Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lady Luck was on my side....

Recently I've got a phone fixed at home for my Internet connection and ironically my boyfriend also got his phone fixed. And he told me to buy the lottery numbers, which I did.

I normally won't indulge into buying 3Ds or 4Ds lottery numbers, but out of sheer luck I bought the sets of numbers. (Sorry, won't publish the numbers here).

The next following day, I checked the results over the net. Each number scrolled through, I was checking thoroughly against the numbers I bought. Lady luck was on my side and my phone numbers came out in the 3Ds under the starter category! Which means that I've got a few hundred dollars to claim!

p/s Too bad, my boyfriend's phone number was not in any winning category. If not... I've would claimed double!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Am I A Racist?

I was having a nonchalant conversation with my apartment's resident about the running of the management. We were talking about the upcoming resident's AGM; there was an ongoing conflict and unhappiness about the current management.

There are some of them who couldn't agree of letting the other darker race to run the management because the population is 99.9& the fairer race.

Most of the time, we think our own race have the superiority in all things. We tend to categorise them and judge their weaknesses before we manage to see our weakness. We are selfish and prideful thinking that we will run the world nevertheless the other races will think likewise.

We are thought not to hate other races when we are growing up. Remember the muhibbah spirit? It's easier said than done!

I too admit that there are times I hated and despised the other races because of the unfairness and the unequals I received.

But we just go to learn and accept each other's races, mindset, flaws and cultures. If we are able to accept our own superior race, why can't we accept others?

P/s After all, underneath our skin color, outflow the blood are all the same.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Month Anniversary

As of tommorow, the 15th is my first month with the new company I'm attached to. For this one month, I've learned and grasped as many things I can. Tons of new informations were poured into my mind like water and I can only absord 40%.

With the practical use of the info, my knowledge of my work have increased to 15% as days passed by.

My office only consists of 4 people which means less gossipd and office politics. My office boy is of an emotional roller-coster guy, my business manager will analysis ad-hoc situations before giving his final word, and my boss of course overseas the whole operation.

P/s I've nothing much to say at this point as I'm still a baby in this place.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I was curious to know about being tagged and I was tagged by Womanspeaks recently. It was fun by answering most of these questions posted.

So, I will tag some of my fellow bloggers.

1) What was the last book you read?
2) How many handphones you have changed?
3 What was the most expensive gift you bought?
4) When was the best day in your life?
5) What is your favourite cheese cake?
6) Are you a coffee addict?
7) Do you take bread for breakfast?
8) Do you blog everyday?
9) Do you have spare cash for emergency?
10) What type of people you despise?
11) When was the last time you call your parents?
12) When was the last time you spent qualify time with your family?
13) Can the economy be recover end of those year?
14) Is the government in your country delivering their promises?
15 What do you think of today's society?
16) When was the last time you have a good laugh?
17) What makes you sad?
18) When was the last time you say "I love you" and to whom?
19) To whom did you give a hug the last time?
20) How many pair of shoes you own?

I;m tagging womanspeak, SHY, genna, almacafe, Abraham, Cas, Hari, Eugene.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Amazing Love, how can it be?.....

You could ask this question to anyone out in the streets; Are you willing to die for me??

I bet if you ask this question, people will think that you are really insane or they might lol. There is no one in this world that is willing to die for you without any reason, and if they do, they might be hesitant.

I knew of a person who's willing and has died for me on the cross. He's Jesus! He took the toil because He loves me.

How much pain He has to endure before He died. Jesus was blameless yet there was the plot to kill Jesus. He was captured and was taken to face Pilate, the Jew's governer. Pilate asked whether Jesus is the King of Jews and He answered yes. This made the crowd enraged and in their anger, they decided to crucify Him.

He was severely flogged and beaten until every internal organs were damaged. He was screaming in pain, yet He endured. His head was placed by a crown of thorns plunging inton his skull and bleeding profusely, yer He endured. (Literally, at this time, His whole body was so badly injured}.

With every inch of strength He has, He was made to carry the cross on his back to Golgaltha, the place He was to crucify. The toil of the cross on His back and His injured body was certainly an impossible task for Jesue. But, with every strength He has, He carried the cross. Many times He fell. It was an anguished time for Him.

When reaching Golgotha, the Roman solders laid Him down on the cross. They took 6 inches of nails and drove these nails into his right and Left wrist and into both of his legs. He was screaming in pain. And when He was raised up on the cross, the the placing of the cross into the ground cause a great momentum that drove pain into His entire body. This resulting His bones disjointed and His diagfram caved in.

Every breath was painful. You just want to die. He uttered "Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do". He drew his last breath and died in the ninth hour.

Good Friday is a day when Jesus went to the cross and died all mankind and our sins. But take heart! Jesus did not die forever, on the third day He has risen!

I'm forgiven because You were forsaken
I'm accepted because You were condemned
I'm alive and well, Your spirit is within me
Because You died and rose again

Amazing love, how can that be
That You, my King should die for me?
Amazing love, I know it's true
It's my joy to honor You, in all I do to honor You

P/s I've accepted Jesus into my life many years back and I've no regrets. My life have changed and everyday I just cling on to His promises and guidance to live.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm damn well relaxed!

I have a few methods of relaxation namely lots of sleep, which I think I'm a pig sometimes, shopping which is must and swimming which I truly enjoyed.

I'm not a regular swimmer and I'm not as fast as a dolphin when I'm in the pool. I will drive down to my friend's apartment which is 25 mins away.

Last Saturday, I went despite the skies were turning grey, but God held up the weather. I had the pool all to myself. It was a blast!

I swam 10 laps, 5 free styles and 5 breast stroke. My mind was so relaxed despite my muscles were working. Felt all my burden was gone at that moment!

After the swim, I just laid at the entrance of the pool, closing my eyes, was floating on 6 inches of water and listening to the echo. I emptied my mind not thinking of anything and for that few minutes, I was in heaven.

I truly enjoyed this moment!