petrol increase to RM0.78 per litre effective Thursday, 5/6/08.

It was a mad frenzy nationwide. Not because people was protesting of the increase, but they were queing up for as far as 5km to the petrol stations to fill up the last drop of the cheaper petrol. Maybe it was my instinct, I did not caught up by the mad frenzy, my petrol was filled last 2 days.

After this madness, the government announced the next day in the papers, electricity tariff was to increase. Furthermore, transportation organisation demanded an incease because of the petrol hiked. Prices of essential items like rice, soybean, wheat and even noodles have drastically went up of another 10%.

The mere salary that we are earning barely can cover these hike up prices. Even though, there are salary increaments, it only can cover these expenses. So, we really can't seems to enjoy the fruit of our labours. Economically, it's hitting everyone. Even a loaf of wholemeal bread costs RM4.00.

How much prudent can we get?

Our money value is getting smaller. Our purchasing power is diminishing.

Well, I think it's best I moved to a cave, hunt of the animals, eat of the leaves and shrubs, back to the basic.


reanaclaire said...

hey. i like yr blog.. mine is
guess we hv something in common, online chatting..haha... it fascinated me for some few years now..

sexyjessie said...

Hey Claire, tks for your comment. Blogging is fun and exciting,you just can put all your feelings and thoughts down. It's just like your everyday diary.