Friday, October 28, 2011

Incest Shock-Worst Than Animals

Her father started touching her when she was 6 years old, most time putting his tongue in her private. This is how my dad love me, she thought. She was a child then, innocently accepting what her father does.

During the time, she grew up and her father continues his secret liaison with his daughter. She developed well into a young woman and by that time, her father had deflowered her. She knew her father's action was wrong only when she was taught the lesson of morality by her religious teacher.

She told her mom what her father did to her and her mom nonchalantly tells her that her dad just showing his love.

Her mom choose to ignore her daughter's cries even though she knows that her father did was wrong.

Her father continue to rape her until she was pregnant at one time. She was asked not to abort the child as her dad has no money for her to perform the abortion. But, later when the help from her good friend, she managed to get the abortion done.

Many times, she was asked to report her father to the authorities. She has the fear of doing that as she believes that younger sibling needs her dad. She has no support from her mom as she passed away a few years back.

As I'm writing now, she still in the clutches of her father.

Ps. I'm really angry and hate this type of men, they are fucking worst than animals, raping their own offspring. And so disheartening to say, certain races in Malaysia, are still doing it!!
But sadder to say, that some of these victims are just too afraid to voice out.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Innocent Play?

1st Boy: Do you want to have some fun now?

2nd Boy: Sure, I do.

1st Boy: Hey, let's us invita Sita and have some fun with her. I want to sleep with her.

2nd Boy:Yeah, let's us invite and play with her, Im sure she doesn' mind and she will enjoy it.

What is wrong with the mind and the attitude of these young boys now? Is this what in thier mind whenever they see a girl, who is a friend?

They are only children, barely teens and they have committed a crime.

I was shocked when I read of the news from the Star today. This rape crime have much younger criminal offenders now.

For the full shocking story, please read from the link, here.

Ps. Whom are to blame? The parents? The teachers? Their misleading friends or the influence of the media?

Pss. How are these children will be taught and corrected so that these crimes will not be on a rise again?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is government health care up to the par?

My security guard told me that his granddaughter was admitted in a hospital for an appendicitis removal.

At the first instance, when his granddaughter was down with fever, she was sent to the Penang general hospital for a check up. She was only given some anti-biotics and was sent home. And during the next 2 days, her temperature was going up and down.

She went back again to the hospital and she was admitted. She was in a great pain and at that moment, her particulars were taken down. They could not administered the diagnosis as she was attended by medical internships.

When my security guard saw the slacked of the medical services, he immediately discharged her from the hospital. She was taken to one of the private hospitals.

She was immediately given medical attention and when the nurses saw her condition, they knew she was having an appendicitis. After doing a CT scan, they found out her appendicitis has burst.

The next day, she was operated for 3 hours. Had it not being for the fast services from the private hospital, she would have died.

I have heard and read many complaints of general health care that given to the public. There are long queue to have diagnosis from the specialist, even major operations needed to wait for months.

The government still have lots to do and to improve its public health care system for those who are earning below average.

Ps. Do you think that the public health care have improved?