Monday, October 20, 2008

Feeling The Pinch!

I was lamenting with my friend last Sat on prices of essential items. Truly enough, most of the prices had gone up even though petrol price went down by RM0.15 per litre recently. It doesn't help much though for consumers like you and me.

Like for example, a large Natural marjerin costs RM9.5o each much compared with RM6.50 two years back. It just went up by 30%! I wonder, whether, the price would go up to RM10.

My friend, she usually takes the same brand of 2 in 1 pack coffee, the price was same but the suppliers downsized the packaging. Even, nowadays, you can hardly buy economic rice for the price of RM3.oo. It's not economy anymore!

Today, I went to the bank and draw another RM1K to last me just another 2 weeks. I was wondering, what happened to the last RM1K I drew on the 3rd Oct? After deducting, my insurance, bills and credit card payments, there should be enough. It shows that our monies value have became small, I'm already feeling the pinch.

Even though the government declares that we are not facing any financial crisis and recension, I could not agree more.

I think it's a ten years bad economy karma!

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eugene said...

wa,, sister, you so rich ka? RM 1000 for 2 weeks, i really envy you la