Monday, August 25, 2008

Life Is....

With my heavy head and an aching body, I went to a female illness conducted by a local insurance company last Thursday. I thought, hey, what's the harm, after all it's free plus refreshments provided.

The main core of this seminar is to introduce ladies illnesses and the preventive methods. One thing that struck me that night are the 2 cancer survivors. The first lady, Wai Ling, she's 53 had cancer of her breast 7 years ago. She had mastectomy.

The second lady, Priscilla contacted ovarian cancer 6 years ago and gave up her desires to have children of her own. Both of them survived.

They are just ordinary ladies not knowingly they will have cancer. They learnt to turn something that was death defying into something livable. They fought hard, strive and they lived through it. Their wills to live spur me on.

Life is not a bed of roses always, but when we do thread on the thorny parts, let accept and learn to thread on life's adversities and challengers with good faith, strength and hope.

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bluesky_xling said...

Good post!!

I feel the same with you too.