Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is There Sanctity of Marriage anymore?

One of the thing I feared most is being married. I know it sounds corny, but.....

I always dream about a happy marriage, a good and loving wife to my husband and a good mother to my children. Together, we will grow old still loving each other. Gone were the days when couples stayed together throughout the marriage.

I've been hearing true life stories of marriages being broken up. Even 2 of my cousins their marriages were dissolved. Infidelity top most of the break up, follow by financial, communication problems and eventually lots of disagreement. The worst is when the break up involves children. It's like one day the love between husband and wife just died. Most times, I wonder in the beginning of the relationship, was there so much pretence until when there is realization, then is it too late?

I know that marriage is the most hard work of a relationship. My parents was married for 35 years and still going. There were many loving arguments between them.

I definitely would like to get married to my boyfriend someday, but after knowing and hearing these break ups, I lost faith.

At the moment, I'm not ready for marriage. I need to reassure myself first.

P/S Happily married couples out there, I need lots of encouragement on this. Will appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

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shy said...

I been marriaged for almost 2 years now. In marriaged don`t expect to be always happy, puti in your mind that theres a trials out there that will interuppt your relationship. I think for me the most needed in relationship is the love, trust and understanding if you don`t have this then I think the relationship will not work out. I know i am young but I learn so much for being marriaged. I am a kind of person that believe in DESTINY so i will say to you, don`T be rust to get marriaged because it will come in the right time.. Just enjoy being single you have your family and friends. marriage will be there soon..I hope this help you a little bit.