Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hot and Spicy

I was having a plate of mee goreng toyam yesterday at Tesco Penang. It was really spicy, it definitely perk up my senses. To top up with it, I ordered a hot teh tarik. After drinking, the combination of teh tarik mixed with the spiciness in my mouth, I've got this feeling of euphoria.

I've just slowly sipped the teh tarik, enjoying the sweetness and the smell of rich tea. And just watching the world goes by, just couldn't care less.

P/S Hey, you don't need a cup of Starbucks coffee or Coffee Bean to get this feeling. After all, the teh tarik only costs RM1.20!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Feeling The Pinch!

I was lamenting with my friend last Sat on prices of essential items. Truly enough, most of the prices had gone up even though petrol price went down by RM0.15 per litre recently. It doesn't help much though for consumers like you and me.

Like for example, a large Natural marjerin costs RM9.5o each much compared with RM6.50 two years back. It just went up by 30%! I wonder, whether, the price would go up to RM10.

My friend, she usually takes the same brand of 2 in 1 pack coffee, the price was same but the suppliers downsized the packaging. Even, nowadays, you can hardly buy economic rice for the price of RM3.oo. It's not economy anymore!

Today, I went to the bank and draw another RM1K to last me just another 2 weeks. I was wondering, what happened to the last RM1K I drew on the 3rd Oct? After deducting, my insurance, bills and credit card payments, there should be enough. It shows that our monies value have became small, I'm already feeling the pinch.

Even though the government declares that we are not facing any financial crisis and recension, I could not agree more.

I think it's a ten years bad economy karma!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Stay faithful.....

I did mentioned in my blog, on relationship dated 19 Sept, I would stayed faithful to my boyfriend. I'm glad that I did. The older guy that I mentioned in my 19 Sept blog, appeared again after missing for a month.

It's really hard to maintain and be faithful to a long distance relationship with my bf. I'm trying my best. I mean, I could have say yes to this older guy, but in my heart there's only place for my boyfriend.

I really miss my bf. Each waking hours (when I'm not working), I will be thinking of him. Counting the days I will meet him. Sometimes, I just wish, he's by my side at all times. Well, i guess that sometimes in life, you just can't have everything.....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

19 Hours Stretch

My boss and her marketing team worked 19 hours in a stretch yesterday till 5am. I know it's definately crazy. Yeah, it was a crucial time as my company needs to prepare it's business plan 08/09. Actually, most of the different departments had submitted the reports in Sept 09 to my headquarters.

During Sept 09, when her department is supposed to submit the reports, she was away due to the demise of her father in law, resulting a 2 weeks delay.

I pitied my colleagues. Today, when I see them, their faces were ashen and dead tired. After all, they only sleep an hour or so. Imagining stretching your mentally and physically for 19 hours!

My boss should compensated them by giving them a half day leave, which she did not!

P/S Hey, we are only mere human, we have limits. Even machine will be overloaded if they worked overtime.